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70 3126 Middle East  Salmon T 70 3126 Middle East Salmon T
70/3126 [Middle East]. Salmon, T. Hedendaagsche Historie, of Tegenwoordige Staat van alle Volkeren (...). IV. Deel, Behelzende den Tegenwoordigen Staat van Persia, Arabia, en het Asiatisch Tartaryen. Dutch transl. and enl. ed. M. van Goch. Amst., I. Tirion, 1732, (8),638,(16)p., engr. frontisp., 3 fold. maps, 9 (fold.) plates, modern hmor. w. 2 contrasting mor. letterpieces.

- Partly yellowed/ (sl.) foxed; owner's stamp on first free endpaper. Binding fine.

= The plates depicting i.a. the Kaaba and a coffee plant.

€ (100-150) 160
70/3127 [Militaria]. Beschreibung eines kleinen regulairen sechseckichten Kriegs-Platzes von einer neuen und des jetzigen gewaltsamen Angrifs mehr proportionirten Erfindung. Frankf. a.M./ Leipsic, H.L. Brönner, 1764, (8),55p., engr. title-vignette, woodcut head- and tail-pieces, modern speckled brown boards, 4to.

- Sl. waterstained in lower third towards the end; vague library stamp on title-p.

= Rare, attributed to Hr. Böhm, professor of mathematics and philosophy at Giessen.

AND 1 other: J. SNIJDERS, Veldversterkingskunst. Leerboek voor de cadetten van alle wapens. Atlas. Ed. T. Bodenhausen ((Breda), 1911, 3rd rev. ed., atlas vol. only, 26 double-p. col. lithogr. plates, orig. hcl., folio).

€ (70-90)
70 3128 Militaria  Hasselt J J van 70 3128 Militaria Hasselt J J van
70/3128 [Militaria]. Hasselt, J.J. van. Onderricht over de jurisdictie der militairen in de guarnisoenen van den Staat der Vereenigde Nederlanden (...). Arnhem, J.H. Möeleman, 1778, (30),559,(12)p., contemp. gilt hcalf w. red mor. letterpiece.

- Top of spine and corners (sl.) worn/ rubbed. Otherwise fine.

= Library stamp of the "Hoog Militair Geregtshof" on title-p. Rare.

€ (80-100) 80
70 3129 Militaria  Le Blond G 70 3129 Militaria Le Blond G
70/3129 [Militaria]. Le Blond, G. Élémens de fortification, Contenant Les principes & la description raisonné des différens ouvrages qu'on emploie à la Fortification des places; les Systêmes des principaux Ingénieurs, la Fortification irrégulière (...). Paris, A. Jombert, 1782, 8th ed., XXXVI,412p., 19 engr. fold. plates, orig. marbled calf w. gilt spine and red mor. letterpiece.

- A few false creases in the plates; modern owner's entry on verso of first free endpaper. Corners and spine-ends rubbed. Otherwise fine.

= Pohler III, p.701 (not listing this edition).

€ (100-150) 100
70 3130 Militaria  Lipsius J 70 3130 Militaria Lipsius J
70/3130 [Militaria]. Lipsius, J. Poliorceticon, sive de machinis tormentis telis. Libri Quinque. Antwerp, Ex Officina Plantiniana, Widow & J. Moretus, 1596, 1st ed., (16),267,(8)p., engraved printer's mark on title-p., woodcut printer's mark at the end, 33 (mainly full-p.) etched ills., contemp. limp overlapping vellum, 4to.

- Unidentified contemp. owner's entry ("Le Begue"[?]) on title-p. dated "1599". Small chip in overlapping vellum of backcover; top of spine sl. worn; lacks ties. Fine copy.

= Adams L.797; Bibl. Belg. L.424 ("Première édition, tirée à 1500 exemplaires"); Jähns p.561: "Ein besonderes Verdienst erwarb er sich durch die für seine Zeit vortreffliche Abhandlung über die Maschinen der Alten." SEE ILUSTRATION PLATE CXLV.

