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74/980 Games and toys  Sleighs and Ladders 74/980 Games and toys Sleighs and Ladders
74/ 980 [Games and toys]. (Sleighs and Ladders). Col. lithogr. (Dutch?) version of "Snakes and Ladders", 36,2x49,7 cm., ±1900.

- Laid down on board in 4 folding sections. A few sl. rubbed spots, otherwise fine.

= Cf. Buijnsters, Paper Toys, p.167f (not mentioning this variant of Snakes and Ladders). Rare.

€ (50-70) 50
74 981 Games and toys  Table top theatre 74 981 Games and toys Table top theatre
74/ 981 [Games and toys]. (Table-top theatre). French, late 19th cent., wood, 78x80x17 cm. (when assembled), with (neo-classical) wooden proscenium arch, with one door (of 2), 4 single-sided painted backgrounds on board, num. coulisses and sidepanels, cloth roller blind, hundreds of cut-out silhouette handcol. engr. paper figures (many numb. in contemp. hand on verso).

- Theatre lacks 1 door; plaster ornament loosened from proscenium arch, worn all over; backgrounds/ side panels occas. worn.

= A nice and rare collection of paper puppets and props, with typically 19th cent. architecture/ dress etc. in fine (contemp.) handcolouring. Many titled, i.a: "La femme à deux têtes"; "Vanicoro habitant"; "Contrebandier Espagnol"; "Duchesse de Bourbon"; "Ennemis de la Crinoline"; "Prince"; "Valet"; "Le Marquis"; "Milord"; "Mme de Pompadour"; "Off. des gardes Françaises"; "St. Denis"; "St. Gregoire"; "St. Urbain"; "Robert-le-diable" and "St. Henri".

€ (200-300) 210
74/982 Games and toys  Toy theatre 74/982 Games and toys Toy theatre
74/ 982 [Games and toys]. (Toy theatre). Dutch, 20th cent., 63x42x6 cm. (when constructed), gouache drawn proscenium (in 1 part), 6 single-sided gouache drawn backgrounds on wooden framed, cut-out silhouette paper figures (on wire), in contemp. wooden box w. sliding lid, to be used as the base for the theatre.

- Some of the silhouette figures sl. worn; the backgrounds occas. browned/ strenthened w. tape on verso/ dam.

€ (30-50) 60
74/983 Games and toys Cards and cardgames  Wat moet ik worden?74/983 Games and toys Cards and cardgames Wat moet ik worden?
74/ 983 [Games and toys. Cards and cardgames]. "Wat moet ik worden?" N.pl., n.d. (after 1845), 42 col. offset playing cards, each 9,9x6,4 cm. together loose in (sl. worn) orig. pict. box.

- One card w. sharp fold in lower right corner; 1 card w. sm. rubbed spot.

= Contains an introducing card "Wat moet ik worden?" and 10 sets of 4 playing cards, each card representing a type of job, each set of 4 representing an overall theme: I. "Huizenbouw" (w. i.a. "Metselaar"); II. "Kleeding" (w. i.a. "Hoedenmaker"); III."Houtbewerking" (w. i.a. "Schrynwerker"); IV. "Allerlei" (w. i.a. "Nachtwacht"); V. "Voedsel" (w. i.a. "Brouwer"); VI. "Papierbewerking" (w. i.a."Boekbinder"); VII. "Metaalwerk" (w. i.a. "Blikslager"); VIII. "Landbouw" (w. i.a. "Wyngaardenier"); IX. "Studie" (w. i.a. "Professor") and X. "Kunstenaar" (w. i.a. "Photograaf"). The set is concluded by a single card "Nietsdoener".

€ (50-70)
74/984 Geschiedenis van keizer Napoleon aan het opkomend geslacht verteld 74/984 Geschiedenis van keizer Napoleon aan het opkomend geslacht verteld
74/ 984 Geschiedenis van keizer Napoleon aan het opkomend geslacht verteld. The Hague, J.L. van der Vliet, n.d. (±1848), 1st Dutch ed., XI,(1),205p., 6 handcol. lithogr. plates, contemp. gilt hcalf.

