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1497 - 1635     CARTOGRAPHY, 19th-20th CENTURY ATLASES

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73 1557 Jaeger J 73 1557 Jaeger J
73/1557 Jaeger, J. Atlas van het Koningrijk der Nederlanden en zijne bezittingen. Naar de laatste Kadastrale Opmetingen ontworpen, met aanwijzing van Spoorwegen en Kanalen. Ed. H.F. Puls. Zwolle, W.E.J. Tjeenk Willink, n.d. (1878), 6th enl. ed., printed title, table of contents, 15 double-p. (1 fold.) (hand)col. lithogr. maps, orig. giltlettered and blindst. cl., narrow folio.

- Maps soiled and occas. sl. browned; most maps w. scribbling/ markings in purple pencil. New endpapers; rebound w. use of orig. cl. over the covers.

= Koeman VI, Jae 11.

€ (80-100) 90
73 1558 Johnston A K 73 1558 Johnston A K
73 1558 Johnston A K 73 1558 Johnston A K
73/1558 Johnston, A.K. Handy Royal Atlas of Modern Geography (...). Edinb./ London, W. Blackwood and Sons, 1874, new ed., (8),99,(1)p., 46 double-p. engr. maps w. handcol. borders (incl. frontisp.), orig. gilt hmor., a.e.g., folio.

- Upper hinge strengthened. Bindings sl. chafed; cloth over frontcover wrinkled.

= Cf. Phillips 868.

€ (100-150) 100
73 1559 Johnston A K 73 1559 Johnston A K
73 1559 Johnston A K 73 1559 Johnston A K
73/1559 Johnston, A.K. The Physical Atlas of Natural Phenomena. Edinb./ London, W. Blackwood and Sons, 1850, (4),122,(2)p., 25 handcol. engr. maps (incl. double-p. frontisp.), orig. giltlettered hmor., a.e.g., folio.

- Sl. crudely rebacked; binding stained and soiled. Internally fine.

= Cf. Phillips 227 (ed. Philadelphia, 1850). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XLV.

€ (200-300) 200
73 1560 Johnston A K 73 1560 Johnston A K
73/1560 Johnston, A.K. The Royal Atlas of Modern Geography (...). Edinb./ London, W. Blackwood and Sons, 1861, VIII,(1) textp., 48 double-p. lithogr. maps w. handcol. borders, each w. accomp. index lvs., orig. gilt hmor., a.e.g., large folio.

- Occas. trifle foxed; hinges strengthened. Rebacked w. use of orig. backstrip; binding stained, scratched and worn.

= Phillips 835.

€ (200-300) 200
73 1561 Jourdin M M du a o 73 1561 Jourdin M M du a o
73/1561 Jourdin, M.M. du a.o. Sea Charts of the Early Explorers 13th to 17th Century. Transl. L. le R. Dethan. New York, Thames and Hudson, (1984), 298p., (full-p. col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., folio. Damsteegt, B.C. Nieuwe Spiegel der Zeevaart. Beknopte historische atlas van de Europese kusten met de oude Nederlandse namen. Amst., Kon. Ned. Akademie van Wetenschappen, 2001, 2nd rev. ed., 173p., tinted maps, ills., orig. boards, folio.

= First published in 1942.

AND 5 others, i.a. C. FLEET, M. WILKES and C.W.J. WITHERS, Scotland. Mapping the Islands./ Mapping the Nation (Edinb., 2011/ 2016, 2 vols., num. col. ills., orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr./ wr., large sq. 8vo) and D. HAYES, Historical Atlas of the North Pacific Ocean. Maps of Discovery and Scientific Exploration 1500-2000 (Seattle, 2001, (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., folio).

€ (50-70) 60
73 1562 Kiepert H 73 1562 Kiepert H
73 1562 Kiepert H 73 1562 Kiepert H
73 1562 Kiepert H 73 1562 Kiepert H
73/1562 Kiepert, H. Neuer Handatlas über alle Theile der Erde. Berlin, D. Reimer, 1871, 2nd rev. ed., 4p., double-p. lithogr. title printed in blue, 45 double-p. engr. maps w. handcol. borders, orig. giltlettered blindst. hmor., large folio.

- Hinges broken (covers holding on straps). Backstrip chafed and lacks lower portion; covers stained.


€ (150-250) 150
73 1563 Kiepert H  Wieland C F a o 73 1563 Kiepert H Wieland C F a o
73/1563 Kiepert, H., Wieland, C.F. a.o. Grosser Hand-Atlas des Himmels und der Erde. Weimar, Geographisches Institut, 1882, 49th ed., double-p. lithogr. title, double-p. contents-page w. col. lithogr. ill., 70 engr./ lithogr. maps w. handcol. borders, contemp. giltlettered hcalf, folio.

