66/6258 Brabant Kaart der Provincie Noord Braband
66/6258 [Brabant]. "Kaart der Provincie Noord Braband." Engr. map printed ON LINEN, w. handcol. borders, engr. by H. and D. VEELWAARD JR., 30,5x57 cm., folded in 24 and kept in orig. marbled sleeve w. mounted title-piece "Noord-Braband", Amst., Mortier, Covens en Zoon, 1839.

- Sl. yellowed. Sleeve rubbed.

(Carte chorographique des Pays-Bas Autrichiens, sheet III and IV). Two engr. maps by J.J. DE FERRARIS, engr. by L.A. DUPUIS, 2 sheets (of 25) only, sheet III the cities handcol. in red, in 18/ 24 sections mounted on linen, both ±57x90 cm., without address, 1777, sheet III w. mounted woodcut title-piece w. ms. "Flle. 3e Anvers" and sheet IV w. mounted title-piece w. ms. "Venloo" and "N. 4".

- Sheet IV sl./ vaguely waterstained.

= Covers the area roughly between Hulst, Antwerp, Steenbergen, Breda, Helmond, Venlo and Roermond.

AND 2 others: a contemp. handcol. duplicate of sheet III of the above Ferraris map (mounted in 21 sections on linen, engr. publ. ticket on linen w. the address of Picquet, Paris, ±1820) and "Carte de la Province d'Anvers et d'une partie de celle du Brabant Septent.al" (lithogr. map w. handcol. borders by F. CHARLES, in 12 sections mounted on linen, Brussels, ±1830).

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