€ (400-600)
70 3131 Militaria  Schenk P 70 3131 Militaria Schenk P
70/3131 [Militaria]. Schenk, P. (Schouwtoneel van den oorlog (...)). (Amst., P. Schenk, 1730), 175 (of 288) engr. maps/ plans/ plates partly by L. SCHENK, sl. later hvellum, obl. 8vo.

- Contents loose(ning); occas. sl. fingersoiled/ sl. foxed; one plate sl. dam. in lower margin; occas. cut to/ just inside the borders. Sold as a collection of prints not subject to return.

= F. M. 3031; cf. Koeman, Sche 6-7. The work illustrates the military history of the War of the Spanish succession. Plans, battles, views, victorious entries etc., mainly in Germany, Italy and Spain. The work was published several times between 1709 and 1727, each time with added plates for the added years. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXLV.

€ (700-900) 700
70/3132 Miniature books  Heures mignonnes contenant diverses prieres 70/3132 Miniature books Heures mignonnes contenant diverses prieres
70/3132 Miniature books  Heures mignonnes contenant diverses prieres 70/3132 Miniature books Heures mignonnes contenant diverses prieres
70/3132 [Miniature books]. Heures mignonnes, contenant diverses prieres. Nancy, P. Barbier, n.d.(±1800), (2),208p., contemp. boards, 16mo (6,5x3,5 cm.).

- Lacks two lvs (p.11/12 and 119/120); contemp. owner's entry 'Pierre Bontemps 1806 " on first free endpaper; fingersoiled. Very poor binding, lacks the backstrip and leather stripped off.

= Very rare. Only one copy traced in Worldcat. Not in Bondy or Welsh.

€ (100-150) 100
70/3133 Montaigne, M. de. Les essais. Paris, S. Hure and F. Leonard, 1657, 3 parts in 1 vol. w. continuous pagination, (30),840,(41)p., woodcut printer's vignette, contemp. vellum. w. mor. letterpiece, folio.

- Lacks the engr. frontisp. portrait; (sl.) yellowed/ foxed; occas. waterstained in lower inner margin; annotated and underlined in pencil throughout. Vellum darkened; spine-ends and mor. letterpiece dam. and corners showing,

€ (100-150) 150
70 3134 Montesquieu C L Secondat de 70 3134 Montesquieu C L Secondat de
70/3134 Montesquieu, C.L. Secondat de. Lettres familières. Florence, Vincent and Durand, 1767, 1st ed., 2 parts in 1 vol., XXIII,(1),237; 144p., engr. frontisp., contemp. calf w. gilt spine and mor. letterpiece.

- Upper joint splitting at top of spine; spine-ends chipped.

Idem. Lettres familières à divers amis d'Italie. Rome, n.publ., 1767, VIII,316p., later gilt hmor.

- Repaired tear in frontisp.; sl. foxed/ yellowed. Binding rubbed.

€ (70-90)
70/3135 Montesquieu, C.L. Secondat de. Oeuvres. Paris, J.J. Smits et Cie., An IV de la République (1796) and l'an VI (1798), nouvelle edition, 5 vols., steelengr. frontisp. portrait, contemp. unif. calf w. richly gilt spine.

- All vols. partly waterstained and w. bookplate on upper pastedown. All vols. bindings sl. dam. (mainly spine).

AND 1 other by the same, Oeuvres Posthumes (1798).

€ (100-150) 100
70 3136 Moubach A 70 3136 Moubach A
70 3136 Moubach A 70 3136 Moubach A
70/3136 Moubach, A. Naaukeurige Beschryving der Uitwendige Godtsdienst-Plichten, Kerk-Zeden en Gewoontens van alle Volkeren der Waereldt. Part I and II. The Hague etc., R.C. Alberts etc., 1727, 2 parts (of 6) in 1 vol., (28),387,(4),(1 blank); 324,(18)p., engr. frontisp., title-vignette and 63 (fold./ double-p.) plates by B. PICARD (in fact 62 counted as 63), halfp. dedic. ill. and some headpieces, contemp. blindst. calf, folio.

