1726 - 1923     (SHEET)MUSIC (including AUTOGRAPHS and MANUSCRIPTS)

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75 1786 Corri D 75 1786 Corri D
75/1786 Corri, D. The Singers Preceptor, or Corris Treatise on Vocal Music. Vol.1. London, Silvester and Longman, Hurst, Rees & Orme, n.d. (1810), (16),82p., 1 vol. (of 2), letterpress text, lithogr. title-p. and score, folio.

- The first vol. only. Without binding; (sl.) waterstained in corners/ margins of first and final few leaves.

= The first edition. Rare and interesting treatise, in which the author begins with an autobiographical chapter (4p.), then follows a dialogue between the Scholar who wishes to receive instruction in the art of singing and his Master, discussing the reasons and aims of the instruction in singing (10p.); on p.11 the Practical Part begins.

Zingarelli, N. Solfeggi con accompagnamenti di Basso per voce di tenore. Naples, B. Girard et Cie, n.d. (±1845?), plate no. 3449, (2),44p., engr. title-p. and score, obl. 4to.

- Frontwr. loose and waterstained/ dustsoiled. = Contains 3 parts (with continuous pagination).

AND 2 other similar, i.a. L. LABLACHE, Méthodes Complète de Chant (...) (Mainz, fils de Schott, n.d., plate no. 6686, entirely lithographed, contemp. hcl., sm. folio. Title browned; frontcover loose).

€ (80-100) 80
75 1787 Courvoisier K 75 1787 Courvoisier K
75/1787 Courvoisier, K. The Technics of Violin Playing. Engl. translation by H.E. Krehbiel. London, W. Reeves, n.d. (1880), 1st ed., (8),69,(3 advert.)p., ills., later giltlettered hcalf, sm. 8vo.

- Owner's entry on first blank, dated "July, 29, 1882". Fine copy.

AND 3 others, i.a. Z. KODÁLY, Die ungarische Volksmusik (Budapest, 1956, musical examples, orig. cl. w. dustwr.) and STUDIA MEMORIAE BELAE BARTÓK SACRA (ibid., 1957, 2nd ed., num. musical examples, orig. cl. w. dustwr.).

€ (50-70) 50
75 1788 Czerny C 75 1788 Czerny C
75/1788 Czerny, C. Rondoletto concertant pour le Piano-Forte et Flûte avec Violoncelle ad libitum. Opus 149. Leipsic, C.F. Peters, n.d. (±1825), 2 vols., plate-no. 1988, 13,(1); 4p., engr. title-p. and scores, loose in parts as issued, sm. folio.

- Trifle foxed. Otherwise fine.

Moscheles, I. Ouverture de la Tragédie: Egmonde, arrangé pour le Pianoforte avec Accompagnement de Violon, Flûte et Violoncelle. Op.84. Hamb, A. Cranz, n.d. (±1820), 4 vols., no plate-no., engr. title-p. and scores, loose in parts as issued, folio/ obl. folio.

- Sl. foxed; waterstain in upper margin of all parts (almost exclusively in blank margin); title-p. almost loose.

Cramer, J.B. Grande Sonate pour Pianoforte et Flûte ou Violon. Oeuvre 89. Leipsic, H.A. Probst (pasted over the address of C.C. Lose, Copenhagen), n.d. (±1824), 2 vols., plate-no. 152, 19,(1); 7,(1)p., engr. title-p. and scores, loose in parts as issued, loosely inserted in later boards, obl. folio/ folio.

- Title-p. sl. foxed, sm. stain and annot. in pen in upper margin; otherwise trifle foxed.

AND 2 others in 4 vols., i.a. PANSERON and GUILLOU, Sixième Nocturne pour Piano et Flûte sur des thêmes de Rossini (Paris, Schlesinger, n.d. (±1825), 2 vols., plate-no. M.S.335, engr. title-p. and scores, loose in parts as issued, folio. Occas. sl. foxed; sl. fingersoiled in lower outer corner).

€ (80-100) 80
75 1789 Czerny C 75 1789 Czerny C
75/1789 Czerny, C. Six rondeaux mignons pour le Piano-Forte à quatre mains. Oeuvre 90, no.1-6. Vienna, Ant. Diabelli, n.d. (±1825), plate-no. D.et C. No.1803.-1804 - D.et C. No.1808.-1809, 6 parts in 1 vol., engr. score, modern boards, sm. 4to.

