1726 - 1923     (SHEET)MUSIC (including AUTOGRAPHS and MANUSCRIPTS)

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75 1866 Onslow G 75 1866 Onslow G
75/1866 Onslow, G. Quintetto pour deux Violons, Alto, Violoncelle et Contre-basse. Op.32. Milan/ Florence, J. Ricordi, n.d. (±1828), plate-no. 3516, 5 parts in 1 vol., engr. title-p. and score, modern hcl., folio.

- Title-p. foxed.

Idem. Trio pour Pianoforte, Violon & Violoncello. Leipsic, Breitkopf & Härtel, n.d. (±1830), plate no. 3963, 3 parts in 1 vol., engr. scores, modern boards, 4to.

- Foxed copy.; owner's annot. and libr. stamps on title-p.

AND 4 (disbound and occas. frayed/ sl. dam.) quartets by L. SPOHR in early editions, i.a. Quatuor brillant (Berlin, Schlesinger, n.d. (±1828), plate no. 1535, engr. score, orig. wr., folio. Wrappers dustsoiled, loose and sl. dam.).

€ (70-90)
75 1867 Oswald J 75 1867 Oswald J
75/1867 Oswald, J. The Caledonian Pocket Companion Containing Fifty of the most favourite Scotch Tunes several of them with Variations, all set for the German Flute. London, J. Simpson, n.d. (±1745), 7 parts in 1 vol. (incl. the alphabetical index), text and score entirely engraved, modern calf.

- Index pages sl. waterstained in lower margin.

= Rich collection of Scottish songs. RISM O256. No copy traced on the market.

€ (200-300)
75 1868 Paer F 75 1868 Paer F
75/1868 Paer, F. Ouverture de l'Opera Sargino arrangé en Quintett pour Flute, 2 Violons, Viola & Basse. N.pl., n.publ., n.d. (orig. publisher illegible due to superimposed address of C.C. Lose, Copenhagen, ±1805), 5 vols., no plate-no., engr. title-p. and scores, loose in parts as issued, folio.

- Unidentified contemp. owner's entry on title-p.; title-p. sl. soiled.

AND 2 others: G. ROSSINI, (Semiramide). Piano and flute or violin adapt. by? ((Paris), M. Schlesinger, (±1825), 2 parts in 1 vol., plate M.S. 146 and M.S. 549, 127,(1); 38p., engr. scores, contemp. hcalf, folio. Without title-p.; binding worn along extremities) and a volume in hcloth, folio, containing 7 works for flute solo, i.a. C. COTTIGNIES, Six Fantaisies poure Flûte seule sur des Motifs favoris de Auber, Herold, Rossini (Paris, E. Troupenas, (±1820), engr. score), P.H. CAMUS, Vingt-quatre Sérénades composées d'Airs Nationaux (Paris, Carvin, (±1815), engr. score) and 3 works by L. CONINX.

€ (80-100)
75 1869 Paganini N  Guhr C 75 1869 Paganini N Guhr C
75/1869 [Paganini, N.]. Guhr, C. Ueber Paganini's Kunst die Violine zu spielen, ein Anhang zu jeder bis jetzt erschienenen Violinschule, nebst einer Abhandlung über das Flageoletspiel in einfachen und Doppeltönen, den Heroen der Violine Rode, Kreuzter, Baillot, Spohr. Mainz/ Paris/ Antw., B. Schott's Söhnen, n.d. (1829), plate no. 3194, (4),69,(1)p., lithographed frontisp. portrait of Paganini, text, and scores, modern gilt hcalf, folio.

- Damp-/ waterstained throughout.

= Very rare work by this admirer of Paganini. Guhr was a violinist who, by virtue of his sharp musical memory, was able to write down Paganini's compositions after he had played them at concerts and before they had been published. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXIII.

€ (70-90) 425
75 1870 Paisiello G 75 1870 Paisiello G
75/1870 Paisiello, G. La Molinara. Opera par Paesiello mise en Quatuors pour La Flute Traversiere, Violino, Alto et Violoncelle par Mr. Ehrenfried. Mainz, Schott, n.d. (1796), plate-no. 86, 4 vols., 4 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, 4to.

