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74 2101 Anatomy  Bidloo G 74 2101 Anatomy Bidloo G
74/2101 [Anatomy]. Bidloo, G. Ontleding des menschelyken lichaams. Utr., J. van Poolsum, 1728, 2nd Dutch ed., (10)textp., engr. frontisp., 106 (fold.) plates (1x on 2 plates), probably engraved by A. BLOTELING after designs by G. DE LAIRESSE, each plate w. accomp. letterpress textleaf, 19th cent. gilt hcalf, large folio.

- One textp. w. thumb-sized inkstain; the plate of the female nude body w. contemp. added pubic hair in pen and ink; one plate sl. stained; one plate w. neatly closed large tear and one plate w. neatly closed small tear in blank margin; a few leaves w. (sl.) (finger)soiling in margins; occas. sl. foxed/ spotted; new endpapers. Binding worn along extremities; joints starting but holding well.

= The second Dutch edition, originally published in Latin in 1685 (Bibl. Walleriana 1039; Krivatsky 1239; Choulant p.93-95). This edition not in the usual bibliographies. Splendid baroque anatomical atlas. "For Lairesse, the anatomical illustrations Bidloo asked him to undertake were an occasion for an artistic meditation on anatomy: he displayed his figures in an emotional, almost tender manner, contrasting the raw dissected parts with the full, soft surfaces of uncut flesh, placing flayed, bound figures in ordinary nightclothes or bedding, setting ordinary household objects such as books, jars or cabinets in the same scene as cut-up torsos or limbs, and in one plate showing a fly crawling on an opened abdomen. His illustrations brought the qualities of Dutch still-life painting into anatomical illustration, and gave a new, darker spiritual expression to the significance of the act of dissection." (Norman Library no. 231); "These are masterpieces of Dutch baroque art. When William of Orange came to England in 1688, Bidloo was chosen to accompany him as his physician." (Garrison/ Morton 385 (Latin ed.)). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XLVI.

€ (2.500-3.500)
74 2102 Anatomy  Boulanger E 74 2102 Anatomy Boulanger E
74/2102 [Anatomy]. Boulanger, E. Handboek voor gehuwden. Populaire verhandeling over de geslachtsorganen van den Man en van de Vrouw, hun in- en uitwendige Bouw en Verrichtingen. Aanschouwelijk voorgesteld door beweegbare gekleurde platen. Benevens: De Zwangerschap, de ontwikkeling van het Kind, eveneens met beweegbare gekleurde platen voorgesteld en 74 illustraties tusschen den tekst. Amst., W.B. Moransard, n.d. (±1915), (4),66,(2)p., col. lithogr. multi-layered plate, 76 ills., orig. clothbacked boards, sm. 4to.

- Sl. foxed. Covers sl. worn.

Dumstrey, F. De Hygiêne der Vrouw in gezonde en zieke dagen. Medische voorschriften en recepten. Amst., Gebr. Graauw's Uitgevers Maatschappij, n.d. (1930), 2nd ed., IX,(1),184,(1)p., col. lithogr. mutli-layered plate, orig. giltlettered cl.

- Sl foxed/ browned. Sm. stain on frontcover; spine-ends sl. worn.

Giles, A.E. Anatomie en Physiologie van de Vrouwelijke Geslachtsorganen en van de Zwangerschap. Introd. H. Kooistra. Ibid., Gebr. Graauw, n.d. (±1915), 28p., col. lithogr. multi-layered anatomical plate, orig. clothbacked boards, sm. 4to.

- Sl. browned/ foxed; bookblock loosening. Covers soiled/ dogeared; waterstain on frontcover.

AND 6 others in 7 vols. (in mediocre condition/ incomplete), i.a. J.E. ALBERTS, Het ontstaan, de ontwikkeling en de geboorte van den mensch (ibid., n.d. (±1915), 5th rev. ed., multi-layered fold. col. lithogr. plate, num. textills., orig. limp boards).

