1726 - 1923     (SHEET)MUSIC (including AUTOGRAPHS and MANUSCRIPTS)

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75 1826 Hiller L A and Isaacson L M 75 1826 Hiller L A and Isaacson L M
75/1826 Hiller, L.A. and Isaacson, L.M. Experimental Music. Composition with an electronic computer. New York etc., McGraw-Hill, 1959, 197p., scores, orig. cl. w. (creased/ dam.) dustwr.

= Cross 567. With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION by L.A. Hiller to HENK BADINGS on first free endpaper (with his owner's entry and some scattered markings and underlining in ballpoint).

Moles, A.A. Les musiques expérimentales. Revue d'une tendance importante de la musique contemporaine. Paris etc., Cercle d'Art Contemporain, 1960, 166p., ills., scores, orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to.

= Cross 899. With owner's entry of HENK BADINGS on title-p. and first free endpaper.

Foerster, H. van and Beauchamp, J.W. (ed.). Music by Computers. New York etc., J. Wiley and Sons, 1969, XVIII,(2),139p., ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. - AND 5 others, i.a. E. KARKOSCHKA, Das Schriftbild der neuen Musik (Celle, 1966, loosely inserted fold. tables, ills., scores, orig. hcl., folio); W. KAEGI, Was ist elektronische Musik (Zürich, 1966, ills., orig. cl.) and A. DOUGLAS, The Electronic Musical Instrument Manual (London, 1957, 3rd ed., plates, ills., orig. cl.).

€ (70-90) 70
75 1827 Hoffmeister F A 75 1827 Hoffmeister F A
75/1827 Hoffmeister, F.A. Deux Quintetts pour la Flute, Violon, deux Taillies, & Violoncelle. Oeuvre XV. Livre I. Amst., J. Schmitt, n.d. (before 1791), 5 parts, no plate-no., engr. title-p. and scores, in parts as issued, folio.

- The first quintet only; engr. title-p. sl. darkened along margins and w. owner's entry in margin.

= RISM H 5912 (also only the first quintet); Vester H 1047.

Idem. Six Duetts, for German-Flutes. London, Preston & Son, n.d. (±1797), 2 vols., no plate-no., (2),13,(1); (2),13,(1)p., 2 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, in parts as issued, folio

- Sm. stain on title-p. of Fl1. = RISM H 6005.

Idem. Six Solos for the German Flute. Ibid., Goulding, D'Alaine, Potter & Co., n.d. (±1820), no plate-no., (2),27,(1)p., engr. title-p. and score, folio.

- Title-p. loose. Frontwr. sl. frayed and trifle duststained.

Idem. Six Duetts for Two Flutes. Op.8. Ibid., Monzani & Co., n.d., 2 vols., (2),12; 12p., no plate-no., 2 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, modern giltlettered cl., folio.

- Title-p. foxed along extremities and with owner's stamp in top margin; waterstained in inner margin.

€ (200-300) 200
75 1828 Hoffmeister F A 75 1828 Hoffmeister F A
75/1828 Hoffmeister, F.A. Trois trios à flute, violon & Violoncelle. Oeuvre III. Berlin, J.J. Hummel, n.d. (1786-1787), plate-no. 623, 3 vols., 10; 10; 7p., engr. scores, without wr., folio.

- Occas. trifle soiled/ foxed. = The third trio only. RISM H5985 (also the third trio only); Vester H 982.

Payne, J. Solos for the German Flute. Selected from the most eminent Authors (...). London, W. Milhouse, n.d., 2 vols., without plate no., 5; 5p., engr. scores, without wr., folio.

= Rare (no reference to J. Payne traced).

Berbiguier, T. Trois Sonates pour la Flûte avec accompagnement de Violoncelle. Leipsic, Breitkopf & Härtel, n.d. (±1815), plate-no. 2441, 2 vols., 20; 8p., lithogr. scores, without wr., folio.

- Title-p. sl. duststained. = Publisher's address pasted over with address of "L. Lassen in Copenhagen".

Idem. Trois nouvelles sonates pour Flûte avec Accompt. de Basse (ad libitum). Paris, Janet et Cotelle, n.d. (early 19th cent.), plate-no. 30, 46p., engr. score, later manuscript wr., folio.

