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67/2002 [Congo]. Annales du Musée du Congo Belge. Brussels, 1903-1939, 17 vols., num. maps, photogr./ woodengr. and lithogr. plates, all in orig. wr. (dam.), partly loose as published, folio.

= Not collated but issues apparently complete. It is partly not clear which series and volumes belong together. Comprises i.a. Ethnographie et antropologie, Series IV, Fascicule I-VI (1903-1904); Ethnographie, Serie VI, Tome 1, Fascicule I-III (1929-1933); Tome 2, Fascicule I-III (1935-1939).

AND 3 reprints of the same series and 1 other publication by Musée de Congo Belge (1935).

€ (100-150) 325