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66/ 857 [Games and toys]. De Magister. Hoe men elkander een vlieg afvangt en tegelijk de geschiedenis beoefent. Leyden/ The Hague, B. Blankenberg & M.M. Couvee, 1878, 9 (of 10) lithogr. 'era' cards printed in red and 60 'event' cards printed in blue, each card 8,4x5,5 cm., rules of the game booklet (8p.), together in orig. giltlettered ("magister") board box w. hinging lid, ±10x13,5x2 cm.

- Lacks the first 'era' card, covering the years 1555-1567. Without a 'tijdtafel' mentioned in the rules of the game; divisional board in box loose.

= Cf. Papertoys p.154 (ed. The Hague, Wed. E Spanier, ±1875, w. 6 red and 45 blue cards).

€ (70-90)