- Contents and wr. sl. mouldy. Wrappers dam.

AND 2 others in 3 vols., i.a. W. KLINGENBRUNER, Trois Fantaisies ou Exercises pour une Flûte traversiere. Ouv. 4, Liv.I and Liv, II (Vienna, Imprimerie chimique I.R., n.d. (±1810), engr. scores, without wr., folio).

€ (100-150) 100
75 1829 Hugot A 75 1829 Hugot A
75/1829 Hugot, A. Trois Duos, concertans, Pour deux Flûtes. Part 1 and 2. London, C. Wheatstone, n.d. (±1810?), 2 parts in 4 vols. containing in total 6 duets, no plate-no., 4 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, folio (very fine).

= Each part contains 3 duets, numb. 1-3 and 4-6. Vester H 1227.

Gebauer, E. Six Duos Brillans et Faciles Pour deux Flûtes. Oeuvre 24. Offenbach a.M., J. André, n.d. (±1820), 2 vols., plate no. 4151, 13,(1); 13,(1)p., ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, later plain wr., folio.

- Title-p. foxed and w. a few annots./ owner's entries; otherwise sl. foxed/ fingersoiled and a few annots.

AND 2 others similar in 4 vols., i.a. H.A. PRAEGER, Trois Duos Pour deux Flûtes. Oeuvre 23 (Leipsic, Breitkopf & Härtel, (±1817), 2 vols., plate no. 2636, engr. title-p. and scores, contemp. plain wr. and without wr. as published, folio. Sl. foxed).

€ (100-150)
75 1830 Hugot A 75 1830 Hugot A
75/1830 Hugot, A. Vingt Cinq Grandes Études, ou Exercises pour la Flute. Paris, Dufaut et Dubois, n.d. (±1825), plate-no. V.D et D. 1249, (2),51p., lithogr. title-p. w. vignette, lithogr. score, contemp. giltlettered ("A. Bourgois") boards, folio.

- Lacks backstrip.

BOUND WITH 6 others similar early 19th cent. lithogr./ engr. editions, i.a. CH. KRIETZER, Six Solo Pour la Flûte. No. 1 and 2 (Paris, A. Le Duc, n.d., 2 parts, no plate-no.); H. KÖHLER, Pièces favorites avec Variations pour la Flûte (Leipsic, Breitkopf & Härtel, n.d., plate-no. 2978); M. BERBIGUIER, Charmant Ruisseau Romance Variée pour la Flûte (Paris, Imbault, n.d., plate-no. A.F. 28) and w. 13 early 19th cent. manuscript pages w. various pieces for solo flute (i.a. "Fleuve du Tage", "La Tirolienne (...) par Delhaise" and "Fantaisie sur les motifs de Marie").

€ (50-70) 50
75 1831 Hummel J N 75 1831 Hummel J N
75/1831 Hummel, J.N. Adagio, Variazionen und Rondo über ein russisches Thema für Piano-Forte, Flöte und Violonzell. 78tes Werk. Vienna, S.A. Steiner und Comp., n.d. (±1818), 3 vols., plate-no. S.u:C: 2830, 17,(1); 3,(1); 3,(1)p., engr. title-p. and scores, loose as issued, folio.

- Title-p. stained in lower margin, otherwise fine. = Early edition (the first ed. was publ. in Paris, ±1818).

Pleyel, I. Six Duo Concertans Pour deux Flutes. Oeuvre 14. Paris, Decombe, n.d., 2 vols., plate-no.134, (2),23,(1); 23,(1)p., 2 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, orig. wr., folio.

- Final 2 leaves of Fl2 part loose.

AND 2 others by the same: Three Duetts, with Scots Airs for Two Flutes (London, Corri, Dussek & Co., n.d. (early 19th cent.), no plate-no, 2 ident. engr. title-p. and scores, folio. Title-p. and lower outer corner fingersoiled/ stained) and Trois Sonatines arrangés très faciles Pour le Clavecin ou Piano-Forte avec un Violon ad Libitum (Vienna/ Mainz, Artaria, early 19th cent., engr. score, obl. 4to. Piano part only; title-p. stained).

