67/769 Games and toys Cards and cardgames Set of 36 cards showing occupations
67/ 769 [Games and toys. Cards and cardgames]. Set of 36 cards showing occupations, stencil-col. lithogr. cards numb. 1-36, 5,5x4 cm., no publisher, ±1840.

= Series of 'floskaartjes' showing 18 occupations/ situations of life, each in pairs and identified in lithogr. caption, starting w. "Dood"/ "Leven" and working up from lower class occupations, i.a. "Dienst M[aag]t"/ "Dienst K[nech]t", "Boerin"/ "Boer", "Koopmans Vr[ouw]"/ "Koopman", "Kapiteins Vr"/ "Kapitein", "Jagers Vr"/ "Jager", to the highest echelons of society, the aristocracy with i.a. "Jonkers Vr"/ "Jonker", "Gravin"/ "Graaf" and "Keyserin"/ "Keyser", and with "Abdisse"/ "Bisschop".

€ (200-300) 200