- First title-p. w. owner's stamp of A. Petich; occas. sl. foxed. Fine.

€ (70-90) 70
75 1790 De la Barre M 75 1790 De la Barre M
75/1790 De la Barre, M. Premier livre de pièces pour la flute traversière avec la basse-continue. Paris, the author and Foucault, 1710, 1st ed., (4),44p., engr. score, obl. 8vo.

- First few leaves sl. frayed; outer blank margin wormholed almost throughout; title-p. stained and sl. soiled.

= Vester L 29. Contains 5 suites. Rare first edition. Michel de la Barre was one of the most influential French flutists of his time and was the first French composer to publish music for solo flute. Blume, Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, vol.8, p.1ff: "(...) Die Zeitgenossen Michel de la Barres hielten ihn für den besten Querflötenvirtuosen seiner Zeit (...)." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LVIII.

€ (300-500) 300
75 1791 Devienne F 75 1791 Devienne F
75/1791 Devienne, F. Méthode Complète Pour la Flute. Lille, Ve Bohem, n.d. (±1810), plate-no. V.B.46, (2),135p., entirely engraved, title vignette, ills. and scores, contemp. boards, folio.

- Foxed; occas. sl. fingersoiled/ (damp)stained. Rebacked w. later leather backstrip; covers worn along extremities.

= Attractive title-vignette depicting a male figure playing the flute standing next to a bust of François Devienne engraved by JOUVENEL Fils. Includes 36 airs, 18 duos, 6 sonatas, 3 more duos and "Trois thêmes variés". Infuential flute method by one of the foremost flautists of the 19th century.

€ (150-250)
75 1792 Devienne F 75 1792 Devienne F
75/1792 Devienne, F. Methode pour la flûte. Paris, Janet et Cotelle, n.d. (±1805), 3rd rev. and enl. ed., plate no.232, (2),173p., text and scores entirely engraved, contemp. hcalf w. gilt green lozenge-shaped mor. letterpiece on frontcover, folio.

- One page (water)stained; first half trifle dampstained in blank margin; upper outer corner of one leaf reattached; free endpapers reattached. Covers sl. rubbed; backstrip dam. at spine-ends and sl. worn; corners worn.

= Cf. RISM D2108 (later edition).

€ (150-250)
75 1793 Devienne F 75 1793 Devienne F
75/1793 Devienne, F. Six Trios Pour trois Flûtes. Paris, Imbault, n.d. (±1795), 12 vols., plate-no. 466/ 467, 2 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, loose in parts as issued, folio.

- Occas. trifle yellowed. Otherwise fine. = Vester D-267.

Fürstenau, A.B. Trois Trios avec des Fugues pour Trois Flûtes. Oeuvre 22. Leipsic, H.A. Probst (first vol. w. address of C.C. Lose, Copenhagen, pasted over Probst address), n.d. (±1825), 3 vols., plate-no. 9, 15,(1); 13,(1); 13,(1)p., 3 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, in parts as issued, folio.

- First and final leaf of all vols. loose(ning); title-p. of vol.2 sl. stained.

Schneider, G.A. Trois Duos pour Deux Flutes. Oeuvre 22. Bonn, N. Simrock, n.d. (±1805), 2 vols., plate-no. 357, 13,(1); 13,(1)p., engr. title-p. and scores, folio.

- Some annots. in pencil. Spine of Fl1 strengthened.

Idem. Trois Duos pour deux Flûtes. Paris, au Bureau des Arts et d'Industries (pasted over w. the address of C.C. Lose, Copenhagen), n.d. (±1804), 2 vols., plate-no. 302, 13,(1); 13,(1)p., engr. title-p. and scores, later plain brown wr., folio.

- Occas. sl. fingersoiled and stained. Wrappers fingersoiled.

AND 3 others in 4 vols. (incl. one vol. without the flute part), i.a. IDEM, Six Duos pour Deux Flûtes (Bonn, Simrock (pasted over w. address of C.C. Lose, Copenhagen), ±1805, 2 vols. (of 4), plate no. 401, engr. title-p., engr. scores, loose as issued, folio. Title-p. sl. foxed and corner creased; contains only Duos IV-VI).