- All title-p. w. annot. in (erasable) pencil and w. numb. "16" in blue pencil (1x in pen and ink on sm. mounted ticket). Fine set.

= RISM P 122; Vester P 22. Mus.Schott.Ha 225 (online).

€ (80-100) 160
75 1871 Paisiello G 75 1871 Paisiello G
75/1871 Paisiello, G. Ouverture und favorit Arien aus der Oper La Molinara. (die Müllerin). Piano adapt. by C.G. Neefe. Bonn, (N. Simrock), n.d. (±1796), plate-no.13, 54,(1)p. (incl. wr.), engr. scores, obl. 4to.

- Fine copy.

= RISM P125. Very early Simrock edition. The final unnumb. page contains a publisher's catalogue. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXIV.

€ (100-150) 180
75 1872 Panerai V  75 1872 Panerai V
75/1872 (Panerai, V.). Principj di musica Nei quali oltre le antiche, e solite Regole vi sono aggiunte altre figure di Note, schiarimento di chiavi, scale dei Tuoni, Lettura alla Francese, Scale semplici delle Prime Regole. Venice, A. Zatta e Figli, n.d. (±1790), 10p., entirely engraved, 4to.

- Recto and verso of first leaf stained/ foxed; loose(ning).

= RISM B-VI,2 (Écrits imprimés concernant la musique), p.634. Rare.

€ (100-150) 100
75/1873 Pianos  Gedenkschrift zum 125 jährigen Bestehen der Pianoforte Fabrik Ernst Rosenkranz Dresden 1797 10 Juli 1922 75/1873 Pianos Gedenkschrift zum 125 jährigen Bestehen der Pianoforte Fabrik Ernst Rosenkranz Dresden 1797 10 Juli 1922
75/1873 [Pianos]. Gedenkschrift zum 125 jährigen Bestehen der Pianoforte-Fabrik Ernst Rosenkranz Dresden. 1797 10 Juli 1922. N.pl., n.publ., n.d. (Dresden, E. Rosenkranz, 1922), 32p., tipped-in plates, orig. cord-bound wr., 4to (fine). - AND 5 others: BECHSTEIN-CHRONIK 1925. Ausschnitt aus der Geschichte des Hauses Bechstein (Berlin, (1926), tipped-in plates, ills., orig. (sl. foxed) wr., (sl. worn) slipcase) and 4 publications by GEBRS. RIJKEN & DE LANGE, Pianofabrikanten te Rotterdam (±1880-1950. One vol. wr. dam.).
€ (40-60) 40
75 1874 Picchianti L 75 1874 Picchianti L
75/1874 Picchianti, L. Regole elementari Per imparar Suonare la Chitarra Francese Ad uso dei Principianti.. Florence, G.G. Chiari, n.d. (±1830), 2 parts in 1 vol., no plate-no., (2),6; 4p., entirely engraved, musical examples.

- Vague and illegible stamp and number in pen and ink on title-p. = Rare.

Gragnani, P. Tre duetti per Violino, e Chitarra. Milan, G. Ricordi, n.d. (±1810), 2 vols., (2),8; 8p., plate-no. 93, engr. title-p. and scores, loose in 2 parts as issued, obl. 8vo.

- Both parts disbound, but complete; some stains on title-p.; title-p. cut sl. short (not affecting engraving).

= Rare.

Koehler, H. Recueil de petites pièces agréables et progressives pour la Flûte et Guitare. Oeuvre 114. Leipsic, Breitkopf & Härtel, n.d. (±1817), plate-no. 2563, 15,(1)p., engr. title-p. and score, sm. folio.

- Title-p. sl. browned along outer margins.

AND one other: C. DICKHUT, Sérénade pour Guitarre, Flûte et Cor ou Alto. Oeuvre 3/ Oeuvre 4/ Oeuvre 6 (Mainz, B. Schott fils/ Cologne, Eck & Co./ Mannheim, C.F. Haeckel, ±1820, 4 works (one unidentified) in 2 vols., each w. 3 (of 4) parts in 2 vols., entirely engr., contemp. unif. marbled boards, folio. Lacks the guitar part to all works).

