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70 2766 Anonymous 17th cent  70 2766 Anonymous 17th cent
70/2766 Anonymous (17th cent.). Een oud Schipper van Monicken-dam, Daer ons den vromen Held uyt quam, Die eerst den Spaagniaerd de Zee deed' ruymen, Sprack aldus, naer Scheeps Coustuymen. N.pl., n.publ., n.d. (±1608), (5)p., engr. plate w. captions almost ident. to the title (13x17,8 cm.), contemp. wr.

- Plate doubled and dam. in corners/ upper blank margin; possibly caption below image cut off.

= Knuttel 1471; (for the plate) F.M. 1254b: "Zinneprent tegen het Bestand wegens Indië. (...) Een oud Matroos trekt met een Spanjaard om het langste eind van een stok, de Indiën verbeeldende (...). Titelprent van een zeer aardig blaauwboekje tegen het Bestand."

€ (100-150) 160
70 2767 Anson G 70 2767 Anson G
70/2767 Anson, G. Reize naer de Zuidzee, met het schip De Wager (...). Ondernomen in den Jaere 1740. Zynde een Vervolg op de Reize van den Heere George Anson. Leyden/ Amst., J. le Mair a.o., 1766, (36),212,(16)p., engr. title-vignette, headpiece and 8 (4x fold.) plates by N. VAN DER MEER JR. after D. KUIPERS, contemp. gilt hcalf, 4to.

- Partly browned/ yellowed; occasionally foxed; final 17 leaves sl. waterstained in upper margin (not affecting plates). Corners showing and edges of covers sl. worn.

= Tiele 43. Continuation of Reize rondsom de werreld (...), published in Amst., 1748. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXI.

€ (200-300) 220
70 2768 Anson G and Walter R  ed  70 2768 Anson G and Walter R ed
70 2768 Anson G and Walter R  ed  70 2768 Anson G and Walter R ed
70 2768 Anson G and Walter R  ed  70 2768 Anson G and Walter R ed
70/2768 Anson, G. and Walter, R. (ed.). Voyage autour du Monde, fait dans les Années MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV. Par George Anson (...). Amst./ Leipsic, Arkstee & Merkus, 1749, (6),XVI,333,(1)p., engr. title-vignette, 13 (mostly fold.) maps and 21 (mostly fold.) plates, num. headpieces, contemp. mottled calf w. gilt spine w. mor. letterpiece, 4to.

- Yellowed/ sl. foxed throughout (hardly affecting plates); two maps w. sm. tear; htitle smudged. Calf damaged by acid; spine-ends chipped; corners showing.

= Sabin 1637. Cf. Henze I, p.82-83 (the 1st, Engl., ed. of 1748 and the German ed. of 1749): "[Anson war ein] Englischer Weltumsegler, der am 18. September 1740 in Portsmouth zu einer Kaperfahrt nach den Spanischen Häfen an der Westküste Süd-amerikas auslief. (...)". Anson returned from his four year circumnavigation with the spoils of the Manila treasure-ship, and an equal treasure in hard-won experience, his own and that of the other officers who were to be the backbone of the British navy for a generation. Possibly no voyage excited more patriotic fervour than this; and none before Cook's excited so much interest in the Pacific" (J.C. Beaglehole. I, p. LXXVII)." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXII.

€ (400-600)
70 2769  Ant arctica  Anderson J 70 2769 Ant arctica Anderson J
70/2769 [(Ant)arctica]. Anderson, J. Nachrichten von Island, Grönland und der Strasse Davis, zum wahren Nutzen des Wissenschaften und der Handlung. Frankf./ Leipsic, n.publ., 1747, (30),368,(7)p., engr. frontisp., 1 fold. map and 3 (of 4) fold. plates, contemp. calf, sm. 8vo.

- Lacks the plate of the sperm whale and free endpapers; frontisp. and title stained in lower corner and soiled; the larger part w. (marginal) waterstaining. Bookblock reattached to binding; backstrip cracked; spine-ends and corners worn/ sl. dam.

= The second ed. (first publ. 1746). Sabin 1405; Alden/ Landis 747/3; Chavanne 2145; Lauridsen II, 45. "First published in 1746, Anderson's detailed account of the arctic regions was immediately accepted and highly regarded. It was followed the next year by a second German edition, then by Danish, Dutch, English, and French editions" (Ingalls 446). "The appendix contains a brief grammar and vocabulary of the Esquimaux language explained in German and Danish" (Sabin). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXII.

€ (300-500)
70 2770 Architecture  Bosboom S 70 2770 Architecture Bosboom S
70/2770 [Architecture]. Bosboom, S. Cort onderwys Vande vyf Colommen (...) uyt den Scherpsinnigen Vinsent Schamozzij getrocken en in Minuten gestelt seer gemacklick voor de Jonge Leerlingen en dienstich voor alle Ionge Liefhebbers der Bouw-Const. Amst., G. Valk, 1694, 53 (of 55) lvs. comprising 8 (of 9) textp. (w. 2 engr. ills.), engr. title and 48 (of 49) plates (counting the 2 double-p. each as 2 plates), later boards, sm. folio.

- Lacks 1 plate and 1 textp.; first 7 leaves (incl. title-p. and 2 plates) repaired in top margin (title-p. also in inner margin) and sl. waterstained in margin. Rebacked w. modern black cloth; paper over backcover lacking; corners sl. worn. Sold w.a.f.