€ (150-250) 150
75 1794 Devienne F 75 1794 Devienne F
75/1794 Devienne, F. Trois trios concertants pour deux Flûtes et Basse au Basson. Offenbach, J. André, n.d. (±1804), plate-no. 2218, prob. 1st ed., 3 vols., 11,(1); 11,(1); 10p., engr. scores, orig. wr., large 4to (fine). Idem. Six Duos Pour Deux Flûtes. Paris, Sieber Père, n.d. (after 1800), 2 vols., plate-no. 726, (2),13,(1); 13,(1)p., engr. scores, contemp. unif. wr., folio.

- Both vols. occas. sl. dampstained; wrappers creased.

Pleyel, I. Six Duetts Concertante for Two German Flutes, Or German Flute & Violin. Book 1 (Flauto secondo only) and Book 2 (both parts present). London, G. Walker, n.d., 3 vols., plate-no. Pleyel Book 1/ Pleyel Book 2, 7,(1); (7),(1); 7,(1)p., engr. scores, orig. unif. wr., sm. folio.

€ (70-90) 70
75 1795 Dothel N 75 1795 Dothel N
75/1795 Dothel, N. Six Duetts for German Flutes, or Violins. London, R. Bremner, n.d., 1 (of 2?) vols., no plate-no., (2),26,(1)p., engr. title-p. and score (for both flutes), folio.

- First and final leaf loose(ning); spine broken. = Vester D-400.

Esch, L. von. Le retour de Wandsworth, A favorite Sonata for the Piano Forte, with an Accompaniment for the Flute, Violin and Bass, ad libitum. London, Broderip & Wilkinson, n.d. (±1803), 4 vols., no plate-no., engr. title-p. and scores, in parts as issued, folio.

= Vester E-76.

AND 5 others in 12 parts, i.a. F. MAYER, Three Serenades, For Two Concert Flutes & B Tenor Flute, Bassoon or Violoncello (London, Monzani & Hill, (±1835), no plate-no., 4 vols., 4 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, folio. Occas. sl. foxed); M. KRASINSKY (= E.L. MÜLLER), Six Duetts for two German Flutes. Op.6 (London, Monzani & Co., n.d., no plate-no., 2 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, in parts as issued, folio. Owner's stamp on both title-p.; not in Vester) and H. HILL, A Fourth set of 24 Favorite Melodies, Arranged as Trios, for two flutes, and Piano Forte (ibid., Monzani & Hill, (±1830), 3 vols., no plate-no., 3 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, folio. Sl. foxed; title-p. of piano part loose).

€ (150-250)
75 1796 Dotzauer J J 75 1796 Dotzauer J J
75/1796 Dotzauer, J.J. 8me Concerto. Full score. N.pl., n.publ., n.d. (±1840), plate no.2665, 14 parts in 1 vol. (Vn1, Vn2, Va, Vc./ Bass, Fl, Ob1 and Ob2, Cl1 and Cl2, Bn1 and Bn2, Hn1 and Hn2 and Timp), lithogr. scores, loose in parts as issued, folio.

- Lacks title-p.; first and final pages sl. foxed; first leaf loose.

Merk, J. Adagio et Rondeau Pour le Violoncelle avec accompagnement de l'Orchestre [adapted for piano] (...). Oeuvre 10. Vienna, P. Mechetti qm Carlo, n.d. (±1830), 2 parts, plate-no. P.M. No. 2380*2382, 9,(1); 11,(1)p., engr. scores, folio.

- Occas. annots. in pink felt-tip pen in violoncello score; sl. foxed.

AND 7 others, i.a. G. ROMANI, Divertimento per Piano Forte, Clarinetti e Violoncelle (Milan, F. Lucca, ±1840, plate no. 1797, lithogr. score, folio. Frontwr. sl. foxed); G. JENKINS, Eighteen Airs for two Violin's and a Bass (Edinb., J. Brysson, ±1790, no plate-no., engr. score, obl. 4to. Title-p. duststained; occas. sl. dampstained in margin); C. WEICHSEL, Fantasia for the Violin. In which are introduced two Airs, one from La Fiancée By Auber, and a Popular Swiss Air (...) (London, T. Welsh, ±1830(?), 2 vols. (p and vn), plate-no. 3578, engr. scores, sm. folio); JAs. SANDERSON, Six Select Airs (...) with Variations for the Violin, with Accompaniment for A Second Violin. Op. 53 (London, Cramer & Co. a.o., (±1840), 2 vols., engr. title-p. and scores, folio) and and sl. incomplete score in parts of C.G. REISSIGER, Die Felsenmühle zu Estalières. Ouverture (n.pl., n.d. (±1835), 17 parts, lithogr. scores, loose as issued, folio. Lacks the string parts and fl1 and/ or Ob1).

