67 5221 Beckett I 1653 1719
67/5221 Beckett, I. (1653-1719). "Henry Fitzroy, 1st Duke of Grafton". Mezzotint after T. HAWKINS, 47x28,8 cm., engr. captions below.

- Doubled. Sl. grey impression; vague horizontal fold; some stains; upper left corner cut off.


Simon, J. (1675-1751). "The Right Reverend Father in God William Lord Bishop of Ely". Oval mezzotint portrait after J. SIMON, 35x25 cm., engr. caption below, w. the address of E. Cooper, London, 1702. - AND 4 other mezzotint portraits, i.a. by J. FABER (2x) and E. FISCHER ("Jean Baptise Monoyer Peintre des Fleurs").

€ (50-70) 70