67 2289 Dentistry Eppler Lehrmittelwerkstätten 2nd half 19th cent
67/2289 [Dentistry]. Eppler Lehrmittelwerkstätten (2nd half 19th cent.). "Die Entwicklung des menschlichen Gebisses". Four handcol. wax anatomical models, 2nd half 19th cent., 5,5x4x3 to 11,5x11x4 cm., w. caption above and a woodcut illustrated legend below, laid down on wood, in orig. wooden showcase w. glass pane on top, 24,5x40x6 cm., w. printed title-ticket in upper margin of mount and printed firm ticket in upper left corner of mount "Hermann Eppler. Lehrmittelwerkstätten Rudolstadt i/ Thur".

- Fastening tape around glass pane sl. loosening.

= Small contemporary manuscript title-ticket mounted on side of box. Wax models showing the denture of a "Neugeborenes Kind", "5 jähriges Kind", "9 jähriges Kind" and "Erwachsener". Two illustrations showing the "Durchbruchsmonate der Milchzähne" and "Durchbruchsjahre der bleibenden Zähne". This showcase was used as a teaching model in German schools.

€ (250-350)