67 5060 Chabrillac C R 1804 ?
67/5060 Chabrillac, C.R. (1804-?). (Mother and child walking on the route de Sèvres). Drawing, pen and ink and watercolour, (later?) pencil, 11x16,8 cm., signed "Chabrillac 1832" and "route de Sèvres" in pen and ink.

- Soiled.

= A house with a thatched roof is drawn in pencil next to the figures, perhaps later added by the artist.

Idem. (Seated mother holding a baby and small children playing around them). Drawing, pen and in and watercolour, 9,1x18,6 cm., signed "Chabrillac 17 Juin 1853" in pen and ink.

€ (50-70)