- One large fold. plate (no.17-18, "Le Pape va en Ceremonie") w. some sm. tears mainly along folds and w. some false folds; fold. plate no.32 ("Ordre de la Procession") trimmed to the left borderline and trifle chipped; one single-p. plate w. stain in image; first blank loose; upper and lower hinge weakening; some occas. sl. marginal fingersoiling/ waterstaining. Backstrip and leather along extremities worn/ dam. (backstrip missing top portion).

= Graesse II, p.104; Rubens p.1103-1215, 1244-1273; Sabin 62600 (praising the engravings). One of the main sources documenting the history of religion. The first vol. i.a. dealing with the rites and customs of the Dutch Jewry in the 17th and 18th century, with very fine plates, e.g. the large plate representing the dedication in 1675 of the Amsterdam Portuguese synagogue.

€ (200-300) 425
70 3137 Music  Arnold S 70 3137 Music Arnold S
70/3137 [Music]. Arnold, S. Cathedral Music: being A Collection in Score, of the Most valuable & useful Compositions For that service by the Several English Masters, Of the last Two Hundred Years. London, for the editor, 1790, 3 vols., 305; 296; 301p., entirely engraved, contemp. unif. peau de suède w. 2 contrasting mor. letterpieces, folio.

- Occas. closed tear; a few lvs. sm. inkstain in outer blank margin; hinges strengthened; all vols. sm. contemp. owner's entry on title-p. and modern bookplate on upper pastedown. Spines and corners of bindings worn/ dam.

= Rare.

€ (400-600) 400
70 3138 Music  Bach C P E 70 3138 Music Bach C P E
70/3138 [Music]. Bach, C.P.E. Versuch über die wahre Art das Clavier zu spielen. Leipsic, Im Schwickertschen Verlage, 1787/ 1797, 3rd/ 2nd ed., 2 parts in 1 vol., VIII,103; (8),280p., scores, contemp. hcalf, sm. 4to.

- Lacks the plate; title-p. part 1 lacks lower corner (no loss of text), w. large tear and cancellation stamp on verso; sl. yellowed. Binding sl. dried and rubbed; upper joint splitting.

= Becker p.380; cf. Scheurleer I, p.349 (1st ed. 1753/ 1762). "Dieses Werk, welches stets classischen Werth behaupten wird (...), ist in historischer Hinsicht höchst wichtig, da bis zum Erscheinen dieser Schrift zwar mancherlei Versuche gemacht worden waren, die Kunst des Clavierspielens auszubilden, doch stets mit mehr oder weniger ungünstigem Erfolg. Da erschien Bach's wahre Art das Clavier zu spielen und das Verdienst, ein haltbares System für das Pianoforte für alle Zeiten geliefert zu haben, dieses Verdienst gebührt nur dem C.P.E. Bach" (Becker).

€ (150-250) 180
70 3139 Music  Catalisano G 70 3139 Music Catalisano G
70/3139 [Music]. Catalisano, G. Grammatica-armonica fisico-matematica ragionata su i veri principi fondamentali teorico-pratici per uso della Gioventù Studiosa, e di qualunque Musicale Radunanza. Rome, Stamperia di S. Michele a Ripa per P. Giunchi, 1781, XXXII,166p., engr. title-vignette, armorial plate, 15 fold. plates (w. scores), 3 (fold.) tables, woodcut headpieces and initials, contemp. calf w. gilt spine, 4to.

- Partly yellowed; occas. sl. foxed; plate XV repaired corner; three plates (sl.) frayed edges. Binding rubbed and sl. worn along extremities.

= Eitner II, p.366-367; Fétis II, p.213; Becker p.392.

