66/1889 Underground press The International Times No 1 62 Ed T McGrath a o
66/1889 [Underground press]. The International Times. No. 1-62. Ed. T. McGrath a.o. London, The International Times, 1966-1969, 76 issues (incl. duplicates) and a few extra issues, ills., orig. (partly) unif. wr., folio.

- Sl. yellowed; occas. foxed and trifle frayed. Mostly fine condition.

= Nice early run of this counter-cultural magazine, still active today. It was launched in October 1964 at a happening featuring i.a. Pink Floyd and the Soft Machine. With contributions by i.a. Allen Ginsberg, John Peel and William Burroughs. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXIV.

€ (500-700) 1200