66 5439 Chartran Th 1849 1907
66/5439 Chartran, Th. (1849-1907). (Reclining female nude). Drawing, pencil, 13x26 cm., signed, "Roma 1881" and "A monsieur R. Fache souvenir de la Villa Medici".

- Trife foxed.

Troost, W. (1812-1893). (Two portraits of young gentlemen). Two drawings, pencil, both ±22x18 cm., signed "W. Troost fec 1847" and "W. Troost fec 1849", on chine collé.

- Signature 2nd drawing sl. faded.

AND 2 other drawings: H. KRABBÉ, (Ironing housewife; pen and ink, signed "Krabbé 1900") and JOHFRA (= F.J.G. van den Berg), (Woman in traditional Dutch costume with child; crayon and white chalk, atelier stamp on verso).

€ (100-150) 100