€ (80-100) 140
75 1875 Pijper W 75 1875 Pijper W
75/1875 Pijper, W. De quintencirkel. Opstellen over muziek. Amst., Em. Querido, 1929, 1st ed., 158,(2)p., orig. cl.

- Free endpapers browned as usual. Otherwise a very fine copy.

= With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION to "Pieter Tiggers 7 Maart 1930".

Idem. Concerto per Pianoforte e Orchestra (1927). Full score. London, O.U.P., 1931, (2),60,(2)p., printed full-score, contemp. hcl., folio.

= With owner's entry of the conductor and composer "Kor Kuiler 1932" on first prel. page.

AND 1 other by the same: De stemvork (ibid., idem, 1930, 1st ed., orig. cl. Fine).

€ (30-50)
75 1876 Pleyel I 75 1876 Pleyel I
75/1876 Pleyel, I. Six Duos Pour Deux Violons. 6e Oeuvre de Duo. 2 Livraison. Paris, Pleyel (pasted over w. publisher's ticket of Guenin), n.d. (±1796), 2 vols., plate-no. 175, (2),14-25,(1); 14-25,(1)p., engr. title and scores, contemp. unif. boards w. manuscript title-piece on frontcovers, folio.

- Both vols. foxed; first vol. final page browned spot in upper margin; second vol. first page browned spot from glue on mounted blank paper ticket laid down on recto.

= Duo IV-VI. RISM P 4158.

Idem. Six Duos Dialogués Pour deux Violons. Oeuvre XIIIe. Ibid., idem (pasted over w. publisher's ticket of B. Longuet (Nismes)), n.d. (±1796), 2 vols., plate-no. 197, (2),17,(1); 17,(1)p., engr. title-p. and scores, contemp. boards w. manuscript title-piece on frontcovers, folio.

- First vol. trifle foxed; second vol. brown stains in margin. Spines and corners sl. worn.

AND 3 other duos for 2 violins (or flute) by the same: Trois Duos concertans (Paris, Sieber, early 19th cent., 2 vols., plate-no. 1399, engr. title-p. and scores, folio. Second vol. incomplete); Six Duos (Mainz, Schott (pasted over w. ticket of A. Kuntze (Amst.)), n.d. (±1792), 2 vols., plate-no. 113, engr. title-p. and scores, contemp. boards w. manuscr. paper title-p., folio. Four pages in first vol. replaced by sl. smaller engr. pages from a later ed.) and Six Duos. Op.13 (London, Longman and Broderip, early 19th cent., no plate-no., 1 vol. (of 2), engr. title and score, folio. Lacks 2nd part; Vester P 538a).

€ (150-250) 150
75 1877 Pleyel I 75 1877 Pleyel I
75/1877 Pleyel, I. Six Duos pour Deux Violons. Paris, Pleyel, n.d. (±1830), plate-no. 2614, 2 vols., 24; 24p., engr. scores, orig. wr., folio.

- Both vols. waterstained in outer margin.

Spohr, L. Trois grands duos Concertans Pour deux Violons. Oeuvre 39. Paris, Richault, n.d. (±1820), plate-no. 604.R., 2 vols., (2),29,(1); 29,(1)p., lithogr. score, orig. wr., folio.

- Title frayed/ sl. dam. in left margin and sl. foxed.

Gluck, W. von. Ouverture Detachée d'Iphigénie Arrangée pour le Clavecin ou le Piano Forte avec l'Accompagnement d'un Violon. Berlin etc., J.J. Hummel, n.d., plate-no. 445, 2 parts in 1 vol., 7,(1); 3,(1)p., engr. scores, orig. wr., sm. folio.

AND 4 others, i.a. L. LAHOU, Duo concertant composé sur des motifs de l'Opéra Le Postillon de Lonjumeau par Henri Hrz et C.P. Lafont. Arrangé pour Flute et Piano (Brussels, Lahou, plate-no. L.540, lithogr. score, orig. wr., folio. Fine).