€ (150-250) 150
75 1832 Hummel J N 75 1832 Hummel J N
75/1832 Hummel, J.N. Rondo Brillante. N.pl., n.publ. (Vienna, Artaria?), n.d. (1815?), 13 parts, plate-no. 2380, engr. scores, loose as issued, folio.

- Each part w. contemp. annot. in pen in top margin indicating edition: "Repertoire de Musique par Hummel. 1. Jahrgang 8.9. Heft."; occas. fingersoiled in lower outer corner; without title-p.

= Probably the first full-score edition in parts.

Mendelssohn Bartholdy, F. Concert für die Violine (...). Op. 64. Adapt. for violin and piano. Leipsic, Breitkopf & Härtel, n.d. (1845), 2 vols., plate-no.7210, 15,(1); (2),32p., lithogr. scores, folio.

- Violin part lacks title-p.; tile-p. of piano part closed tears and other restorations; both vols. w. owner's stamp and bookseller's stamp on title-p./ first page; first pages sl. fingersoiled in lower outer corner.

Hummel, J.N. Sonate pour le Pianoforte avec accompagnement de Flute ou Violon. Op. 64. Bonn, N. Simrock, n.d. (±1817), 2 vols., plate-no. 1402, 13,(1); 3,(1)p., engr. title and scores, later (plasticized) boards/ later wr., (obl.) folio.

- A few scattered libr./ bookseller's stamps; annots. in pen on title-p.; title-p. sl. yellowed.

€ (100-150) 220
75 1833 Just J A 75 1833 Just J A
75/1833 Just, J.A. Six Sonates Aisées Pour Clavecin Ou Forte Piano Avec Accompagnement de Violon. Oeuvre 11. Paris, Sr. Sieber, n.d. (early 19th cent.), no plate-no., (2),14p., engr. title-p., publ. cat. and score, folio.

- The piano part only; sl. foxed; publ. cat. cut sl. short in top margin.

= RISM J 776 (violin part only). Warranted by the publisher.

AND 8 others similar, i.a. J. RAFF, 2e Grande Sonate pour Piano et Violon (Paris, J. Maho, n.d., 2 parts in 1 vol., lithogr. title-p. and score, folio. Wrappers loose and sl. dam.); G. TARTINI, Douze Sonates pour le violon. Paris, Imprimerie du Conservatoire de Musique, n.d. (±1810), plate no.137, 1 vol. (of 2), engr. score, folio. Vol 1 only; lower outer blank corner of first half (sl.) dam.; title-p. sl. foxed and duststained. RISM T 247) and violin sonatas/ duos by i.a. J. DE BLUMENTHAL, L. JANSA and J.B. SINGELEE.

€ (150-250)
75 1834 Kirby P R 75 1834 Kirby P R
75/1834 Kirby, P.R. The Musical Instruments of the Native Races of South Africa. Johannesburg, Witwatersrand Univ. Press, 1968, 2nd ed., XXII,(1),293,(1)p., frontisp., map, 73 plates, orig. boards w. price-clipped dustwr. (fine). Engel, C. The Music of the Most Ancient Nations, Particularly of the Assyrians, Egyptians, and Hebrews (...). London, William Reeves, n.d. (1864), 1st ed., XII,379,(1),47(publ. cat.)p., frontisp., musical examples and approx. 100 ills., orig. gilt cl. - AND 5 others, i.a. J.H. KWABENA NKETIA, The Music of Africa (London, 1975, ills., orig. boards w. dustwr.); A. SIMON, Musik in Afrika (Berlin, 1983, (col.) plates and ills., 2 cassettes in rear pocket, orig. boards) and U. WEGNER, Afrikanische Saiteninstrumente (Berlin, 1984, (col.) plates and ills., 2 cassettes in rear pocket, orig. boards).
€ (50-70)
75 1835 Koehler H 75 1835 Koehler H
75/1835 Koehler, H. Sonate concertant pour le Forte-Piano, Flute & Violon. Oeuvre 101. Hamb., J.A. Böhme, n.d. (±1800), 3 vols., plate-no. K.1, (2),11,(1); 4; 4p., engr. title-p. and scores, in parts as issued, obl. 4to.

- Trifle foxed; lower left corner sl. nibbled by rodents. = Vester K 311.

