1726 - 1923     (SHEET)MUSIC (including AUTOGRAPHS and MANUSCRIPTS)

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75 1906 Starter J J 75 1906 Starter J J
75 1906 Starter J J 75 1906 Starter J J
75 1906 Starter J J 75 1906 Starter J J
75/1906 Starter, J.J. Friesche Lust-Hof, Beplant met verscheyde stichtelyke Minne-Liedekens, gedichten, ende Boertige Kluchten. Amst., H. Gerritsz, 1624, 3rd rev. ed., 2 parts in 1 vol., (14),206; (40)p., engr. frontisp., portr., 1 plate and 10 ills. (mainly by J. V.D. VELDE), scores, contemp. vellum, obl. sm. 4to.

- First 4 lvs. (incl. title-p., frontisp. and portrait) restored (occas. w. loss of image), doubled and washed. Othrerwise a fine copy.

= Very rare, with nice engravings interesting both for the costumes and manners of the period. For the music to his poems, Starter made use of old English tunes. Kleerkooper II, 1 and 3; Scheurleer p.147. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXV.

€ (400-600) 900
75 1907 Steibelt D 75 1907 Steibelt D
75/1907 Steibelt, D. Air Russe (Pomniš li serdečnoi drug). Varié pour le Pianoforte avec accompagnement d'un Violon ad libit. St. Petersburg, Paez/ Moscow, Lehnhold, n.d., no plate-no., 11,(1)p., engr. title-p. and score, folio.

- Piano part only. Fine. = Not traced in RISM, but cf. S 5272 (ed. Peters, possibly the same work?).

AND 3 others by the same: Pot Pourri d'airs connus et autres pour le Forte-Piano ou le Clavecin./ Deuxième Pot-Pourri d'airs connus (...)/ Troisième Pot-Pourri ou Caprice pour le Clavecin ou le Forte Piano (Paris, Boyer/ Le Menu, ±1790 (first 2 vols.) and Paris, H. Naderman, ±1790, 3 vols., plate-no. 249 (1st vol.)/ no plate-no., engr. title-p. and scores, folio).

- All vols. fine. = All vols. warranted by the publisher. RISM S 5507, S 5511 and S 5516.

€ (150-250) 160
75 1908 Steibelt D 75 1908 Steibelt D
75/1908 Steibelt, D. Sonate pour le Piano Forte. Oeuvre 60. Leipsic, Breitkopf et Härtel, n.d. (±1805), plate-no. 276, 29,(1)p., engr. title-p. and score, orig. wr., folio.

- Title-p. duststained and w. 2 large inkstains, also sl. affecting the first page. Spine worn.

= RISM S 5102.

Cramer, J.B. Sonate pour le Clavecin ou Pianoforte. Oeuvre 5. Vienna, J. Cappi, n.d. (±1815), plate-no.1201, engr. title-p. and score, obl. 4to.

- Trifle foxed; 19th cent. owner's entry on title-p. ("Adolfo Pamb[...]").

AND 3 others, i.a. J.P. PIXIS, Variations pour le Piano-Forte sur un thême favori du Ballet Oberon (Florence, G. Lorenzi, n.d. (1823), plate no. 851, lithographed title and score, obl. 4to. Sl. foxed and sl. waterstained) and F. PÄR, Overtura dell' Opera: Camilla per il Pianoforte (Vienna, G. Cappi, n.d. (before ±1830), plate-no. 1316, engr. score, obl. 4to. Section from a larger edition (pagination runs from 289-294)).

€ (80-100) 80
75 1909 Steibelt D 75 1909 Steibelt D
75/1909 Steibelt, D. Three Sonatas for the Piano Forte with an Accompaniment for a Viola ad libitum. Op.37. London, Goulding, Phipps & D'Almaine, n.d., no plate-no., 2 vols., 31,(1); 11,(1)p., 2 engr. title-p. w. decorated borders and scores, folio.

- Title-p. of violin part loose, otherwise fine. = RISM S 5016. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXV.

