66 2456 Anatomical models Lehrmittelwerke Berlinische Verlagsanstalt early 19th cent
66/2456 [Anatomical models]. (Lehrmittelwerke Berlinische Verlagsanstalt) (early 19th cent.). Muskeln, Nerven und Adern des Kopfes. Außenseite. Handcol. wax anatomical model, w. 39 parts numbered w. sm. printed tickets, early 19th cent., 20x15x4 cm., laid down on wooden black mount in wooden showcase w. glass pane on top, 33x21,5x7,5 cm., w. printed title ticket in German and Latin in centre of lower margin on mount.

- One sm. part loosening, not affecting the anatomical composition.

= Very nice detailed model. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCIV.

€ (1.000-1.500)