67 2381 Hunting and falconry Ridinger J E
67/2381 [Hunting and falconry]. Ridinger, J.E. Abbildung der jagtbare Thiere mit derselben angefügten Fährten und Spuhren (...). Augsb., J.E. Ridinger, 1740, title-p. w. large engr. vignette and 14 (of 23) plates, loose without binding.

- Lacks 9 plates; (vaguely) waterst. in upper blank margin; sl. creased and fingersoiled; one plate w. a few marginal tears.

= Nissen, ZBI 3401; Thiébaud p.783; Schwerdt III, p.137: "(...) a charming set. The addition of the spoors of each animal, carefully drawn from nature, makes this series also an instructuve one".

€ (250-350) 250