67 2435 Medical instruments Weiss R
67/2435 [Medical instruments]. Weiss, R. Folding apothecary cabinet. Portable black painted mahogany folding cabinet, 17x33x25,5 cm. (folded) and 15x32x52 cm. (unfolded), w. manufacturer's ticket at top of cabinet "Dr. Richard Weiss", cabinet w. 7 rows w. diff. sized metal drawers (3x2x4,5 cm to 12x29,5x4,5 cm.) each w. diff. manuscript title tickets and w. orig. unpacked contents, late 19th cent.

- Case sl. soiled and w. a few scratches, otherwise in very fine condition.

= Unused apothecary cabinet w. original contents. Drawers contains i.a. various tablets (i.a."Aspirin-tabl.", "Bromkali-tabl.", "Rhabarber-tabl." and "Schlaf-tabl."), medical dressings (i.a. "Gypsbinden", "Verbandtuch", "Schnellverbände", "Gazebinden", "Cambricbinden", "Augenschild-Fingerlingen", "Staubinde" and "Brandbinden"), salves and instruments.

€ (200-300)