€ (100-150)
75 1878 Pleyel I 75 1878 Pleyel I
75/1878 Pleyel, I. Three Quartetts. London, Broderip & Wilkinson, n.d. (±1787-1790), no plate-no., 4 vols. containing 9 (of 12) string quartets in 3 parts ("Pleyels's Quartetts (K of P) No. 1" and "- No.2" (one part without no.)), engr. scores, contemp. unif. giltlettered hcalf, folio. - BOUND WITH: Idem. Six Quartetts for Two Violins, a Tenor and Violoncello. Ibid., idem, n.d., no plate-no., 5 sets of 6 quartets (opus 1, opus 2, opus 3, opus 6 and "7th sett"[= opus 7]), engr. scores. - AND BOUND WITH: Idem. Three Quartets for a Flute, Violin, Tenor & Violoncello. Opus 17. Ibid., idem, n.d., no plate-no, (flute quartets no. 4-6), 1 part w. 3 flute quartets, engr. scores.

- Occas. sl. foxed. Spines and corners chafed and worn/ rubbed; one spine-end dam.

= RISM P 3120, P 3142 (both with imprint "Longman & Broderip"), P 3157, P 3169, P 3206 (but with imprint "Longman & Broderip"), P 3302 (but with imprint "Longman & Broderip") and P 3403/ 3407. Vester P 582 (also w. imprint Longman & Broderip). Rare.

€ (250-350) 250
75/1879 Popular music  Lot of ±45 pieces of sheetmusic 75/1879 Popular music Lot of ±45 pieces of sheetmusic
75/1879 Popular music  Lot of ±45 pieces of sheetmusic 75/1879 Popular music Lot of ±45 pieces of sheetmusic
75/1879 [Popular music]. Lot of ±45 pieces of sheetmusic, songs and piano, first half 20th cent., bound in 2 plain hcl. bindings, folio.

- Occas. cut sl. short.

= Including a few w. nice lithogr. wr./ title-p., i.a. V. SCOTTO/ J. RODOR, Sous les Ponts de Paris; THIELEN-GALOPP, Op het Meer; J. GILBERT, G. OKONKOWSKI and J. FREUND, Die Kino-Königin; F. NAGEL, Lawn-tennis Marsch; L. FLEURON, Menschen en Boeken; M. VAN PLOEG, Le Défié du Régiment; A. HAAGMAN, Le Pioupiou Royal; T.H. POLMAN, Le rêve d'une Soldat; L. SIEDE, Sefira; A. MILLNER, H. KOTTOW and E. STEFFAN, Het Millliarden-Souper.

€ (40-60)
75 1880 Popular songs  Breuskine F 75 1880 Popular songs Breuskine F
75/1880 [Popular songs]. Breuskine, F. Sur les rives de l'Ohio. On the Banks of Ohio. Cake Walk. Polka Nègre. Paris, A. Durand & Fils, n.d. (±1890), (4)p., loose as issued, orig. dec. wr., 4to.

- Sl. (finger)soiled.

AND 10 others w. similar caricature illustrations of black people.

€ (50-70) 50
75/1881 Popular songs  Lot of ±25 popular Irish and English songs 75/1881 Popular songs Lot of ±25 popular Irish and English songs
75/1881 [Popular songs]. Lot of ±25 popular Irish and English songs, Dublin, ±1780-1800/ London, ±1800-1830, engr. title-p. and scores, almost all bound in contemp. hcalf (together with the harp part for 9 early 19th cent. pieces), 4to.

- Covers loose.

= I.a. ANONYMOUS, Dear native scenes (Dublin, Edmund Lee, ±1790); ANONYMOUS, Could I Each Fault Remember (ibid., Hime, ±1790); T. CARTER, O Nanny wilt thou fly with Me (ibid., idem, ±1790); Mr. HOOK, The Cottage that stands by the Sea (ibid., idem, ±1790); M. KELLY, Poor Henry (London, M. Kelly, (±1800)); J. HAYDN, A prey to tender anguish (London, Goudling and Co., ±1800); T. COOKE, Must I lose him? (London, Broderip & Wilkinson, ±1805); MISS ABRAMS, A Smile and a Tear (Dublin, Rhames's, ±1790); M. KELLY, Slave come home (London, Kelly, ±1800); IDEM, Love every former Pang requites (ibid., idem, ±1800); IDEM, In lowly Cot by Tagus side (ibid., idem, ±1800) and Dr. STEVENSON, Marian's Complaint (Dublin, Rhames's, ±1800). The lot includs 6 loose songs, mostly one or two engr. leaves, mostly waterstained in upper outer corner, i.a. A.[?] CORELLI, Bacchus assist us to sing thy great Glory (n.pl., n.publ., ±1800); Mr. BUTLER, A Love Song in the Modern Taste (n.pl., n.publ., ±1800); W. BOYCE, A Song in Solomon (n.d., n.publ., ±1800) and Dr. ARNOLD, When the Hollow Drum (London/ Preston, ±1805).