€ (70-90) 70
75 1910 Taillart l'Ainé P E 75 1910 Taillart l'Ainé P E
75 1910 Taillart l'Ainé P E 75 1910 Taillart l'Ainé P E
75 1910 Taillart l'Ainé P E 75 1910 Taillart l'Ainé P E
75/1910 Taillart l'Ainé, P.E. Ier, IIe, IIIe, IVe, Ve, VIe Receuil de pieces Françoises, et Italienes, Petits Airs, Brunettes, Menuets, &c. Avec des Doubles, et Variations, accomodés Pour deux Flutes Traversieres, Violons, Pardessus de Viole &c. Paris, Taillart l'Ainé, n.d. (±1770), 6 parts in 1 vol., entirely engraved scores, contemp. green vellum w. red mor. letterpiece on frontcover and backstrip, obl. 8vo.

- Contents fine. Binding a few worn/ dented spots along fore-edge margin; some stains on frontcover; spine-ends sl. worn/ chipped.

= Rare collection. RISM T 53 and B II p.331 (only smaller collections); cf. Vester R 98ff. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXVI.

Idem. VIIIe receuil de pièces Françoises et Italienes (...). Ibid., idem, n.d. (±1770), (2),70,(2)p., entirely engraved, contemp. simple plain wr., obl. 8vo.

- Contents. Binding worn/ rubbed. = Cf. Vester R 98.

€ (700-900)
75 1911 Tartini G 75 1911 Tartini G
75/1911 Tartini, G. Douze Sonates pour le violon. Paris, Imprimerie du Conservatoire de Musique, n.d. (±1810), plate-no. 137, 2 vols. w. continuous pagination, 55p., engr. score, folio.

- Second vol. disbound and partly printed upside down; title-p. of second part (water)stained.

= RISM T 247.

€ (70-90) 70
75 1912 Tartini G 75 1912 Tartini G
75 1912 Tartini G 75 1912 Tartini G
75/1912 Tartini, G. Sonate a violino e basso. Opera Seconda. Rome, A. Cleton, (1745), (4),63,(1)p., engr. title-p. and score, modern green morocco w. giltlettered brown oval inlaid mor. letterpiece on frontcover and gilt spine, slipcase, obl. folio.

- Occas. trifle fingersoiled in lower outer corner; upper outer blank corner of final 8 leaves professionally restored. Backstrip sunned. A fine copy.


€ (1.000-1.500)
75 1913 Tulou J L 75 1913 Tulou J L
75/1913 Tulou, J.L. Three Grand Duets, concertante. London, Goulding, D'Almaine, Potter & Co., n.d. (before 1823), 2 vols., no plate-no., 2 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, folio.

- Flauto secondo part sl. waterstained in top margin.

Idem. Rossini's March, in the Opera of Mose in Egitto. Arranged for Two Flutes & Piano forte. Ibid., R. Cocks & Co., n.d. (±1827), 3 vols., plate-no. 493, (2),8; 3,(1); 3,(1)p., 3 engr. title-p., engr. scores, folio (fine). - AND 10 others by the same in 15 parts, partly later editions and partly incomplete/ dam./ waterstained, i.a. 24 Duos pour Deux Flutes (Paris, Schonenberger, n.d., 2 parts, plate-no. S.2144, lithogr. score, later plain wr., folio. First title-p. sl. waterstained).

€ (80-100) 80
75 1914 Vento M 75 1914 Vento M
75/1914 Vento, M. Sixth Book of Lessons for the Harpsichord with an accompanyment for a Flute or Violin. London, Longman and Broderip, n.d. (before 1798), no plate-no., 31,(1)p., engr. title-p. and score, folio.

- Combined flute and harpsichord score (it is not clear if the flute part was separately printed). Title-p./ first leaf and final leaf loose(ning); closed hole in title-p.

= Rare. Mattia Vento (1735-1776), of Italian descent, left his native Italy in 1763 for London, where he was especially appreciated for his operas. Cf. Vester V 86.

ADDED: the violoncello parts only of J. HAYDN, Collection complette des Sonates de Piano. Adaptation for Piano, violin and violoncello (Paris, Pleyel, ±1810(?), 4 vols., plate letters: C, D, F, G. H, I, N, P, contemp. unif. marbled wr., sm. folio).

