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66 5774 Hollar W 1607 1677
66/5774 Hollar, W. (1607-1677). A group of muffs and articles of dress on a table. Etching, 10,8x20,2 cm., w. engr. "W. Hollar fecit Aqua forti 1647" and "Antverpiae" in the plate.

- Trifle yellowed in lower blank margin; narrow margins. Very thin traces of two hairs that were apparently present between the copperplate and the paper at the time of printing.

= Pennington/ Parthey 1951, only state. Very rare and beautiful still life of furs and other fashion accessories. "Hollars still lifes of muffs are true masterpieces, displaying his ability to capture the softness of fur using only a series of etched lines. Apart from muffs, this composition also includes satin gloves, lace handkerchiefs, a velvet mask, and a feather fan - a variety of textures and materials that show off his skills as an etcher. Hollar was the first printmaker to use womens accessories as the basis for still life." (Rijksmuseum site, SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXV.

€ (4.000-6.000) 4250