67 1838 Channel Islands Benoist F Petit L and Ropartz S
67/1838 [Channel Islands]. Benoist, F., Petit, L. and Ropartz, S. Album de l'Île de Jersey avec coup-d'oeil sur Guernsey et les cotes de la Manche de Cherbourg au Cap Fréhel. Album of the Island of Jersey (...). Paris, H. Charpentier, 1870, two text parts (one in French and one in English): (2),IV,34,(2); (2),26 [of 34],(2)p., 26 tinted lithographs by F. BENOIST, folio.

- Loose (as issued?); the English text lacks 4 leaves; plates occas. trifle foxed, but generally fine.


€ (600-800)