- Some marginal defects, repaired w. sellotape; occas. sl. yellowed. Rebacked w. limp leather strip; worn/ sl. dam. along extremities; covers stained.

€ (150-250) 180
73 1564 Klemp E  ed  73 1564 Klemp E ed
73/1564 Klemp, E. (ed.). Africa on Maps Dating from the Twelfth to the Eighteenth Century. Leipsic, Edition Leipzig, (1968), 77 (col.) (double-p.) maps, German textbook inserted in front-pocket (61,(3)p., orig. wr., 4to), orig. cl. over wooden sides, folio.
€ (50-70) 100
73 1565 Klemp E  ed  73 1565 Klemp E ed
73/1565 Klemp, E. (ed.). America in Maps dating from 1500 to 1856. New York/ London, Holmes & Meier, 1976, 293p., frontisp., 76 (double-p.) (col.) maps, orig. cl., slipcase, large folio.
€ (70-90) 110
73 1566 Klemp E  ed  73 1566 Klemp E ed
73/1566 Klemp, E. (ed.). Asien auf Karten (...). Asia in Maps from Ancient TImes to the mid-19th Century. Weinheim, Edition Leipzig, 1989, XVIII textp., 75 (double-p.) (col.) maps, 13 fold. maps loosely inserted in rear pocket, orig. cl., slipcase, folio.
€ (70-90) 90
73 1567 Koch W and Opitz C 73 1567 Koch W and Opitz C
73/1567 Koch, W. and Opitz, C. Eisenbahn- und Verkehrs-Atlas von Europa. Leipsic, J.J. Arnd, 1910, 9th ed., XII,103,(1),106p., 85 double-p./ fold. col. maps, orig. gilt pict. cl., folio.

- First quire (incl. title-p.) loose. Spine-ends and corners trifle rubbed.

Grosser Atlas der Eisenbahnen und Schiffahrt von Europa. Berlin/ Leipsic, Verlag für Börsen- und Finanzliteratur, 1929, 4 parts in 1 vol., 82 (of 86) fold./ double-p. (col.) (railway) maps, advertisements, orig. giltlettered cl., folio.

- Lacks 4 maps. Frontcover sl. faded.

€ (100-150) 150
73 1568 Kraijenhoff  C R Th  73 1568 Kraijenhoff C R Th
73/1568 Kraijenhoff, (C.R.Th.). Choro-Topographische Kaart der Noordelijke Provincien van het Koningrijk der Nederlanden. (Bussum), Unieboek BV, n.d. (±1980), title, "Bladwijzer" and 8 maps, bound in private cl., large folio (89x49,5 cm.).

= Fasc. reprint of the ed. The Hague, 1823. Contains one extra facsimile map: "Carte générale de la Hollande avec les routes de poste" (1810).

€ (50-70) 50
73/1569 Krebs, N. Atlas des deutschen Lebensraumes in Mitteleuropa. Leipsic, Bibliographisches Institut, 1937, 16 (of 20) double-p. col. maps w. accomp. text leaf, orig. giltlettered cl., folio.

- Lacks 4 maps; new endpapers; title-p. foxed and creased. Rebacked.

= Of 50 maps planned, only 20 were eventually published. Rare.

Vogel, C. Karte des deutschen Reichs. Gotha, J. Perthes, 1907, (4),74p., 27 double-p. col. maps, orig. gilt dec. cl., folio.

- A few scattered library/ cancellation stamps.

€ (70-90) 90
73 1570 Krogt P van der introd  73 1570 Krogt P van der introd
73/1570 Krogt, P. van der (introd.). Joan Blaeu. Atlas Maior of 1665. "The greatest and finest atlas ever published". Cologne, Taschen, n.d. (2010), 512p., num. (fold.) col. facs. maps, ills., orig. boards w. dustwr., folio.

- Without the orig. board box, otherwise fine.

€ (30-50) 40
73 1571 Kromhout J H 73 1571 Kromhout J H
73/1571 Kromhout, J.H. Nederland in zakformaat. The Hague, Gebroeders van Cleef, 1885, 2 vols., textvol.: VIII,193p.; atlas vol.: 43 double-p. col. lithogr. maps, orig. unif. gilt dec. cl.

- Both vols. sm. number in pen on frontcover; spine-ends and corners sl. bumped. Otherwise fine.

= Koeman VI, Krom B1a. With the often lacking text vol., meant for military use only.

€ (50-70) 100
73 1572 Kuyper J 73 1572 Kuyper J
73/1572 Kuyper, J. Nieuwe atlas der wereld, naar de laatste ontdekkingen, verslagen, mededeelingen, reisbeschrijvingen, enz. Amst., C.F. Stemler, n.d. (±1875), (4) textp., 36 (double-p.) col. lithogr. maps, later hcl., 4to.