€ (100-150) 180
75 1797 Dressler R 75 1797 Dressler R
75/1797 Dressler, R. The Favorite Airs from Winter's Celebrated Opera Das Unterbrochene Opferfest. Book 1-3. London, Paine & Hopkins, n.d. (±1830), no plate-no., 30p., engr. title-p. and score, contemp. wr., folio.

- Wrappers frayed and rubbed.

BOUND WITH 2 others, i.a. A.B. FÜRSTENAU, Brillant Variations for the Flute, on a favorite Theme by C.M. de Weber from Preciosa (ibid., Lavenu & Co., ±1825), plate-no. 2083, engr. title-p. and score, folio). Gabrielsky, W. Sieben Variationen für die Flöte über das englische Volkslied. Rule Britania. Opus 44, no.4. Berlin, Schlesinger, n.d. (1820), plate-no. 1044, 5,(1)p., engr. title-p. and score, sm. folio.

- Waterstained in upper right corner/ margin.

Idem. Trois Grands Trios concertans Pour trois Flûtes. Leipsic, Breitkopf & Härtel, n.d. (±1825), 3 vols., plate-no. 4166, 16; 13,(1); 13,(1)p., engr. title-p. and scores, loose in parts as issued, folio.

- Owner's stamps and entries on title-p. and first page of the Fl2 and Fl3 parts; sl. foxed and sl. dampstained

Idem. (Trios pour Trois Flûtes). N.pl., n.publ., n.d. (±1825), 3 vols., plate-no. 3548, 16; 11,(1); 13,(1)p., engr. scores, loose in parts as issued, later plain wr., folio.

- Lacks title-p.; each part w. owner's stamp on first page; Fl3 lacks frontwr.

AND 4 others in 6 vols., i.a. R. DRESSLER, Six Airs Celèbres tirés d'Opéras de Rossini et arrangés (...) pour la Flûte seule (Bonn, Simrock, (±1818), plate-no. 1495, engr. title-p. and score, sm. folio. Spine strengthened; fingersoiled throughout in lower outer corner; title-p. stained in upper right corner) and a contemp. transcript in pen and ink of the full score of W. GABRIELSKY, "Grand Trio Concertant Pour Trois Flûtes. Oeuv. 34" ("Helsingborg, 13/6 30", (16)p.,signed "L. Dahlberg", sm. folio).

€ (100-150) 100
75 1798 Drouet L 75 1798 Drouet L
75/1798 Drouet, L. Cent études pour la Flûte. Paris, Schlesinger, n.d. (±1830), 4 parts in 1 vol.., plate-nos. M.S. 654/ 655/ 656 and 657, 4 identical engr. title-p., engr. scores, contemp. hcalf, folio.

- First title-p. sl. fingersoiled. Binding worn/ rubbed along extremities.

AND 13 others in 28 vols., i.a. V. CORNETTE, Airs de Lucie de Lammermoor (Paris, L. Grus, (±1870), plate-no. L.G. 3117, engr. title-p. and score, folio. Stained along spine); F. MARCHETTI, Ruy Blas. Capriccio da Sala per Flauto con accomp.to di Pianoforte. Adapt. G. Gariboldi (Milan, F. Lucca, (±1880), 2 vols., plate-no. 21050, lithogr. title-p. and score, loose in parts as issued, folio) and L. VAN BEETHOVEN, Quatuor. Transcrit Pour Piano, Flûte, Alto et Violoncello par Henri Altès (Paris, S. Richault, (±1840), 4 vols., plate-no. 2079, entirely engr., loose in parts as issued, folio. Occas. sl. frayed and sl. foxed).

