67 2212 Botany Dodonaeus R
67 2212 Botany  Dodonaeus R
67 2212 Botany  Dodonaeus R
67/2212 [Botany]. Dodonaeus, R. Cruijdeboeck, in den welcken die geheele historie, dat es Tgheslacht, t fatsoen, nae, natuere, cracht ende werkinghe, van den Cruyden, niet alleen hier te lande wassende, maer oock van de anderen vremde in der Medecijnen oorboorlijck, met grooter neersticheyt begrepen ende verclaert es, met der selver cruyden natuerlijck naer dat leven conterfeytsel daer by ghestelt. Antw., J. van der Loe, 1563, 2nd ed., (44),682,(52)p., title-p. within contemp. handcol. woodcut borders, 841 contemp. handcol. herbal ills., 267 (of which 198 contemp. handcol.) initials, contemp. gilt calf, folio.

- Very fine copy, with the following minor defects: first 9 (extra bound with) blank lvs. sl. waterst. in outer margin; 2 text lvs. sl. stained in blank inner margins; a few lvs. w. sm. stains in blank outer margin; most lvs. numb. in old pen in upper outer corner; occas. contemp. underlining in old pen and ink; 2 (extra bound with) final blank lvs. w. extensive sl. later. manuscript recipes. Binding w. a few sm. restorations, i.a. at foot of lower joint and upper outer corner of back cover; foot of spine chipped; gilt on spine rubbed.

= Extremely rare CONTEMP. HANDCOLOURED copy (from the library of F.W.T. Hunger) extra illustrated with 2 lvs. from: L. FUCHS, New Kreüterbuch, in welchem nit allein die gantz histori (...) (Basel, 1543): the title-p. (w. full-p. woodcut portrait of Leonhart Fuchs on verso) and 1 leaf w. a full-p. woodcut of "Traubenkraut" and 3 woodcut portraits of the illustrators on verso. "This [Cruijdeboeck] was a national hebrarium devoted to species indigenous to the Flemish provinces. The merit of this book was that rather than proceeding by alphabetical order, as Fuchs had done, Dodoens grouped the plants according to their properties and their reciprocal affinities." (DSB 4, p.138f). Nissen BBI 512; Pritzel 2345; cf. Arber p.272; Henrey I, p.8f and p.32f; Garrison/ Morton 1812; DSB 4, p.139; Lindeboom p.454; Bibl. Osleriana 2475 (note). "He [Dodonaeus] helped to forward the growing interest in classification which had begun to be evident as early as 1539 in Bock's Neu Kreuterbuch" (Hunt 67). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCVIII.

€ (8.000-10.000) 24000