67 792 Leent F H van
67/ 792 Leent, F.H. van. Toen en Nu. Van 1801 tot 1901. Amst., Gebrs. Koster, (1901), (28)p., tinted/ col. lithogr. plates/ ills. and orig. col. lithogr. stiff paper wr. by J. RINKE, folio.

- Contents sl. foxed. Wrs. foxed; spine worn and repaired w. sellotape.

= Koster's Serie Oorspronkelijke Prentenboeken No.2. The Children's World of Learning 3719. Contains nice illustrations showing the various developments in society between 1801 and 1901 with respect to e.g. classrooms, transport over land and on water (early bicycles versus cars (on frontwr.), sailing boats versus steamships), firefighting, games (kolf, soccer, trotting races and cycling), skating people, mountebanks versus a circus act in Carré etc.

A is een aapje. Ibid., J. Vlieger, n.d. (1907), (24)p. (laid down on linen), (full-p.) col. lithogr. ills. (incl. exercise lvs.) and orig. col. lithogr. wr. by P.J. VAN GELDORP, folio.

- Poor binding, worn/ dam. spine and soiled covers.

= A is een aapje p.96 (and ill. on frontwr.); De Bodt/ Kapelle p.237; Landwehr, Prentgeschenk 13e; Coll. Caljé-Van Gulik 274; De hele Bibelebontse Berg p.619; cf. The Children's World of Learning 3644 and Lust en Leering p.150.

€ (60-80) 60