€ (150-250) 150
75 1915 Verdi G 75 1915 Verdi G
75/1915 Verdi, G. Attila. Ridotta per flauto e piano forte da G. Daelli. Milan, F. Lucca, n.d. (±1860), 2 vols., plate-no. m5936m - m5947m, (2),37,(1); (2),85,(1)p., engr. title, scores and orig. wr., folio.

- Sl. foxed. Spines worn; wr. sl. frayed and sl. foxed; backwr. of flute part dam.

Boehm, Th. 3 Duos pour deux flûtes avec Acc.t de Piano tirés des oeuvres de F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. Op.33, no.1 and 3. Paris, S. Richault, n.d. (±1860?), 6 (of 8) parts in 2 (of 3) vols., plate-no. 8489 R. and 8491 R., 2 ident. engr. titles, engr. scores and title-p., folio.

- Lacks the second duo.

Weber, C.M. Ouverture zu dem Schauspiele Preciosa. Für drei Flöten oder Zwei Flöten u. Violine eingerichtet von C. Berens. Copenhagen, C.C. Lose (pasted over Hamburg, Aug. Cranz), n.d. (±1825), 3 parts in 1 vol., no plate-no., 4; 3,(1); 3,(1)p., engr. title-p. and scores, folio.

- Title-p. and final p. sl. soiled; title-p. sl. dam./ fayed.

Berens, C. Potpourri pour la Flûte d'après des Thêmes favoris de l'Opéra: Gustave où le Bal masqué. Opus 42. Hamb., A. Cranz, n.d. (±1835), no plate-no., 11,(1)p. engr. title-p. and score, folio.

- Trifle duststained along margins of title.

AND ±17 others similar in 35 vols., mainly before 1860, i.a. by C. BERENS (3x), F. DOPPLER, J. FAHRBACH (3x), L. HUGUES, K. KÖHLER and J. KÜFFNER (2x) and incl. F.R. GEBAUER, Six duos progressifs & dialogués pour deux Clarinettes (Bonn/ Cologne, N. Simrock, n.d. (±1818), plate-no. 1476, engr. title-p. and score, loose in parts as issued, folio)).

€ (150-250)
75 1916 Vern A 75 1916 Vern A
75/1916 Vern, A. Trois Grands Duos Concertans Pour deux Flûtes. Oeuvre IX. Paris, Janet et Cotelle, n.d. (±1818), 2 vols., plate no. 1006, (2),31,(1); 31,(1)p., 2 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, folio.

- Final leaf of Fl1 loose; both vols. occas. sl. fingersoiled in lower outer corner.

Idem. Trois Grands Duos Concertans Pour deux Flûtes. Oeuvre X. Ibid., idem, n.d. (±1818), 2 vols., plate no. 1022, (2),47,(1); (2),45,(1)p., 2 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, folio.

- A few leaves loose(ning) in Fl2 part.

€ (70-90)
75 1917 Villoteau G A 75 1917 Villoteau G A
75/1917 Villoteau, G.A. Abhandlung Uber Die Musik Des Alten Aegyptens. Aus dem großen französischen Prachtwerke: Description de l'Egypte (...). Leipsic, Breitkopf und Härtel, 1821, (2),190p., later hcl.

- Foxed copy. = Rare.

€ (70-90)
75 1918 Viotta H 75 1918 Viotta H
75/1918 Viotta, H. Handboek der Muziekgeschiedenis. Haarlem, H.D. Tjeenk Willink & Zoon, 1916, 2 vols., VIII,424; VIII,464p., 2 frontisp. portraits, num. ills., musical scores, bound by E.P. VAN BOMMEL in unif. richly gilt burgundy calf, a.e.g., 4to.

- Two bookplates on upper pastedown (i.a. of J.A. Alsbach). Both vols. backstrip sl. dried and sl. rubbed along joints, at spine-ends and along outer margin.

= No other copy found in a full calf binding.

€ (100-150) 100
75 1919 Wagner R 75 1919 Wagner R
75/1919 Wagner, R. Der fliegende Holländer. Vollständiger Clavierauszug. Piano adapt. by A. Röckel. Dresden, C.F. Meser (Hermann Müller), n.d. (±1860), plate-no. 275, 274p., entirely lithographed, contemp. gilt hmor., sm. folio.