Berens, C. Trois duos brillans et faciles pour deux flûtes. Oeuvre 8. 3me Livre de Duos. Hamb., A. Cranz, n.d. (±1830), 2 vols., no plate-no.,13,(1); 13,(1)p., 2 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, in parts as issued, folio.

- Sl. waterstained in blank upper corner throughout.

Ehrenfried, F.H. Oberon. Opera, en Duos pour Deux Flutes Traversières. Mainz, Schott, n.d. (±1800), 2 vols., plate-no. 206, 11,(1); 11,(1)p., 2 ident. engr. dec. title-p., engr. scores, in parts as issued, folio.

- Collector's stamp of "A.J. Heuwekemeyer" on both title-p. Otherwise fine. = Vester E 11.

Weidner, J.C. Three Grand Duets Concertante for Two Flutes. Op.10. London, Clementi Banger Collard Davis & Collard, n.d. (±1815), 2 vols., no plate-no., (2),22; (2),22p., 2 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, in parts as issued, folio.

- Title-p. and final page of both parts loose. Otherwise fine.

AND 5 others similar in 9 vols. (incl. one incomplete work (lacks the flute score), i.a. by K. KELLER, C. BERENS, W. GABRIELSKY and R. KREUTZER.

€ (200-300)
75 1836 Kuhlau F 75 1836 Kuhlau F
75/1836 Kuhlau, F. Grand quatuor pour quatre Flûtes. Opus 103. Paris, A. Farrenc, n.d. (±1830), 4 vols., plate-no A.F. 460, engr. title-p. and scores, later unif. plain wr., large 4to.

- A few scattered libr. stamps; all vols. strengthened on inner margins and partly w. annots. in pencil on strengthening paper in inner margin; all vols. owner's entry on first blank page (first vol. on title-p.); occas. waterstained.

Idem. Trois duos brillans pour Piano et Flûte (...) composé aussi pour Piano et Violon. Opus 110, no.2. Leipsic/ Copenhagen/ Paris, H.A. Probst/ C.C. Lose/ A. Farrenc, n.d. (±1830), 3 vols. (incl. violin part), plate-no. 836, 15,(1); 5,(1); 5,(1)p., engr. title-p. and scores, contemp. plain blue wr., folio.

- Partly foxed, mostly in blank margins. Otherwise fine.

Idem. Deux Divertissements pour la Flûte avec accompagnement de Piano. Oeuvre 68. Offenbach a.M., Jean André, n.d. (±1825), 4 vols., plate-no. 4883-4484, 2 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, loose in parts as issued, folio.

- Both title-p. sl. foxed and w. owner's entry; leaves split(ting) on spines.

AND 2 others in 4 vols. by the same, i.a. (Trois grands trios pour trois flûtes) (Paris, A. Farenc, (±1827), 3 vols., plate-no. A.F.147, engr. scores, later unif. brown wr., folio. Browned; lacks title-p.).

€ (100-150)
75 1837 Kuhlau F 75 1837 Kuhlau F
75/1837 Kuhlau, F. Trois grands solos pour la Flûte avec Accompagnement de Piano-forte. Oeuvre 57. Leipsic, H.A. Probst (3x pasted over w. the address of C.C. Lose, Copenhagen), n.d. (±1824), 6 vols., plate-nos. 83a-83c, 3 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, loose in parts as issued, folio.

- A few leaves sl. dampstained; title-p. and final leaves sl. duststained. Spines strengthened w. tape.

Idem. Trois duos brillans. Opus 83. Paris, A. Farrenc, n.d. (±1827), 2 vols., plate-no. A.F.130, 21,(1); 8,(2)p., engr. title-p. and scores, in parts as issued, folio.

- Flute part mouldy and frayed; final leaf of piano part dam.

AND 5 others, mainly by the same (partly sl. browned/ occas. dam.) and including a collection of 7 sets of duets for two flutes by F. KUHLAU, C.G. BELCKE, L. DROUET (2 sets of duets), CH. KELLER, R. DRESSLER and J.L. TULOU, all in early editions, bound in 19th cent. hcalf, folio (occas. sl. dam. and/ or yellowed; contents loose(ning); binding dam.).

