67 5217 Baeck E 1679 1747
67/5217 Baeck, E. (1679-1747). "Colossus Monarchicq. Statua Danielis Dan. II. 31." Large handcol. allegorical engraving, heightened w. gold, 57,5x49 cm., w. onlay piece, "E. Back at Heldenm: fec." in the plate, Augsb., M. Seutter, ±1740.

- Middle fold as published; some scattered small foxed spots/ stains; closed tear in left margin, sl. affecting image but unobtrusive.

= Impressive and decorative print listing all monarchies and monarchs from the Assyrian Monarchy up to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, characterizing the rulers with symbols (e.g. the sun, standing for 'virtuous'). The onlay piece is a German key to those symbols, tipped-on along upper margin and covering the Latin key. Rare.

€ (200-300)