67 650 Vosmaer C
67/ 650 Vosmaer, C. Onze hedendaagsche schilders. The Hague, H.J. Stemberg, n.d. (1880-1885), 2 vols., 69 (mainly (tinted) lithogr.) plates, 24 mounted photogr. portraits, contemp. (not unif.) giltlettered hmor., folio.

- Some sl. occas. foxing. Bindings soiled, corners sl. worn and cloth over frontcover of one vol. wrinkled.

= Contains nice photogr. portraits of and works by i.a. A. Allebé, L. Alma Tadema, J. Bosboom, J. Israëls, J. Maris, H.W. Mesdag, Ch. Rochussen, C. Springer and J.H. Weissenbruch.

€ (50-70)