€ (70-90) 70
74 2103 Anatomy  Vernon Dr 74 2103 Anatomy Vernon Dr
74/2103 [Anatomy]. Vernon, Dr. Anatomische Atlas. Bevattende de Man, de Vrouw, het Hoofd, het Hart, de Longen, de Maag. Amst., Cohen Zonen, n.d. (±1880), X,(1)p., 9 col. lithogr. multi-layered anatomical plates on 5 leaves, each w. key leaf, orig. boards.

- Central two leaves loose. = Rare.

€ (40-60) 60
74 2104 Anatomy  Vesalius A 74 2104 Anatomy Vesalius A
74/2104 [Anatomy]. Vesalius, A. De Humani corporis fabrica Libri septem. Nieuwendijk, De Forel, 1975, (12),659,(37)p., (fold.) plates and ills., orig. halfrexine w. gilt spine, matching clothbacked board slipcase, large folio (fine).

= Facs. reprint of the ed. Basel, 1543. With the separate study by G.A. Lindeboom, Andreas Vesalius and his Opus Magnum (23p., orig. dec. wr., folio).

€ (40-60) 50
74 2105 Apiculture  Heimans E 74 2105 Apiculture Heimans E
74/2105 [Apiculture]. Heimans, E. De Honingbij. Een Schets uit het Bijenleven. Deventer, Æ.A. Kluwer, n.d. (±1900), 1st ed., 70,(2)p., 2 col. lithogr. multilayered ills ("Koningin" and "Dar"), orig. clothbacked col. lithogr. boards, obl. 4to.

- Trifle foxed; one leaf. w. (repaired) tear in lower outer corner, leaving brown stains. Corners sl. bumped; a few scratches on backcover.

€ (70-90) 190
74 2106 Astronomy  Horrebow P 74 2106 Astronomy Horrebow P
74/2106 [Astronomy]. Horrebow, P. Elementa doctrinae sphaericae, eller: En kort og tilstraekkelig underretning om jord- og himmel-kuglernes brug, (...) til den studerende ungdoms brug og nytte i skolerne udi Danmark og Norge, og, for deres skyld i saerdeeleshed, som mangle levende anviisning. Copenhagen, J.J. Høpffner, 1750, 90,(6)p., 2 woodcut fold. diagrams and headpiece, contemp. paper over boards.

- Sl. browned; stamp on title-p.; 2 paper tickets on upper pastedown. Paper over boards sl. worn, mostly on backstrip.

= Curious and rare work, not in Houzeau & Lancaster.

€ (100-150) 100
74 2107 Astronomy  Rost J L 74 2107 Astronomy Rost J L
74/2107 [Astronomy]. Rost, J.L. Atlas portatilis coelestis oder kurze Vorstellung des ganzen Welt-Gebäudes in den Anfangs-Gründen der wahren Astronomie. Nürnberg, C. Weigel, 1723, 1st ed., (16),362,(22)p., 38 contemp. handcol. engr. plates, contemp. calf.

- Several (near) contemp. owner's entries on endpapers; occas. sl. foxed; title-p. sm. tear along central fold and w. libr. stamp; most plates w. creases in outer margin and occas. sl. frayed. Binding rubbed.

= The rare first edition. A work written, as stated on the title-p., with an educational purpose for the "studirendem Jugend" and nicely illustrated. Not in Houzeau/ Lancaster; Poggendorff II, p.701; cf. Dünnhaupt 1638, 26. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XLVII.