€ (150-250)
75 1838 Kummer G 75 1838 Kummer G
75/1838 Kummer, G. Trio pour Trois Flûtes. Oeuvre 24. Hamb., A. Cranz, n.d. (±1815?), 3 vols., no plate-no., 7,(1); 7,(1); 7,(1)p., 3 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, in parts as issued, folio.

- Sl. waterstained in inner margin, just touching a few bars; sl. foxed.

Idem. Trio pour Trois Flûtes. Op 57. Bonn, N. Simrock, n.d. (±1830), 3 vols., plate-no.2797 and 2798, 7,(1); 5,(1); 5,(1)p., engr. title-p. and scores, in parts as issued, folio (fine). Idem. Trio Pour trois Flûtes. Oeuvre 77. Leipsic, Breitkopf & Härtel, n.d. (±1833), 3 vols., plate-no. 5411, 7,(1); 5,(1); 5,(1)p., engr. title-p. and scores, in parts as issued, folio.

- Sl. foxed; sl. dampstained in inner margin and 3rd vol. sl. waterst. in upper left corner.

Idem. Trio Pour Trois Flûtes. Oeuvre 72. Ibid., idem, n.d. (±1831), 3 vols., plate-no. 5216, 7,(1); 4; 4p., engr. title-p. and scores, in parts as issued, folio.

- Sl. dampstained in upper margin; sl. foxed.

Schultz, C.F. Trois Grands Trios concertans Pour trois Flûtes. Leipsic, Breitkopf & Härtel (pasted over w. address of C.C. Lose, Copenhagen), n.d. (±1815), 3 vols., plate-no. 2068, 14; 10; 10p., engr. title-p. and scores, in parts as issued, folio.

- Score of the Fl1 part waterstained in outer margin, also affecting score; other parts occas. sl. foxed; a few (sm.) tears in final leaf of Fl1 part.

€ (100-150) 100
75 1839 Laborde J B de 75 1839 Laborde J B de
75/1839 Laborde, J.-B. de. Choix de Chansons Mises en Musique. Rouen, J. Lemonnyer, 1881, 4 vols., 4 engr. titles, 2 frontisp. and 100 plates after MOREAU LE JEUNE, RABIER, BOUTEUX, ST. QUENTIN, entirely engr. scores, printed in 1000 numb. copies (750), contemp. unif. gilt dark red hmor. w. 5 raised bands, orig. wr. pres., t.e.g., 4to.

- A few lvs. w. some (vague) offsetting from plate on opposite page. Otherwise fine.

= Reprint, using the original copper plates, of the edition Paris, 1773. One of 750 numb. copies printed on papier vergé de Hollande. Vicaire IV, p.757f; cf. Cohen/ De Ricci p.534ff on the orig. ed.: "Un des plus beaux livres du XVIIIe siècle (...)".

€ (350-450)
75 1840 Lampugnani G B and Sammartini G 75 1840 Lampugnani G B and Sammartini G
75/1840 Lampugnani, G.B. and Sammartini, G. Six Sonatas for two Violins with a Through Bass for the Harpsichord or Violoncello. Opera seconda. London, J. Walsh, n.d. (±1750), no plate no., 3 vols., (2),13; (2),11; (2),8,10p., engr. scores, 4to.

- Title-p. of the first violin part sl. duststained; occas. sl. foxed. Otherwise fine.

= The bass part has an extra, unidentified bass part bound with of 10p. with manuscr. names of Martini or Lampugnani to the various parts. The title-p. of the first and second violin w. contemp./ sl. later manuscript "Opera seconda" written below the name of St. Martini [= Sammartini]. Sonatas numb. in contemp. hand "No.43"- "No.48". Probably RISM L523.

€ (100-150) 100
75 1841 Langlé H F M 75 1841 Langlé H F M
75/1841 Langlé, H.F.M. Traité de Basse sous le Chant précédé de toutes les Regles de la Composition. Paris, Nadermann, n.d. (±1798) (address pasted over w. the address slip of Decombe), plate no. 438, 304p., entirely engraved, contemp. boards, folio.

- Contents waterstained along inner margin and sl. yellowed. Lacks backstrip. and corners worn.

= Scarce work. RISM B VI/ 1, p.480.

