66/909 Games and toys Cards and cardgames Gatteaux pattern
66/ 909 [Games and toys. Cards and cardgames]. Gatteaux pattern. Game of cards, France, deck of 52 col. cards without indices, taxation stamp dated 1917.

= Cards punctured w. braille, probably for people with poor vision.

AND 3 other decks of cards (2x 52 and 1x 36 cards), all with Gatteaux pattern, all w. French taxation stamp 1890. - AND 7 decks of cards (3x incomplete) published by B.P. GRIMAUD, Paris, ±1890-1910, all but two w. with the Belgian Genoese pattern (3x w. casino backs) and 1x w. aces w. Dutch views.

€ (60-80)