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67 2590 Lennon John 1940 1980
67/2590 Lennon, John (1940-1980). Two SIGNATURES, blue ballpoint, on piece of paper cut from a notepad, 7,5x4,2 cm., tipped onto mount (2 gluestains shining through, 1x affecting a signature), together with the signature of YOKO ONO (blue ballpoint, on piece of paper cut from the same notepad, 2,5x7,4 cm.; gluestain sl. shining through) and w. 2 orig. photographs (8,9x13,9 cm. and 7,3x10,6 cm.), one showing a double portrait of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, the other showing John and Yoko seated on bed in the Hilton Hotel, Amsterdam, with people sitting around the bed.

= Memorabilia of the famous bed-in for peace demonstration that John Lennon and Yoko Ono held in suite 702 of the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel from 25 to 31 March 1969. The signatures were written on Saturday 29 March for a schoolgirl who wrote an article on the demonstration for her school newspaper and the photographs were made by a befriended photographer. See at large J.-C. ter Brugge, J. van Galen and P. van den Hanenberg, In bed met John en Yoko (Amst., 2009), w. on p.124 a photograph from the same session. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXXV.

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