66 2449 Anatomical models Deyrolle early 20th cent
66/2449 [Anatomical models]. Deyrolle (early 20th cent.). "Oreille". Handcol. plaster anatomical model, early 20th cent., 18x20x41 cm., mounted on painted wood, 32x50x4 cm., w. printed title ticket in lower margin of mount and painted factory ticket in upper right margin of mount "Deyrolle Paris".

- Some sm. cracks; trifle dam. spots; sl. soiled; title-piece w. a sm. tear and sl. dam. Mount sl. dam./ worn along extremities.= The Paris company Deyrolle, established in 1871, mostly known for their pedagogical charts and educational material, also developed anatomical plaster models and biological pieces. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCV.

€ (150-250)