65/4857 Surinam Curiel A 1873 1973
65/4857  Surinam   Curiel  A   1873 1973
65/4857  Surinam   Curiel  A   1873 1973
65/4857 [Surinam]. Curiel, A. (1873-1973). Lot of 6 photographs, ±1905, 12x17 cm., mounted.

= Showing interiors and children in costumes. Augusta Curiel ran a famous photostudio in Surinam together with her sister Anna Jacoba Curiel (1876-1958). They were Surinamese women of African descent about whom not much is known, except that they specialized in portrait photography and outdoor photography (i.a. plantations). They also produced photographs used for picture postcards. (Groeneveld p.36f).

WITH an autographed letter signed by A. CURIEL, dated 17 december 1905 (Paramaribo): "Geachte Mevrouw! Hierbij ontvangt u de bestelde photo's. Gaarne ontvang ik de plaatjes van de kinderen in de palmentuin terug, zoo u ze opgeplakt verlangt. Met de meeste hoogachting, Uwe dienstw. Augusta Curiel". - AND ±90 photographs of Surinam (possibly also by A. CURIEL but not traced), late 19th- early 20th cent., various sizes, partly mounted, i.a. views of i.a. Paramaribo, a boat race, local houses, portraits of local communities, families, colonial scenes, landscapes and num. photogr. of the family of Dutch legal expert Pieter Hofstede Crull (1862-1925) who worked as attorney-general in Suriname. - AND WITH a private archive of ±200 letters adressed to P.H. HOFSTEDE CRULL, almost all between 1894-1896, mostly w. original enveloppe and stamp(s), sent by relatives/ friends in the Netherlands.

€ (400-600) 600