67 421 Jongert Jac
67/ 421 Jongert, Jac. "Van Nelle's Varinas". Lithogr. wrapping, printed in black, red and gold, ±1922, 29,3x35,3 cm.

- Unused and unfolded leaf. Mint. = Jac. Jongert 1883-1942, 'proeven is koopen', p.149.

AND 2 similar unused wrapping lvs. (variants) for VARINAS, 31,3x15,5 and 20x8,5 cm., and a Varinas "leeswijzer" (bookmarker, 18x4,5 cm. A few vague folds; 'proeven is koopen', p.159) by the same. - WITH: Idem. "Oude Krul Tabak (...) Tabak uit de Rijzende Hoop". Lithogr. wrapping in 3 variant copies, printed in black and resp. blue, red and green, ±1922, each 15x24,8 cm.

- Corner of 1 leaf sl. creased. = Jac. Jongert 1883-1942, 'proeven is koopen', p.148.

€ (80-100) 80