€ (100-150) 110
75 1799 Fenaroli F 75 1799 Fenaroli F
75/1799 Fenaroli, F. Cours complet d'Harmonie et de Haute Composition. Paris, Veuve Launer, n.d. (±1840), new ed., plate-no. Vve L.500, (2),VIII,(1),167,(1)p., entirely engraved, portrait of the author, text and score, contemp. hcalf, sm. folio.

- Occas. sl. foxed. Binding rubbed along extremities. Otherwise fine. = Rare.

Massimino, F. Nouvelle méthode Pour l'Enseignement de la Musique. Paris, the author, n.d. (±1840?), no plate-no., (2),187,(1)p., entirely lithographed, contemp. hvellum, sm. folio.

- Weak impression, probably a title-edition (originally published in 1819). Corners and spine-ends sl. worn.

€ (70-90)
75 1800 Ferrari D 75 1800 Ferrari D
75/1800 Ferrari, D. Six Sonatas or Trio's For Two Violins or German Flutes with the Thorough Bass for the Harpsichord. London, John Lavo, n.d. (1757), 3 vols., no plate-no., (3),12,(1); (3),12,(1); (3),12,(1)p., engr. plates, contemp. unif. board backcovers only, folio.

- All vols. lack the contemp. upper cover. Otherwise fine.

= Domenico Ferrari (1722-1780), pupil of Tartini, famous violinist in his time. RISM F 291; Vester F 57 (dating 1758). Rare.

Sammartini, G.B. A Second Set of Six Sonatas or Duets for two German flutes or violins. Opera VII. Ibid., J. Walsh, n.d. (1757), no plate-no., 23 (of 26)p., engr. title-p. and score, folio.

- Lacks final 3 pages; title-p. loose. = RISM S 695; Vester S 60 ("Authorship questionable").

€ (250-350) 250
75 1801 Fétis F J 75 1801 Fétis F J
75/1801 Fétis, F.J. Traité du Contrepoint et de la Fugue. Contenant L'exposé analytique des règles de la composition musicale depuis deux jusqu'à huit parties réelles. Ouvrage divisé en deux Parties. La Première traitant du Contrepoint simple et de ses applications dans l'imitation, le Canon et les divers Styles. La Deuxième des Contrepoint doubles et de la Fugue. Paris, Troupenas, n.d. (1846), 2 parts in 1 vol., plate-no. E.T. et Cie 1760/ E.T. et Cie (2), revised and enlarged edition, (2),III,(1),160; 161p., entirely lithographed, contemp. giltlettered hcalf, sm. folio.

- Title-p. and final leaf sl. foxed; lacks first free endpaper. Corners worn; backstrip chafed.

= The best edition. "(...) eine Arbeit voller Pädagogische Vorzüge, aber tief reaktionär; sie stells als unüberbietbare Muster die Vokalpolyphonie des 16. Jh. oder die Intr.-Musik J.S. Bachs auf, ohne sich die Mühe zu machen auch nur die geringste Modernisierung einzuführen." (Blume, vol.4, p.134).

€ (70-90)
75 1802 Florio P G 75 1802 Florio P G
75 1802 Florio P G 75 1802 Florio P G
75 1802 Florio P G 75 1802 Florio P G
75 1802 Florio P G 75 1802 Florio P G
75/1802 Florio, P.G. New & Complete Instructions for the German Flute, The Method of Double Tongueing, a Drawing, Scale and Description of a Flute with additional Keys; And an Elegant Selection of Favorite Songs, Minuets, Marches, Duetts &c. Edinb., J. Hamilton, n.d. (±1800), (2),32p., entirely engraved (a decorated title-p. by G. WALKER and scores), contemp. hcalf w. simple gilt spine, obl. 8vo.

- Upper joint splitting.

= Rare flute-method, written by one of the main Italian flutists of the 18th cent.

BOUND WITH 3 others similar, all entirely engraved, occas. sl. foxed (a few leaves sl. soiled/ stained): The German Flute. Made easy to every Capacity (...) (London, G. Walker, n.d. (±1815)); Goulding & Cos. German Flute Tutor (...) (London, Mess.rs Goulding, n.d. (±1815), fold. engr. leaf) and The Fife Major. Containing complete Instructions on a New & easy principle for the Fife (...) (ibid., idem, n.d. (±1815).

= Rare collection of flute methods. No copies traced in the market. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LVIII.