€ (100-150)
75/1882 Popular songs  Lot of ±50 French popular songs 75/1882 Popular songs Lot of ±50 French popular songs
75/1882 [Popular songs]. Lot of ±50 French popular songs, ±1840-1850, engr. / lithogr. title-p. and scores, loose as issued, 8vo/ sm. 4to.

= Also incl. a few manuscript transcriptions of French songs. Partly from periodicals such as Journal des Demoiselles, but also separately sold. Contains compositions after i.a. Daniel Auber, Fromental Halévy, Auguste Panseron, Loisa Puget, Joseph Vimeux, often with guitar accompaniment. Attractive collection, not only for the nice vignettes on many of the title-pages, but also for the songs that are now rarely performed, but which were very popular at the time.

€ (60-80) 80
75 1883 Popular songs  Lot of ±300 pieces 75 1883 Popular songs Lot of ±300 pieces
75/1883 [Popular songs]. Lot of ±300 pieces, ±1900-1940, songtexts in Dutch, English and German, mostly loose as issued in attractive orig. (col.) wr. by i.a. F. BAKKER, HERZIG, KRAMER, KUHN, W. SLUITER, J. SLUIJTERS and C. VOGES, published by i.a. Oscar Brandsterrer (Leipzig-Berlin), Wiener Boheme Verlag (Berlin), Vennootschap Muziek en Letteren (Amst.) and Scheltens & Giltay (Amst.).

- All sl. frayed/ dam.; some incomplete copies.

= Some names and titles: F. BAY, Toe... Snoepje; De lolly (orig. wr. by K. VAN SEBEN); H. BUSSE, Hot lips (orig. wr. by R. DE VALERIO); Turf in je Ransel. Nederlandsche parademarsch (orig. wr. by VALÉRY); J.P.J.H. CLINGE DOORENBOS, De zoen (orig. wr. by W. SLUITER) and D. WITTE, Het land van Noord-Scharwou (orig. wr. by J. SLUIJTERS).

€ (150-250) 150
75 1884 Prelleur P  75 1884 Prelleur P
75/1884 (Prelleur, P.). The Newest Method for Learners on the German Flute. As improv'd by the Greatest Masters of the Age. With A Collection of the finest Minuets, Rigadoons, and Opera Airs extant. London, at the Printing Office, n.d (±1730), (2),48p., entirely engraved, 1 fold. plate, without wr.

- Folding plate torn in two (reattached) halves and sl. frayed; title-p. gluestained in left margin.

= One of the 6 sections of P. Prelleur's The modern musick master, or, the universal musician (first publ. London, 1730). RISM B VI,2 p.667.

€ (150-250) 150
75 1885 Quentin l'Ainé B 75 1885 Quentin l'Ainé B
75/1885 Quentin l'Ainé, B. Sonates à Violon seul et pour la Flûte, avec la Basse-Continüe. Paris, the composer, Boivin and le Clerc, n.d. (1730)., no plate-no., 55,(1)p., score, contemp. green vellum, folio.

- A few scattered old library stamps, i.a. on title-p. (i.a. "Bibliothèque Imperiale"); sl. dogeared (partly with restorations in outer lower blank corner); upper hinge split (but holding well); one leaf with repaired tear. Corners worn; spine-ends bumped/ sl. worn.

= RISM Q41; Vester Q 765. With the composer's name ("Quentin lainé") in old hand in pen and ink below score on p.1. Bertin Quentin l'Ainé (1690-1767) was a bass violin player with Les Vingt-quatre Violons du Roi between 1720-1749. The final page contains the engraved "Privilege du Roi", dated 1730.

€ (250-350) 250