- Sl. foxed. Spine-ends rubbed. = The Children's World of Learning 2958.

Andriessen, P.J. De tocht naar Rusland of het begin van den val van het Keizerrijk. 1812. Amst., C.L. Brinkman, n.d. (1875), 1st ed., 247,(1)p., 4 col. lithogr. plates, orig. gilt and blindst. cl. - AND 4 others, i.a. IDEM, Het hof van Koning Lodewijk (...) (Amst., n.d. (±1850), 4 tinted lithogr. plates, orig. gilt and blindst. cl. Traces of libr. ticket on first free endpaper; libr. stamp on (verso) (h)title) and J.H. VAN BALEN, De twee musketiers. Het beleg van Malakka, de Nederlanders in de Molukken. 1606-1608 (Amst., n.d. (±1850), tinted lithogr. plates, orig. gilt pict. cl.).

€ (50-70) 50
74 985 Goeverneur J J A 74 985 Goeverneur J J A
74/ 985 Goeverneur, J.J.A. Reizen en avonturen van mijnheer Prikkebeen. Eene wonderbaarlijke en kluchtige historie. Naar tekeningen van Rudolf Töpffer voor de Nederlandsche Jeugd berijmd. Rott., D. Bolle, n.d. (1913), 9th ed., (4),75,(1)p., woodengr. ills. by R. TÖPPFER with verses below, contemp. cl., obl. 8vo.

- Contents loose; pencil scribblings on first free endpaper; sl. fingersoiled. Covers sl. soiled.

Rennes, C. van. Van kleine Frits en Een avontuurlijke tocht. Twee vertellingen aan 't klavier. Utr., 1887, 2nd ed., (24)p., scores by C. VAN RENNES, lithogr. ills. and orig. clothbacked lithogr. pict. boards by L.W.R. WENCKEBACH, 4to.

- Contents loose(ning); owner's entry on verso title-p.; sl. foxed/ frayed. Covers foxed/ soiled; corners showing.

Gram, J. Standbeelden van Nederlands' groote mannen. Rott., Nijgh & Van Ditmar, n.d. (±1900), (4),64p., 6 col. lithogr. plates by H.A. VAN OLPHEN, contemp. clothbacked pict. boards, 4to.

- Paper tickets (1x w. owner's entry) on title-p.; sl. foxed. Covers sl. rubbed/ soiled.

= The men featured on the plates: Willem I, Michiel de Ruyter, Joost van den Vondel, Rembrandt van Rijn, Hugo de Groot and Pieter Adriaansz van der Werff.

AND 4 others, i.a. PRENTENBOEK VAN TANTE PAU (Leyden, n.d. (±1920), col. lithogr. plates, later clothbacked boards, large 8vo) and J. VAN WESTRHEENE, Merkwaardige vrouwen. Schetsen voor meisjes (Rott, n.d. (±1870), engr. plates by P.W.M. TRAP, contemp. gilt cl.).

€ (70-90) 70
74 986 Goeverneur J J A 74 986 Goeverneur J J A
74/ 986 Goeverneur, J.J.A. De winter. Een leesboekje voor jonge kinderen. Gouda, G.B. van Goor, n.d. (±1864), 103,(1)p., 4 handcol. lithogr. plates, orig. gilt cl., sm. 8vo.

- Sm. dent in frontcover, otherwise (very) fine.

= Very rare work by Goeverneur, with tipped in at front a manuscript prize awarded to "W. van der Veen" at the "Institution de J.F.G.W. Erbrink", dated "Amsterdam 28 Février 1864". Cf. Huiskamp, G212 (ed. Gron., Van Boekeren, ±1839, 6 plates); the other seasons were partly published by Van Goor, partly by Van Boekeren, and came with either 4 or 6 plates. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XIX.

€ (70-90) 70
74 987 Haarman H J 74 987 Haarman H J
74/ 987 Haarman, H.J. Lot of 11 works, Rijswijk, V.A. Kramers, n.d. (1941-1955), 11 vols., 1st (10x)/ 2nd (1x) ed., (full-p.) ills. by I. VALKEMA (8x)/ G. KRAMER (2x) and "STEFANI" (1x), orig. (pict.) cl. (10x) (w. dustwr.)/ orig. pict. boards (1x).

