66 5443 Cossaar J C W 1874 1966
66/5443 Cossaar, J.C.W. (1874-1966). The Docks of London (II). Drawing, watercolour and gouache, 54x38,5 cm., framed.

- Not examined outside of frame. Pinholes in upper corners.

= From the Unicorno collection. "The docks of London (...) caught Cossaar's attention. In an interview he spoke about his fascination for the tall ships, which he loved to watch after the rain, their sails drying against a clear blue sky. (...) An English critic characterised one of Cossaar's harbour views as 'full of sunshine and white sails set against a delicately blue sky, with wisps of cloud tempering its radiance'. Interestingly enough, this also applies to these two watercolours" (Sotheby's, The Unicorno Collection, Amst., 2004).

€ (400-600) 425