- Sl. foxed almost throughout.

= Probably a title-edition of the first edition of this adaptation (which was published in 1844).

€ (60-80) 60
75 1920 Wagner R 75 1920 Wagner R
75 1920 Wagner R 75 1920 Wagner R
75/1920 Wagner, R. Tristan und Isolde. Munich, Drie Masken Verlag, 1923, 354 facsimile pages, printed in 530 numb. copies (90), orig. purple gilt mor., t.e.g., sm. folio.

- Sl. rubbed along extremities. Otherwise fine.

= One of 90 Roman numb. deluxe copies bound in full gilt morocco.

€ (300-500) 300
75 1921 Weigl J 75 1921 Weigl J
75/1921 Weigl, J. Overtura Per il Clavicembalo dell'Opera La Principessa d'Almalfi. Vienna, Artaria & Comp., n.d. (±1795), plate-nos. 134-140, 7 parts in 1 vol., engr. score, modern boards, obl. 4to.

- Fine copy (first title sl. dustsoiled); with address slip of the printer "Giuseppe Benzon" laid down on title-p.

= Also contains the following arias, duets etc. from the same opera: "A me a me credete"; "Senza Speranza"; "Forse abastanza"; "Duetto La Cagion del vostro afanno"; "In qual barbaro amento" and "Rondo Del Mio Cor l'acerba pena".

€ (150-250) 150
75 1922 Woelfl J 75 1922 Woelfl J
75/1922 Woelfl, J. Trois Sonates pour le Piano-Forte avec accompagnement de Violon et Violoncelle. Oeuvre 25. Leipsic, Brietkopf & Härtel, n.d., 3 parts (Pf, Vl and Vc) in 1 vol., all w. plate no.184, 36; 8; 6p., engr. title and scores, modern marbled boards, sm. folio.

- Yellowed/ browned throughout; scribbling in blue pencil in upper outer corner of title-p.; title-p. w. restored chip in outer blank margin.

= Joseph Johann Baptist Woelfl (1773-1812), Austrian pianist and composer, student of Leopold Mozart and Michael Haydn. One time famous pianist with a legendary fingerspan and rival of Beethoven, he lived in Vienna (where he met Mozart), Paris and finally in London, where had his biggest commercial success as a pianist.

€ (100-150) 160
75 1923 Wragg J 75 1923 Wragg J
75/1923 Wragg, J. Improved Flute Preceptor, or the whole Art of playing the German Flute (...) To which are added, A Set of Progressive Lessons (...). London, Clementi, Collard and Collard, n.d. (±1800), 17th ed., (4),73p., entirely engraved text and scores, contemp. hcalf, sm. folio.

- Title-p. and a few pages towards the end sl. stained. Frontcover loose; backstrip worn.

= RISM W1957 (18th ed.).

AND 1 other: H. SOUSSMANN, Grosse Practische Flötenschule. Vollständige Ausgabe in einem Bande/ Complete Practical Method for the Flute. Ed. W. Popp (Bremen/ New York, n.d. (±1920), scores, contemp. hcl., folio. Bookplate on title-p. and frontcover; cloth over backstrip sl. loose).

€ (40-60) 40
75/2469 Alba amicorum  Album amicorum of M VON SCHMID 75/2469 Alba amicorum Album amicorum of M VON SCHMID
75/2469 [Alba amicorum]. Album amicorum of M. VON SCHMID, partly Rinteln, Arnhem, Groningen, 1787-1791, (71) lvs. (incl. 30 blank), comprising 35 contributions, contemp. richly gilt mottled calf, richly gilt spine w. mor. letterpiece, a.e.g., sm. obl. 8vo.

- Several lvs. appear to have been cut out for unknown reasons.

= One leaf w. attached embroidered piece. I.a. contributions by C. Siccama-Eytelwein, Liselotte Eytelwein, E.A.J. van Heeckeren, Carolien Krafft, wife of general August Heinrich von Sommerlatten.

€ (200-300) 600
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