- A few vols. sl./ trifle foxed. Covers of vols. without dustwr. sl. rubbed; 2 dustwr. dam.

= Comprises: De strijd om het televisiegeheim (SIGNED by the author on title-p.); De strijd om de T.T. (SIGNED by the author on title-p.); De strijd om het geluidloze vliegtuig; De strijd om den verdwenen uitvinder; De strijd voor het vaderland; De strijd in 1943; De strijd om het atoomgeheim; De strijd van een K.P.; De strijd om de Kaapse driehoekjes; Jonker Mendo and Avontuur in de Zuidzee.

€ (40-60)
74 988 Hawthorne N 74 988 Hawthorne N
74/ 988 Hawthorne, N. Tanglewood Tales Told to the Children by C.E. Smith. London/ New York, T.C. & E.C. Jack/ E.P. Dutton & co., n.d. (±1910), XI,(1),107p., 8 col. plates by O. ALLEN, orig. pict. boards, sm. 8vo.

- Sl. foxed. Spine sl. discol.

Mon Joli Premier Livre. Petites Lecons pour de Petits Lecteurs. Toulouse, Société des Livres Religieux, 1882, 4th ed., 40p., (full-p.) (col.) ills., orig. pict. wr., sm. 8vo.

- Foxed (incl. covers). Frontcover loosening; lacks backstrip. = Rare.

AND 5 others, i.a. CORINA'S ABC (Amst., n.d. (±1950), col. ills., contemp. hcl., folio); E. DE GRAAF, Gullivers reizen in het land der dwergen en reuzen (n.pl., n.d. (±1950), col. plates, orig. hcl., sm. 8vo) and UIT DE KINDERJAREN (n.pl., n.d. (±1950), col. ills., orig. giltlettered cl., sq. 8vo).

€ (50-70)
74 989 Heins J T 74 989 Heins J T
74/ 989 Heins, J.T. De witte en de zwarte baby. Alkm., Gebr. Kluitman, n.d. (±1920), (20)p., 9 col. lithogr. plates, orig. clothbacked boards w. col. pict. frontcover by A.J.O., orig. col. lithogr. wr. pres., obl. 8vo.

- Outer corners trifle rubbed. Very good copy.

= Pres. backwr. shows that 3 more titles were published in this series.

AND 1 other: J. WORP, De zingende kinderwereld. Kinderliedjes voor een of twee stemmen met piano-begeleiding (Gron., n.d. (1907), 12 col. lithogr. plates and orig. clothbacked col. lithogr. boards by C. JETSES, scores, obl. 4to. Covers sl. worn along extremities and sl. soiled, otherwise fine).

€ (50-70) 50
74 990 Hermet M 74 990 Hermet M
74/ 990 Hermet, M. La petite fille de Thann. Paris, Hachette & Cie., n.d. (±1920), 8p., 8 col. plates, ills. and orig. wr. by M. HERMET, 4to.

- Owner's entry on title-p.; some unobtrusive colouring in white pencil.

= Story set in an Alsacian village at the time of World War I, with a strong anti-German sentiment.

€ (30-50)
74 991 Hoeksema D 74 991 Hoeksema D
74/ 991 Hoeksema, D. Houtsneden-kleurboek. Naarden, Gebr. Koster, n.d. (±1950), (14)p., tipped-in col. example plate, 12 colouring woodcut ills. (8x uncol.), loosely inserted advert. leaf, orig. pict. wr. w. mounted plate, 4to.

- Four ills. already coloured; some offsetting from colouring; trifle foxed. Covers trifle soiled; backcover sl. discol.

Vis, P.H. and Bos, R. Wit op zwart. Opstelletjes in beeld voor de Hollandsch-Inlandsche Scholen. 2e Opstel Cahier. Het vierde Leerjaar. Rijswijk, Blankwaardt en Schoonhoven, n.d. (1916), lithogr. htitle, title and 20 black pages w. lithogr. ills. in white, all w. opposite ruled blank page, orig. lithogr. wr., 8vo.

