66 3084 Caricature Egan P
66/3084 [Caricature]. (Egan, P.). Real Life in Ireland; or, the Day and Night Scenes, Rovings, Rambles, and Sprees, Bulls, Blunders, Bodderation and Blarney, of Brian Boru, esq. and his elegant friend sir Shawn O'Dogherty. Exhibiting a Real Picture of Characters, Manners, &c. in High and Low life, in Dublin and various parts of Ireland. London, Jones and Co., 1829, 4th ed., 296,VII,(1)p., frontisp. and 17 (of 18) plates, all etchings/ aquatints in fine contemp. handcolouring, contemp. cl. w. paper letterpiece.

- Uncut copy. Lacks 1 plate (Tapp in the Sherrif's Prison); all plates bound between p.8 and 9; text and plates trifle yellowed/ foxed; upper hinge showing. Binding frayed along joints.

= Abbey, Life 282 (first ed. 1821).

€ (150-250)