66 2482 Anatomy Harvey W
66/2482 [Anatomy]. Harvey, W. Exercitationes anatomicae, De motu Cordis & Sanguinis Circulatione. Accessit Dissertatio de Corde Doct. Jacobi de Back. Rott., A. Leers, 1660, 2 parts in 1 vol., 285,(19); 252,(24)p., engr. title-p., 2 full-p. ills., contemp. overlapping vellum, 12mo.

- Fine copy. Final 8 leaves of the index to the first part bound after the index of the second part.

= First published Frankfurt, 1628. Norman Library 1006: "(...) The discovery and experimental proof of the circulation of blood. Since antiquity, ideas about the physiology and pathology of most parts of the body had been based to an important degree on assumptions made about the function of the heart and blood vessels. In fundamentally changing the conception of these functions, Harvey pointed the way to reform of all of physiology and medicine. (...)." Notable Medical Books from the Lilly Library, p.63: "Harvey's small book is usually considered the most important single medical work ever published. (...)." Rare. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCVIII.

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