67 1215 Daragnès J G Wilde O
67/1215 [Daragnès, J.-G.]. Wilde, O. Ballade de la geole de Reading par C.3.3. French transl. and introd. H.-D. Davray. Paris, L. Pichon, 1918, 74,(1)p., woodcut title-vignette (printed in red) and 25 woodcut ills. printed in black and grey by DARAGNÈS, printed in 395 numb. copies (200), orig. wr.

- Foot of spine sl. dam.

= With ms. SIGNED DEDICATION by the artist in pen and ink to Pierre MacOrlan on htitle: "à mon cher ami Pierre en souvenir de notre chère et vieille camaraderie (...)" and with a loosely inserted leaf w. 2 ORIGINAL DRAWINGS (brush and ink, wash and watercolour, each ±7x7 cm.) with SIGNED DEDICATION in pencil: "a Pierre MacOrlan, son vieux Daragnes". Horodisch, Oscar Wilde's Ballad of Reading Goal p.17f: "(...) a French translation (...) appeared only a few months after the first English edition. (...) [Davray's] translation ranks as a classic feat (...)"; p.38ff: "The other illustrated edition of the same year has also high artistic merits. (...) All of them are printed in black over a flat pale umber tone, which give the prints the intended sombre and tragical character. (...) it must be admitted that the Ballad appears here for the first time with illustrations of real caliber and in a distinguished bibliophile production". Monod 11507; Carteret IV, p.408. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XLII.

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