- First few lvs. w. tiny marginal tear; sm. stain on htitle. Covers sl. soiled; sm. annots. on frontcover and rubbed circular spot.

AND 5 others similar, i.a. N. VAN ZEE, Lijntjes voor kleintjes Serie I/ Serie II (Zeist, n.d. (±1940), 2 vols., ills., orig. unif. wr., obl. narrow 8vo) and D. DE BOER, 32 Teekenvoorbeelden voor het Derde en Vierde Leerjaar (Gron. etc., n.d. (1936), 32 col. plates, loose as issued, in orig. paper portfolio, 8vo).

€ (30-50) 30
74 992 Hoen P 't 74 992 Hoen P 't
74/ 992 Hoen, P. 't. Nieuwe proeve van klijne gedichten voor kinderen. Utr., S. de Waal and G. van den Brink Jansz., 1783, 182p., engr. title, 48 plates, contemp. hcalf w. gilt spine and mor. letterpiece., sm. 8vo.

- Without the 6 divisional titles; sl. foxed and fingersoiled; bookplate (of Eleonore de la Fontaine Verwey) on upper pastedown. Binding sl. rubbed and chafed.

= Title-edition of the 3rd edition. Ki.la.ki.le. 223; BNK 1465; Waller 804.

(Alphen, H. van). Kleine gedichten voor kinderen. Utr., Wed. J. van Terveen en Zoon, 1787 (= ±1790), 104p., engr. title, 66 plates by R. VINKELES after J. BUYS, contemp. hcalf w. mor. letterpiece, 12mo.

- Fingersoiled; a few lvs. browned in margins. = Warranted by the publisher. Ki.la.ki.le. 178; BNK 1427.

AND 1 other.

€ (70-90)
74 993 Hölder L 74 993 Hölder L
74/ 993 Hölder, L. Robinson Crusoë ten tweeden male op zijn eiland; zijn uiteinde, en de lotgevallen zijner kinderen aldaar, als natuur- en zedekundig leesboek voor de jeugd beschreven. Amst., J.H. van Arum, n.d. (±1825), X,245,(1)p., engr. title w. contemp. handcol. vignette, 4 engr. plates, orig. printed boards, sm. 8vo.

- Sl. thumbed/ soiled. Paper on spine and boardedges worn/ sl. dam. and covers sl. soiled

= Huiskamp H262; Lust en Leering p.443; Ki.la.ki.le 275; Caljé-van Gulik 545 (2nd ed.); Scheepers II, 519. Dutch translation of Rückreise Robinson's des Jüngern nach seinem Eilande (1821).

Meerten, A.B. van. Reisje door het Koningrijk der Nederlanden en het Groot-Hertogdom Luxemburg, voor kinderen. Ibid., Schalekamp & Van de Grampel, 1827, 1 vol. (of 2), XVI,249,(3 publisher's cat.)p., 2 aquatint plates by W.H. HOOGKAMER after H.P. OOSTERHUIS, contemp. boards.

- Binding worn.

= The Children's World of Learning 2836: "First edition of a finely illustrated children's travel book through the Duchy of Luxemburg, which was then still one of the crown-possessions of the House of Orange". Waller 1181.

AND 2 others.

€ (70-90) 80
74 994 Holting G 74 994 Holting G
74/ 994 Holting, G. De tijdwijzer. Middelburg, Gebr. Abrahams, n.d. (1849), 12 partly handcol. lithogr. lvs. (recto only), orig. printed wr.

- Lvs. fingersoiled. = Rare. Gustav Holting is the pseudonym of Carl Gustav Winkelmann.

