67 2430 Medical instruments Meurice Produits Chimiques et Pharmaceutiques
67/2430 [Medical instruments]. Meurice Produits Chimiques et Pharmaceutiques. Portable apothecary case. Metal apothecary case w. 3 drawers w. on upside of case 2 ident. engr. manufacturer's ticket's "Meurice Produits Chimiques et Pharmaceutiques", 15,5x31x23 cm., w. num. instruments and apothecary jars w. printed title ticket's, late 19th cent.

- Jars sl. soiled. Case w. a few oxidized spots and a few scratches.

= Box comprises i.a. a few apothecary porcelain jars (various prints and sizes), instruments and ±25 filled glass jars (various sizes).

€ (200-300)