66 5650 Baudet E S 1638 1711
66/5650 Baudet, E.S. (1638-1711). (A gathering of excited people). Engraving after N. POUSSIN, 49x66 cm., "N. Poussin Pinx." and "P. Monier Del. Step Baudet Scul." engr. in the image, 1-line French caption below.

- Vertical fold in centre, lower margin cut to the platemark.

Rousselet, G. (1610-1686). (The lamentation over the dead Christ). Engraving after C. LE BRUN, 43,5x41 cm., "C. le Brun pinx." and "Aegid. Rousselet sculp. et excud. Cum privil. reg. 1663." in the plate.

- A few sm. rubbed spots; horizontal fold ±3 cm. above the lower borderline; margins ±3 mm.

€ (80-100)