66/6458 Zuid Holland Het Hooge Heemraadschap van de Crimpenre Waard
66/6458 [Zuid-Holland]. "Het Hooge Heemraadschap van de Crimpenre Waard". Engr. wall map on 17 loose sheets (incl. coats of arms) by J. LEUPENIUS (map) and D. COSTER (central coat of arms), in total ±155x195 cm., without address (Rott., C.G. Vermeer, 1792, 7th ed.).

- All maps sheets folded once (middle fold not sharp); four maps sheets w. vague and small waterstain around lower end of middle fold, mainly affecting the (ample) blank margins.

= A fine copy of this magnificent and rare map, first published in 1683 and republished with alterations no less than seven times between 1696 and 1818, usually in editions of about 200 copies. The editions varied predominantly in the coats of arms of the changing dike-reeves but also in some editing of the map itself. Donkersloot-de Vrij mentions David Coster as editor of both map and coats of arms for the edition of 1734; apart from the central "Crimpenre Waard" coat of arms, the present 1792-edition shows completely different coats of arms (shields, helmets, mantling), but Donkersloot-de Vrij does not give any engraver's name. Donkersloot-de Vrij 766 (giving Christina Geertruij Vermeer, widow of Leendert Brasser of Rotterdam, as publisher). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CLXII.

€ (1.000-1.500)