- New endpapers; bookblock sl. trimmed; a few (contemp.) annots. and markings.

Atlas van Nederland. Schaal 1:200.000. In 36 bladen en Bladwijzer., A.N.W.B., n.d. (maps revised 1915-1917), title-p., col. lithogr. "Bladwijzer" (key), legend and 36 col. lithogr. maps, modern rexine, 4to.

- Title cut short and laid down.

Rijkens, H.A. Schets-atlas der geheele aarde. Tiel, D. Mijs, 1885, (4)p., 20 double-p. lithogr. maps, orig. gilt cl., folio.

- Owner's entry on title-p.; a few scattered library stamps; sl. fingersoiled. Backstrip wrinkled.

AND 3 others: F. BRUINS, Het Beeld der Aarde. Volledige geographische atlas voor schoolgebruik en eigen studie (Gron., 1891, col. lithogr. maps, modern rexine, 4to); J.J. TEN HAVE, Handelsatlas (The Hague, 1912, col. maps, orig. hcl., 4to) and ATLAS VAN HET KONINKRIJK DER NEDERLANDEN OP DE SCHAAL VAN 1:200.000 (The Hague, 1907, double-p. col. lithogr. maps, later hcl. w. use of orig. frontcover, 4to).

€ (100-150) 170
73 1573 Lange H 73 1573 Lange H
73/1573 Lange, H. Atlas des Deutschen Reiches. Braunschweig, Archiv Verlag, 1999, (6)p., 30 col. maps, printed in 1999 numb. copies, orig. gilt rexine, obl. folio.

= Facs. reprint of the ed. Braunschweig, ±1902.

Sprigade, P. and Moisel, M. Grosser deutscher Kolonialatlas. Ibid., idem, 2002, (18),13,(6)p., 40 fold. col. maps, private gilt rexine, large folio.

= Facs. reprint of the ed. Berlin, 1915.

Administrativ-statistischer Atlas vom preussischen Staate. Berlin, Kiepert, 1990, (4)p., 22 double-p. col. maps, orig.(?) cl. w. paper title-piece, large folio.

= Facs. reprint of the ed. Berlin, 1828.

€ (50-70) 50
73 1574 Lesage A  = E Las Cases 73 1574 Lesage A = E Las Cases
73/1574 Lesage, A. (= E. Las Cases). Atlas Historique, Généalogique, Chronologique et Géographique. (Paris), n.publ., 1814, 33 double-p. partially handcol. textlvs., 22 (large) incorporated handcol. maps, contemp. halfleather w. mor. letterpiece on frontcover, large folio.

- One double-p. leaf w, sm. hole in lower blank margin, not affecting text. Backstrip heavily worn; covers rubbed; corners bumped.

= Cf. Phillips I, 124-125: "Without title-page. (...) Quérard states that this frontispiece disappeared in the editions after the restoration - 1814". Contains i.a. a large worldmap and a map of the Americas. Rare edition.

€ (100-150) 100
73 1575 Letts  T  73 1575 Letts T
73 1575 Letts  T  73 1575 Letts T
73/1575 Letts, (T.). Popular Atlas, being a Series of Maps delineating the Whole Surface of the Globe. London, Letts, Son & Co., 1884, (4)p., 156 double-p. col. lithogr. maps and plans, orig. gilt dec. mor., a.e.g., sm. folio.

- Occas. sl. foxed; bound rather tightly resulting in sl. reduced visibility of the centre of each map. Spine-ends and corners trifle worn.

€ (80-100) 80
73/1576 Lot of 6 atlases 73/1576 Lot of 6 atlases
73/1576 Lot of 6 atlases: ATLAS DE GÉOGRAPHIE PHYSIQUE & POLITIQUE PAR F.I.C (Paris/ Tours, 1891, 6th ed., orig. clothbacked boards, 4to); T. JOLY, Grand Atlas Classique de Géographie Moderne, Moyen-Age et Ancienne (Brussels, 1872, orig. clothbacked boards, 4to); L.V. BERTARELLI a.o., Atlante Internazionale del Touring Club Italiano (Milan, 1938, 5th ed., 2nd printing, orig. cl., large folio); V. DE ST. MARTIN, Atlas Universel de Géographie. Ed. F. Schrader (Paris, n.d. (1936), orig. gilt blindst. mor., large folio); J. ROLAND and E. DUCHESNE, Atlas général de géographie physique et politique (Namur, 1910, orig. boards, folio. Rebacked) and P. MICHOTTE, Atlas Classique de Géographie (Brussels, 1911, orig. boards, 4to. Rebacked).
€ (100-150) 110