€ (800-1.000) 800
74 2108 Barometers  Bolle B 74 2108 Barometers Bolle B
74/2108 [Barometers]. Bolle, B. Barometers in beeld. Lochem, De Tijdstroom, 1983, 256p., ills., orig. cl. w. (sl. worn) dustwr., 4to. Cotthem, T.H. van. 200 Jaar antieke barometers 1670-1870. Schiedam, Interbook, 1977, 179p., ills., orig. giltlettered cl.
€ (30-50) 40
74 2109 Bink F A 74 2109 Bink F A
74/2109 Bink, F.A. Ecologische atlas van de dagvlinders van Noordwest-Europa. Haarlem, Schuyt & Co, 1992, 512p., richly illustrated, orig. boards w. dustwr., large 4to. Bijlsma, R.G. Ecologische atlas van de Nederlandse roofvogels. Ibid., idem, 1993, 350p., num. (col.) ills., orig. boards w. dustwr., large 4to.

- Upper (board) edges sl. soiled. Otherwise fine.

Brouwer, G.A. Historische gegevens over onze vroegere ornithologen en over de avifauna van Nederland. Leyden, E.J. Brill, 1954, 225,(1)p., 35 plates, 7 ills., orig. wr. - AND 4 others similar, i.a. J. SETTELE a.o., Climatic risk atlas of European butterflies (Sofia/ Moscow, 2008, profusely illustrated, wr.).

€ (50-70) 50
74 2110 Botany  Botschantzeva Z P 74 2110 Botany Botschantzeva Z P
74/2110 [Botany]. Botschantzeva, Z.P. Tulips. Taxonomy, Morphology, Cytology, Phytogeography and Physiology. Transl. H.Q. Varekamp. Rott., A.A. Balkema, 1982, IX,(1),230p., num. (full-p.) (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., sm. 4to (fine). - AND 2 others, publ. by the same, i.a. R.A. DYER, Ceropegia, Brachystelma and Riocreuxia in Southern Africa (1983, ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., large 8vo).
€ (70-90) 70
74 2111 Botany  Brunnfels O 74 2111 Botany Brunnfels O
74/2111 [Botany]. Brunnfels, O. Contrafayt Kreüterbuch. Grünwald, Konrad Kölbl, 1975, (32),CLXXIII,(3)p., num. ills., orig. artificial leather, 4to.

= Facs. reprint of ed. Strasb., 1532.

Lonicerus, A. Kräuterbuch. Kunstliche Conterfeytunge der Bäume, Stauden, Hecken, Kräuter, Getreyd, Gewürze. Ibid., idem, 1962, (6),750,(24)p., num. ills., orig. artificial leather, sm. 4to.

= Facs. reprint of ed. Ulm, 1679.

Dioscorides, P. Kräuterbuch. Deß uralten und in aller Welt berühmtesten Griechischen Scribenten. Ibid., idem, 1964, (10),616,(35)p., num. ills., orig. artificial leather, 4to.

= Facs. reprint of ed. Frankfurt am Main, 1610.

€ (70-90) 80
74 2112 Botany  Cappers R T J  Neef R and Bekker R M  ed  74 2112 Botany Cappers R T J Neef R and Bekker R M ed
74/2112 [Botany]. Cappers, R.T.J., Neef, R. and Bekker, R.M. (ed.). Digital atlas of economic plants. Groningen, Barkhuis and Groningen University Library, 2009, 3 vols., 527,(1); (6),772; VII,(1),779-1508p., introd. in English, German and Dutch, unif. hcl., 4to.
€ (70-90) 70
74 2113 Botany  Cleene M de and Lejeune M C 74 2113 Botany Cleene M de and Lejeune M C
74/2113 [Botany]. Cleene, M. de and Lejeune, M.C. Compendium van rituele planten in Europa. Botanisch: volksnamen, vindplaats, beschrijving. Cultureel: rituelen, mythologie, symboliek, magie, volksgebruiken, volksgeloof, sprookjes, sagen, legenden. Gebruik: kruidengeneeskunde, volksremedies, cosmetica, landbouw, industrie, ambachten, huis, tuin en keuken. Ghent, Stichting Mens en Cultuur, 1999, 1341p., num. (full-p.) (col.) ills., orig. giltlettered cl., board slipcase (fine).
€ (40-60) 60
74 2114 Botany  Collenette S 74 2114 Botany Collenette S
74/2114 [Botany]. Collenette, S. An Illustrated Guide to the Flowers of Saudi Arabia. London, Scorpion Publishing, 1985, 514p., num. col. ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to.