€ (80-100) 90
74/995 Junior Jongensboeken Serie Lot of 39 vols of the serie No 18 19 27 28 35 38 41 43 45 47 53 98 100 102 103 105 107 109 110 112 119 121 127 129 131 and 132 74/995 Junior Jongensboeken Serie Lot of 39 vols of the serie No 18 19 27 28 35 38 41 43 45 47 53 98 100 102 103 105 107 109 110 112 119 121 127 129 131 and 132
74/ 995 Junior-Jongensboeken-Serie. Lot of 39 vols. of the serie. No. 18-19, 27-28, 35, 38, 41-43, 45, 47, 53, 98, 100, 102-103, 105-107, 109-110, 112-119, 121-127, 129, 131 and 132. Baarn, De Verkenner/ Nationaal Hoofdkwartier van De Nederlandse Padvinders, n.d. (±1950-1960), 39 vols., most vols. illustrated, orig. wr. w. dustwr. (12x)/ orig. pict. clothbacked wr. (27x), 12mo.

- Sl. browned as usual. Most bindings trifle worn along extremities.

ADDED: 7 duplicates of the series.

€ (40-60)
74 996 Kieviet C J 74 996 Kieviet C J
74/ 996 Kieviet, C.J. Kleine Olle en zijn Ekster. Amst., C.L.G. Veldt, 1909, 1st ed., 68p., 18 col. lithogr. plates, later clothbacked boards w. orig. wr. mounted, obl. 4to.

- Owner's entry on verso of first plate; (sl.) foxing throughout; small tear in margin of one plate, not affecting ill.; one plate partly trimmed on border line.

= Wagemaker p.52.

Van Spanje naar ons land. Reisbeschrijving van St. Nicolaas. Soestdijk, De Blauwvoet, n.d. (±1920), (24)p., col. lithogr. (double-p.) (full-p.) ills. after C. DE BRUIN, contemp. clothbacked boards w. orig. wr. mounted, folio.

- Owner's entry on upper pastedown; contents loose(ning); most lvs. dogeared and (sl.) torn; last leaf frayed. Binding worn/ dam.; orig. wr. cut short with loss of address.

AND 1 other: A.L. DE ROP, De Sprookjes van Moeder de Gans (Rott., n.d. (1910), 39 full-p. woodengr. plates after G. DORÉ, folio. Mediocre copy).

€ (50-70) 90
74/997 Kieviet C J  Lot of 15 stills from the movie ''Dik Trom'' 74/997 Kieviet C J Lot of 15 stills from the movie ''Dik Trom''
74/ 997 [Kieviet, C.J]. Lot of 15 stills from the movie ''Dik Trom'', 17x23,5 cm., all w. blindst. notification of ''centrale commissie voor de filmkeuring'' in the image, all laid down on mount, 4x w. paper ticket: ''Ned. Smalfilm Centr "Dik Trom'' '', 1x w. part of paper ticket: ''Centra-fil, n.d. (±1940), all w. hole in each corner of mount.

- Mounts occas. sl. rubbed/ dam.

= Nice set of photographs, showing scenes and moments behind the scenes of the Dutch movie ''Uit het leven van Dik Trom'' (From the Life of Dick Trom, G.B.H. Niestadt 1937), which was a semi-amateurish comedy movie based on the novel by C.J. Kieviet. The movie was shot on 16mm and distributed by the Dutch Cinefilm Center (Nederlandsche Smalfilm Centrale). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XIX.

€ (80-100)
74 998 Kästner E 74 998 Kästner E
74/ 998 Kästner, E. Das verhexte Telefon. Ein Bilderbuch. Berlin-Grunewald, Williams & Co., 1931, 1st ed., (20)p., col. ills. and orig. pict. clothbacked boards by W. TRIER, 4to.

- Frontcover trifle warped and stained; backstrip partly loose(ning).

= Not in Seebaß II; not in Sammlung Brüggemann.

€ (100-150) 140
74 999 Lavater J C  74 999 Lavater J C
74/ 999 (Lavater, J.C.). Le Lavater moral. Paris, L. Janet, n.d. (±1820), (4),187p., delicate contemp. handcol. stipple-engr. title-p., 6 handcol. woodengr. plates, woodcut tailpieces, contemp. richly gilt boards w. mounted handcol. woodengr. on both covers, a.e.g., in contemp. richly gilt slipcase, obl. 12mo.

- Sl. foxed; 2 plates cut sl. short in lower blank margin, just touching caption; hinges weak. Nevertheless a fine copy.= Gumuchian 3667. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XIX.

€ (80-100) 150