67/766 Games and toys Cards and cardgames Happy families
67/ 766 [Games and toys. Cards and cardgames]. Happy families. London, John Jaques & Son, n.d. (±1900), 48 col. lithogr. cards, orig. pink board box.

- Box sl. rubbed and some traces of former rubber band. Contents very fine.

= Nice game of caricatural quartets.

AND 9 other cardgames, all pre-1940, i.a. ALLES ELECTRISCH (Bussum, ±1930, 48 col. cards and instruction card, orig. (worn) box); WIE WEET HET? (n.pl., Sala-spelen, ±1920, 48 silhouette cards, (sl. frayed) booklet w. rules of the game (4p.), orig. (waterstained) board box w. col. plate laid down on lid) and QUARTET-SPEL FAUNA (n.pl., B. Dondorf, ±1910, 40 col. lithogr. cards, orig. board box w. mounted col. lithogr. card. Two cards sl. worn; back of box dam.).

€ (50-70) 50