€ (250-350) 250
75 1803 Flute music  Large collection of sheetmusic 75 1803 Flute music Large collection of sheetmusic
75/1803 [Flute music]. Large collection of sheetmusic, mostly etudes and arrangements for flute with other instruments, approx. 190 vols. (partly in parts), mainly 1880-1970, a few ±1850-1870, and also incl. modern editions of 16th-18th cent. music and , in orig. wr./ modern hcl./ without binding, almost all folio.

- Incl. worn/ dam. and disbound copies.

= Contains apart from quite a few etudes and flute methods (partly used and worn), i.a. the following works: P. HORR, Premier Potpourri tiré de l'Opera Oberon (Frankf. a.M., F.P. Dunst, (±1830), plate-no. 78); W.A. MOZART, Concerto No.2 in D. Major (...) K.V. 314. Adapt. for flute and piano (London, Rudall Carte & Co., ±1953, 2 vols., contemp. unif. hcl.); M. MOYSE, Enseignement Complet de la Flûte (Paris, A. Leduc, n.d. (±1930?), 10 vols. of the series); 4 vols. from the series Armonia Strumentale (no.1, 4, 8 and 11); several works by J. DEMERSSEMAN, G. BRICCIALDI (i.a. Caprice sur l'Air de basse de l'Opéra Ernani de Verdi (Mainz, B. Schott, plate no. 8341, ±1845. Piano part only) and I due Fanciulli. Serenade Duos pour 2 flûtes avec (...) Piano (ibid., idem, plate no. 22219, ±1855)), E. WALCKIERS (i.a. Fra Diavolo. Musique de D.F.S. Auber (Mainz/ Antw., fils de B. Schott, (±1830), plate no. 3341) and Airs choisies des Opéras Les Huguenots, La Juive, l'Eclair, le Cheval de Bronze (Brussels, L. Lahou, (±1860), 2 vols., plate no. L.398 and L.415; flute parts only)) and T. SICARD (Fantaisie (...) sur des Mélodies Originales (Paris, Benoit ainé, (±1860), plate no. 1326)

€ (300-500)
75 1804 Fürstenau A B 75 1804 Fürstenau A B
75/1804 Fürstenau, A.B. Flöten-Schule. Op.42. Leipsic, Breitkopf & Härtel, n.d. (±1826), plate-no. 4373 and 4374, 55p., lithogr. title-p. and 3 lithogr. ills. on 2 plates, letterpress text and lithogr. score, sl. later hcalf, large 4to.

- First and final 6 leaves w. waterstain; 2 leaves repaired blank lower/ outer margin (not affecting scores); a few scattered owner's stamps ("EMS") in upper margin.

= Rare, no copy traced. Blume, Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, vol.4, p.1093ff.: "(...) einer der bedeutesten Fl. Spieler seiner Zeit (...). Er war einer der letzten in der Reihe der großen reisenden Fl.-Virtuosen."

Kummer, K. Škola dlya Fleyty (Flute Method). Op.106. Moscow, A. Gutheil, n.d. (±1860), new edition, plate-no. A.2155G., 67,(1)p., lithogr. score, Russian, German and French text, modern giltlettered cl., 4to.

- First two leaves partly waterstained; occas. sl. foxed.

€ (80-100) 80
75 1805 Fürstenau A B 75 1805 Fürstenau A B
75/1805 Fürstenau, A.B. Variations pour la Flûte avec Accompagnement de Pianoforte. Oeuvre 26. Hannover, C. Bachmann, n.d. (±1830), 2 vols., plate-no. 62, 7,(1); 6,(1)p., engr. title-p. and scores, contemp. unif. boards, obl. 4to/ 4to (sl. foxed). - AND 4 other early editions in 9 vols. by the same, i.a. Tribut aux Amateurs. Adagio et Rondino sur un Thême original pour la Flûte avec accompagnement d'Orchestre ou de Piano-Forte. Oeuvre 103 (ibid., A. Nagel, ±1850, 2 vols., plate-no. 686, engr. scores, in parts as issued, sm. folio) and Concertino pour deux Flûtes principales avec accompagnement d'Orchestre ou Pianoforte (Leipsic, Breitkopf & Härtel, ±1830, 3 vols., plate-no. 4363, engr. title-p. and scores, in parts as issued, folio).
€ (50-70) 50