67 1893 India Lopes de Lima J J
67/1893 [India]. Lopes de Lima, J.J. Jornal da viagem (...) de Lima de Goa para Lisboa por Bombaim, Suez, Alexandria, e Malta em 1842. Lisbon, G. de Irmãos, 1843, 1st (and only) ed., (4),71p., orig. wr., sm. 8vo.

- Frontwr. sl. dam. and sl. stained; ticket on verso frontwr.

= With AUTOGRAPH DEDICATION on backwr. Rare. Lopes de Lima was interim governor of Goa when, in 1842 during a native revolt, he left Goa for Bombay and sought help from the English to restore order. The English refused, and subsequently Lopes de Lima was deposed, after which he had to justify his conduct in Lisbon in a court-martial.

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