- Sm. tear in dustwr.

€ (80-100)
74 2115 Botany  Coutinho A X P 74 2115 Botany Coutinho A X P
74/2115 [Botany]. Coutinho, A.X.P. Atlas de Botanica. Lisbon, Companhia Nacional Editora, 1898, 12 col. lithogr. plates (printed on recto and verso), orig. clothbacked boards, 4to.

- Bookblock loose(ning); sl. yellowed.

€ (40-60) 40
74 2116 Botany  Cribb P 74 2116 Botany Cribb P
74/2116 [Botany]. Cribb, P. The Genus Cypripedium. Portland, Timber Press, 1997, 301p., num. (col.) (photogr.) ills., orig. giltlettered boards w. dustwr.

- Foot of spine sl. rubbed; dustwr. trifle soiled.

AND 2 others, i.a. IDEM, The Genus Pleione (ibid., 1988, ills., orig. boards w. dustwr. Sm. annot. on first free endpaper).

€ (40-60) 40
74 2117 Botany  Eeden A C van 74 2117 Botany Eeden A C van
74/2117 [Botany]. Eeden, A.C. van. Album van Eeden. Haarlem's flora. Afbeeldingen in kleurendruk van verschillende bol- en knolgewassen. Haarlem, de Erven Loosjes, 1873-1876, 3 (of 5) vols., (20); (19); (18)p., 72 (of 120) col. chromolithogr. plates by G. SEVERYNS after A.H. ARENDSEN, contemp. unif. giltlettered hmor., orig. wr. pres., folio.

- Lacks the final 2 vols; some unobtrusive foxing. A fine set. = Nissen, BBI 581.

€ (500-700) 550
74 2118 Botany  Gaertner J 74 2118 Botany Gaertner J
74/2118 [Botany]. Gaertner, J. De fructibus et seminibus plantarum. Introd. F.A. Stafleu. Amst., A. Asher & Co., 1974, reprint of the edition Stuttgart, 1788, 3 vols., (4),8,(14),CLXXXII,(2),384; (4),III-LII,(2),520,(1); (8),(4),256p., 203 plates, orig. cl., sm. 4to.
€ (50-70) 60
74 2119 Botany  Graf A B 74 2119 Botany Graf A B
74/2119 [Botany]. Graf, A.B. Exotica. Pictorial cyclopedia of exotic plants from tropical and near-tropical regions. East Rutherford, Roehrs Company, 1976, 1837p., num. (col.) ills., orig. pict. cl., large 4to.

- Spine sl. sunned; upper strip of 5 cm. of frontcover soiled. Contents fine.

Böcher, T.W., Holmen, K. and Jakobsen, K. The flora of Greenland. Copenhagen, P. Haase & Son, 1968, 312p., fold. map, (col.) ills., orig. gilt pict. cl. w. dustwr.

- First free endpaper w. mounted postcard and owner's annot.

AND 9 others similar, i.a. I. TEIRLINCK, Plantenkultus (Amst., 1980, pict. wr. Rare) and M.G.M. VAN ROOSMALEN, Surinaams vruchtenboek (2 vols., (Utrecht, 1977), num. ills., orig. unif. wr., spines sunned).

€ (80-100) 80
74 2120 Botany  John D M a o 74 2120 Botany John D M a o
74/2120 [Botany]. John, D.M. a.o. The Freshwater Algal Flora of the British Isles: An Identification Guide to Freshwater and Terrestrial Algae. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2002, XII,702p., ills., orig. pict. boards, large 4to.

- Owner's stamp on title-p.; without the CD-rom.

€ (100-150)
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