66 5930 Ships Nooms R called Zeeman ±1623 1667
66 5930 Ships  Nooms R  called Zeeman  ±1623 1667
66 5930 Ships  Nooms R  called Zeeman  ±1623 1667
66 5930 Ships  Nooms R  called Zeeman  ±1623 1667
66 5930 Ships  Nooms R  called Zeeman  ±1623 1667
66/5930 [Ships]. Nooms, R. (called Zeeman) (±1623-1667). Arrival of an English ship firing a salute. Etching, 13x20,6 cm. (image)/ 14,3x20,8 cm. (plate mark).

- Small light stain in left margin.

= Hollstein 143 (only state) and very rare. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXVII.

BOUND IN ONE VOLUME WITH THE FOLLOWING 46 PRINTS, in a late 18th / early 19th cent. mor. binding, obl. 8vo:

Idem. Three Dutch battleships, one firing. Etching, 13,7x20,2 cm.

- Sl. foxed in left corners.

= Hollstein 80, copy (with sl. alterations not mentioned by Hollstein).

Idem. The 'Parel' (Pearl), an East Indiaman and the 'Dubbele Arent' (Spreadeagle), a West Indiaman. Engraving, 13,5x19,7 cm.

- Vague stain in left margin and sl. foxed in right margin. = Hollstein 42, copy C, first state (of 2).

Idem (after). Flute-ship with sloop sailing to the left. Engraving, 13,9x20 cm.

- Stain in left margin.

= Hollstein 163: "Probably after Reinier Zeeman (...) probably by Salomon Savery or at least published by him."

Idem (after). The 'Vergulde Dolphyn' a large merchant vessel and the 'Kat' a flute. Engraving, 13,6x20,3 cm.

- Trifle foxed in lower right corner.

= Hollstein 30, copy C. "Possibly by Salomon Savery or at least published by him."

Hondius, H. (1573-±1649) (after). Man-of-War of the King of France. Engraving, 14x20,3 cm.

- Sm. foxed spot in right margin.

= Copy in reverse w. sl. alterations. Cf. Hollstein, H. Hondius I, 63 (not listing copies in reverse).

Anonymous (1st half 17th cent.). (Amelia, Flagship of Admiral Maerten Harpertsz. Tromp (...)). Engraving, 13,9x20,4 cm.

= For the much larger print by Salomon Saverij on which this print is based, see Hollstein 101.

Saverij, S. (1594-1678). Three-masted Fluyt in port profile sailing before a fire tower. Engraving from the series of 6 Marine subjects, 12,3x16 cm., w. engr. caption "Fluyt" and "S. Savery Ex 3" below image.

- Sl. foxed in left margin; darker foxed spot in blank upper margin; sm. numb. in pen added in lower right corner below image.

= Hollstein 106.

"Neues Schiffahrten Büchlein." Six engr. (incl. title-p.) on 3 leaves, each 6,8x16,3 cm., Nürnb., D. Funcke, n.d. (17th cent.), later blindst. calf, obl. 8vo.

- Trifle foxed in outer margin; first leaf tiny restoration in outer blank margin.

= Rare series by an unidentified artist, no copy traced.

Guéroult du Pas, P.J. (1654-?). (Recueil de vues de tous les differens bastimens de la mer Méditerranée, et de l'Océan, avec leurs noms et usages). Twenty-nine engravings, all 6,9x10,3 cm., engr. caption and numb. "2"-"30" below image.

- All laid down and w. sm. number in pen added below engr. number; seven engravings waterstained.

= The first part only (dealing with "les differens bastimens de l'Océan"), with 29 views (the first view (not present) is numbered 1" and is the title-p.). Second part in the series consists of 16 plates and shows 30 plates of "les differens bastimens de la mer Méditerranée".

Anonymous (early 17th cent.). (Ship adrift in a storm near a watch tower). Engraving, 15,1x19,8 cm., monogrammed "F.O." in the plate (fine). - AND 3 anonymous small engravings on one leaf.

= An attractive collection of 47 marine prints bound in one volume.

€ (2.800-3.200)