67/764 Games and toys Cards and cardgames Game of Kille
67/ 764 [Games and toys. Cards and cardgames]. Game of Kille. Norrköping, Lithografiska Aktiebolaget, ±1885, 42 lithogr. cards, stamp dated 23 January 1885.

= Game of Kille (also known as Gnav) contains a suit of 12 pairs of cards w. fleur-de-lis (1-12) and 9 pairs of figures (i.a. a wild boar). Cary SWE 5.

Het kwartetspel van de Delftsche slaolie en het Delftsch plantenvet Delfia. Delft, Calvé-Delft, n.d. (±1910), 48 col. lithogr. playing cards, 9x6 cm., fold. leaflet w. rules, together in orig. giltlettered board box.

- Box sl. duststained. Otherwise fine and cards mint.

AND 7 other card games, i.a. PHILIPS BI-ARLITA KWARTETSPEL (n.pl., Philips, ±1925, orig. box), PETER PAN (London, H.P. Gibson & Sons, ±1905, w. rules, orig. box,), FLEET STREET (ibid., n.publ., ±1920, 48 chromolithogr. cards, w. rules, later box), OLIVER TWIST SNAP (ibid., A. Collier, ±1890, 52 col. lithogr. cards) and SPROOKJES-DOMINO (Frankf. a.M., Dondorf, ±1900, 30 chromolithogr. cards, no box). - ADDED: Schimmelspel. N.pl., n.publ., n.d. (±1850), 5 handcol. engr. and aquatint cards (±11x7 cm.), 6 bone and stone dice, together in contemp. board box w. lid (13,5x8,5 cm.), letterpress rules on verso lid.

- Cards soiled.

AND 5 conjuring playing cards (±1900, chromolithogr.) and 5 handcol. lithogr. cards from a sl. later "Hammer und Glocke"-game.

€ (70-90) 130