66/6210 Amsterdam and surroundings Schouwburg Fire of the Amsterdamse Schouwburg 1772
66/6210 [Amsterdam and surroundings]. "Schouwburg" (Fire of the Amsterdamse Schouwburg, 1772). Complete series of 5 engravings (incl. title leaf "Schouwburg") by C. BOGERTS after P. BARBIERS, each w. engr. captions in Dutch and French below the image, each ±24,5x34 cm., Amst., T. and J. Crajenschot, 1772. - WITH a copy of the title-engraving before letters.

- Two plates blank margins sl. frayed and/ or folded.

= F.M. 4252. The title-p. showing a personification of the theatre, seated on the ruins of the theatre with the burning beehive in her hands, the fire raging in the background.

AND 1 other: "Platte Grond van den geweezene Schouburg te Amsterdam" (engr. plan from Atlas (...) Amsteldam, publ. J.B. Elwe, 1804. F.M. 4250).

€ (70-90) 110