€ (250-350) 250
70 3140 Music  Elsland J van 70 3140 Music Elsland J van
70/3140 [Music]. Elsland, J. van. Dankbaare Naagedachten en Geboorte Gezangen, Op de blyde en heilryke verschyninge, van 't licht der Genade, Jezus Christus: Of de Geboorte van onzen Heiland en Zaligmaaker tot Bethlehem. Begreepen in twintig Zangstukken (...) Met Zangkunst verrykt door C. Kauwenberg en W. Vermooten. Haarlem, Erfgen. I. van Hulkenroy, n.d. (±1750), 3rd ed., (4),68,(2)p., engr. frontisp., title-vignette, scores, contemp. hroan, 4to. - BOUND WITH: (Mater, G. van). Kruisgezangen; Op het Lyden van onzen Heiland Jezus Christus, met Zangkunst verrykt door Willem Vermooten. Ibid., idem, 1759, 3rd ed., (8),50,(2)p., engr. title-vignette, scores. - AND WITH: Hessen, W. Zinspeelende Liefdens Gezangen. Verdeeld in Acht-en-twintig Stukken door -, en op Muzyk gebragt door Willem Vermooten. Ibid., I. van Hulkenroy, n.d. (1741), (14),59,(1)p., engr. frontisp., scores.

- Bookblock split(ting). Roan loosening; corners showing.

= Scheurleer, Nederl. Liedboeken p.97/ 98/ 106.

Kamphuyzen, D.R. Stichtelyke rymen, geheel op noten gebragt; en gestelt op sleutels om te zingen en te spelen op allerhande instrumenten. Rott., I. Naeranus, 1688, (20),680,(10),26p., scores, contemp. calf, sm. 8vo.

- Spine sl. cracking. = Not in Scheurleer.

€ (150-250) 250
70 3141 Music  Lasso O di 70 3141 Music Lasso O di
70 3141 Music  Lasso O di 70 3141 Music Lasso O di
70/3141 [Music]. Lasso, O. di. Lagrime di S. Pietro, descritte dal Signor Luigi Tansillo. Tenor Primo/ Tenor Secondo. Munich, A. Berg, 1595, 1st ed., 2 vols., 21,(1); 21,(1)p., 2 identical title-p. w. woodcut portrait of the composer, within ornamental typographical borders, woodcut scores, ornamental capital to each madrigal, contemp. unif. blindst. half pigskin bindings w. "Tenor.I" and "1598"/ "Tenor.II" and "1598" stamped in black in upper and lower left corner of frontcover, folio.

- Contents of both volumes very fine; vol. I: partly w. a vague waterstain in upper blank margin; vol. II: p.19 has two manuscript notes in pen and green ink in the first of the blank staves. Both vols. corners and spine-ends dam./ worn; frontcover of second vol. loose and stained in upper left corner.

= RISM 1595a L1009 (no complete copies listed). Written for 7 voices (S.I, S.II, A.I, A.II, T.I, T.II and B), these sacred madrigals are considered by many to form the pinnacle of the sacred madrigal literature of the 16th century. It was the last work written by Di Lasso (he died three weeks after having dedicated the work to Pope Clement VIII) and is remarkable for putting across the deeply felt meaning of the inescapable conclusion of his life. The 20 poems of which the cycle of madrigals consist were written by Luigi Tansillo in a more or less similar vein of searching for the spiritual meaning of life and were first partly published in 1585. A. Einstein, in his The Italian Madrigal calls the Lagrime "(...) a spiritual counterpart to the cycles from the great epics of Ariosto and Tasso, an old man's work, comparable in its artistry, its dimensions, its asceticism only to the Musical Offering and the Art of Fugue." Sixteenth century (parts of) vocal scores are very rare, no copies of any of the voices of the Lagrime were offered by auction in the past decades (ABPC 1972-2019 and JAP 1990-2018). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXLVI.

