67 2432 Medical instruments Seibert W & H
67/2432 [Medical instruments]. Seibert, W. & H. Monocular microscope. Brass microscope supported by an iron base w. adjustable diaphragm and mirror, Wetzlar, Seibert, ±1900, in orig. oak case, 14,5x10x36 cm. (microscope), 20x16,5x39,5 cm. (case), w. loosely insterted orig. user's manual, numb. "15767" on the tripod.

- Table sl. oxidized; tripod w. sm. signs of wear.

= Fitted case with 3 drawers comprising i.a. 5 different oculars (0x-4x), blue and red litmus paper, 25 glass microscope slides and cover slips and 12 preparation instruments (i.a. a scalpel and a tweezer).

€ (150-250) 150