€ (100-150)
75 1842 Liszt F 75 1842 Liszt F
75/1842 Liszt, F. Missa Solennis. Full-score. Vienna, Typis Caes. Reg. Status Officinae, 1859 (pasted over with the address of J. Schuberth & Co., Leipsic etc.), 1st ed., (2),130p., printed score (incl. the piano adaptation), orig. clothbacked boards, large folio.

- First 20p. w. traces of silverfish activity; new endpapers. Otherwise contents fine. Paper ovr covers worn.

€ (80-100) 80
75/1843 Liszt F  Das Liszt ge Berlin Heft 1 3 75/1843 Liszt F Das Liszt ge Berlin Heft 1 3
75/1843 [Liszt, F.]. Das Liszt-ge Berlin. Heft 1-3. Berlin, A. Syffenhardt, 1842, 3 parts in 1 vol., 29,(1); 46,(2); 54,(2)p., 3 diff. handcol. lithogr. frontisp., later plain boards, sm. 8vo.

= Very rare collection of pieces written in the year 1842, as a response to "the hysteria that throbbed around the virtuosos (...). The giddy tributes offered to Liszt in Berlin during the winter of 1842 provoked some prompt sarcasm. A pamphlet appeared, called Das Lisztige Berlin, lampooning some of the excesses committed under the influence of the famous musician's vapor. The title, which involves an untranslatable pun, means something like "sly Berlin." A first issue was snapped up so eagerly that the anonymous author brought out a second, with new jokes, and even a third. The booklets contained such tales as that of the lady who devoutly cut out and cherished a piece of couch cover from the very spot on which Liszt had sat; or a low-brow discussion of the current Lisztitis in Berlin dialect in a beer-hall; and another in Yiddish dialect in a pawn-shop (...)." (from A. LOESSER, Men, Women and Pianos: A Social History, p.411f). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXI.

€ (150-250) 160
75 1844 Locatelli P 75 1844 Locatelli P
75/1844 Locatelli, P. Solos for a German Flute or Violin with a Through Bass for the Harpsichord or Bass Violin. Opera Seconda. London, J. Walsh, n.d. (±1735), "No. 603" engr. on title-p., (2),27p., engr. score, without wr., large 4to.

- Title-p. soiled and w. contemp. annots./ inkstains in pen and ink; final page dam. w. loss of final 2 bars in outer top corner; dogeared and occas. sl. stained/ soiled. Rebound (crudely stitched).

= Rare early edition. RISM L2604; Vester L 275.

€ (200-300) 200
75 1845 Marescot C de 75 1845 Marescot C de
75/1845 Marescot, C. de. La retraite française Et Trois airs variés pour Guitare. Paris, the author, n.d. (±1825), plate-no.7, 11p., lithogr. pict. title-p. and score, contemp. blue wr. w. mounted letterpress bookseller's ticket of M. Loddé (Orléans) on frontwr., 4to.

- Contents sl. dampstained and frontwrapper browned along margins. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXI.

Idem. Rondeaux, Walses, Cavatines, et airs variés arrangé pour la guitare d'après les plus beaux motifs du Croisé en Egypte (...) Musique de Meyerbeer. Opus 33. Paris, Marescot, n.d. (±1830), plate-no.117, (1),11p. engr. score, bound unif. w. the preceding.

= Berlioz writes extensively in his Evenings with the Orchestra about the publisher/ composer Marescot, specifically on how he managed to make money by publishing works by i.a. Weber without transgressing the laws of copyright.

AND 4 others, all compositions for the guitar, all early editions (±1825) w. engr. scores, all unif. bound w. the preceding: L. CASTELLACCI, Le départ du grenadier, Varié pour la guitare/ M. DE RAOULX, Theme avec variations (Paris, A. Meissonnier/ Paris, Pacini, n.d., 2 parts in 1 vol., plate no.598/ 1390. Sl. foxed; waterstained in lower outer corner throughout); P. ROUGEON, Mon Carnaval. Air de Meissonnier (ibid., Meissonnier, n.d., plate no. 23); MÉLANGE D'AIRS DE DIFFERENS CARACTÈRES (Paris, Victor Dufaut, n.d., 2 vols., plate-nos. 408-410 and 397-399).

€ (100-150) 220