BOUND WITH in BOTH VOLS. (6)p. w. manuscript music ("Kyrie") on manuscript staves, followed by (9) unused leaves w. manuscript staves (watermark French lily) and 29/ 35 blank leaves (partly with Fleur de lis watermark (see Briquet 6943-6945), partly with (untraced) shield watermark w. letter "B" at the top of the shield).

- Blank leaves in vol.I partly waterstained; blank leaves in vol.2 partly wormholed.

= Manuscript Kyrie not traced.

€ (12.000-15.000) 13000
70 3142 Music  Rameau J Ph 70 3142 Music Rameau J Ph
70/3142 [Music]. Rameau, J.Ph. Démonstration du principe de l'harmonie, servant de base à tout l'Art Musical théorique & pratique. Paris, Durand/ Pissot, 1750, XXIII,XLVII,(1),112,(4)p., 5 fold. engr. plates, contemp. calf w. gilt spine w. mor. letterpiece. - BOUND WITH: Idem. Extrait d'une reponse de M. Rameau à M. Euler, sur l'identité des octaves (...). Ibid., Durand, 1753, (4),41,(3)p., 4 engr. ills. - AND WITH: Idem. Nouvelles réflexions sur sa démonstration du principe de l'harmonie, (...). Ibid., Durand/ Pissot, 1752, (4),85,(2)p., ills.

- Bookplate on upper pastedown; sl. waterstained/ frayed in outer blank margin; trifle foxed; old owner's entry on title-p. ("Ex Libris Fourier"). Binding rubbed; spine-ends and extremities (sl.) worn; corners backcover showing.

= Eitner VIII, p.120; Fétis VII, p.175. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXLVI.

€ (500-700) 1200
70 3143 Music  Verschuere Reijnvaen J 70 3143 Music Verschuere Reijnvaen J
70/3143 [Music]. Verschuere Reijnvaen, J. Catechismus der muzijk. Door (-), Organist en Klokkenist te Vlissingen. Amst., W. Brave, n.d. (1787), XV,(1),232p., engr. title, 38 fold. scores, contemp. vellum.

- One plate loose; upper hinge (nearly) broken; owner's stamp on title-p.

= Govaerts 1273; Lunsingh Scheurleer I, p.81 (sl. diff. eds).

€ (100-150) 160
70 3144 Netherlands  Aubery L 70 3144 Netherlands Aubery L
70/3144 [Netherlands]. Aubery, L. Gedenkschriften behorende tot de historie van Holland, en d'andere Vereenigde Landschappen. Behelzende de ware oorzaken der verdeeldheden, die 'er zedert tagtig jaren sijn voorgevallen, &c. &c. Dutch transl. R. Roukema. Amst., J. ten Hoorn, 1704, (32),408p., 8 engr. portraits, contemp. vellum.

- Sl. yellowed. = Nijhoff 1799.

AND a stripped copy of I. COMMELIN, Frederick Hendrick van Nassauw, prince van Orangien. Zyn leven en bedryf (Utr., 1652, 2 parts in 1 vol., engr. title-p., contemp. plain boards, 4to. Lacks all maps/ plans/ plates).

€ (100-150) 110
70 3145 Netherlands  Bachiene W A 70 3145 Netherlands Bachiene W A
70/3145 [Netherlands]. Bachiene, W.A. Kerkelyke Geographie der Vereenigde Nederlanden: In zich behelzende, eene Beschryvinge, van den staat der Synoden, Klassen en Gemeenten, Der Hervormde Kerke, in ons Vaderland (...). Part 3 and 4. Amst., D. Onder de Linden, 1770-1773, 2 (of 4) parts in 1 vol., (2),202,(76); X,(4),226,(28)p., 6 fold. engr. maps w. handcol. borders, contemp. gilt hcalf w. 2 contrasting mor. letterpieces.

- Without the first 2 parts. Joints and spine-ends rubbed; spine cracking.

€ (70-90) 120