= Rare edition, only 1 copy in NCC. This ed. not in Bierens de Haan (cf. 509ff); cf. Fowler Coll. 54 (other eds.).

€ (100-150) 120
70 2771 Architecture  Bosse A 70 2771 Architecture Bosse A
70 2771 Architecture  Bosse A 70 2771 Architecture Bosse A
70/2771 [Architecture]. Bosse, A. Manière universelle de Mr Desargues, pour pratiquer la perspective par petit-pied, comme le Geometral. Ensemble les places et proportions des Fortes & Foibles Touches, Teintes ou Couleurs. Paris, P. Des-Hayes, 1648, 1st ed., (18),356,(2)p., engr. title-p., dedic. plate, div. title, 158 (incl. 2 repeated) plates, contemp. vellum.

- Without the portrait; trifle waterstained in top margin up to p.16; several plates loosely inserted (these plates sl. rubbed/ sl. duststained along margins); a few textp. trifle stained. A fine copy.

= Irregular pagination, but collation as called for. Fowler 56; Kat. Orn. Berlin 4716; Cicognara 817; DSB IV, p.47; Savage a.o., Cat. of the British Architecture Library. Early Imprints Collection 338: "Desargues' discovery of a method of projecting geometrically into the picture a perspective scale (...) of successive equal distances along a line drawn to the point of sight, was first published in a short pamphlet (...) in May 1636 (reprinted here by Bosse on pp.321-334). As in similar, subsequent pamphlets, however, (...) the originality of Desargues' ideas and the private language in which they were often expressed afforded little chance of their being properly understood, let alone adopted in practice, by anyone unfamiliar with the highest reaches of geometry. It is unlikely however that Desargues would have asked his friend, the brilliant engraver Abraham Bosse, to write and illustrate a series of books demonstrating the various practical uses of his 'manière universelle' (...) if he had not become embroiled in a bitter public quarrel with the anonymous Jesuit author [Jean Dubreuil] of a work which he believed had blatantly plagiarised his discoveries while at the same time representing them as worthless (...). [a] long and bitter pamphlet war (...) ensued when, in January 1642, Desargues vented his rage by placarding Paris with fly-posters ('affiches') denouncing the Jesuit's 'Error incroyable!' and 'Fautes et faussetes enormes' (...). It is little wonder therefore that Desargues turned to Bosse (...) to expound the practical value of his inventions in three related though bibliographically distinct works on stereotomy, dialling, and perspective, and to set the record straight concerning his right to be recognised as the originator of an entirely new and properly scientific of these subjects in France. (...) Jacques Curabelle's blistering [attack in his] Examen des oeuvres du sieur Girard Desargues, 1644 (...) [and his] use of his influence to procure a prohibition against Bosse teaching Desargues' methods at the Académie Royale de Peinture et Sculpture (...) probably did more than anything to obscure the latter's remarkable achievement until his 'rediscovery', in the nineteenth century, as the father of a whole new science of projective geometry (...). There was no further printing of this work in France. (...) The work's merits seem to have been appreciated in Holland since a Dutch translation, published in Amsterdam in 1664 (Algemeene manier tot de practijk der perspectiven, bij-een-gevoegt door A. Bosse (...)) ran into a second edition in 1686." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXII.

€ (500-700)
70 2772 Architecture  Le Clerc S 70 2772 Architecture Le Clerc S
70 2772 Architecture  Le Clerc S 70 2772 Architecture Le Clerc S
70/2772 [Architecture]. Le Clerc, S. Verhandeling over de bouwkunde. Dutch transl. P.E. Duyvené. Amst., H. Gartman, n.d. (1781), 2 parts in 1 vol., (10),92 textp., 182 engr. plates, contemp. plain limp boards, 4to.

- A few lvs. waterst., mainly in upper margin; hinges weak. Paper over spine worn away.

= The first Dutch edition of this classic by the French engraver and draughtsman Sébastien Le Clerc (1637-1714). The plates depicting the orders, their application and plates of doors, windows, niches, balustrades etc. Cf. Kunst op schrift, 1030/ 1031 (variant address).

€ (100-150) 110
70 2773 Architecture  Schübler J J 70 2773 Architecture Schübler J J
70 2773 Architecture  Schübler J J 70 2773 Architecture Schübler J J
70 2773 Architecture  Schübler J J 70 2773 Architecture Schübler J J
70 2773 Architecture  Schübler J J 70 2773 Architecture Schübler J J
70/2773 [Architecture]. Schübler, J.J. Werck, Zwölffte - Zwantzigste und Letze Ausgabe. Augsb., heirs J. Wolff, n.d. (±1730), 9 (of 25) parts in 1 vol., each w. letterpress title-p., 54 engr. plates, contemp. hroan w. ties, folio.

- Parts bound in erratic order. Title (of no.13 and no.20) sl. stained; a few vague spots. Library ticket on frontcover. Fine copy.

= Millard Collection, Vol.III, 113 and Kat. Orn. Berlin 98 (both listing a total of 25 series (w. 150 prints)). Rare series of beautiful plates by the many-sided artist/ mathematician/ architect/ musician Johann Jacob Schübler (1689-1741). Contains the following subjects (in order of binding): "Architectonische Garten-Portale nach flamandischer Façon" (no.13); "Moderne Garten-Ornemens" (no.19); "Neu-inventierte Vases, nach der Antiquen Proportion" (no.16); "Neu-erfundene Camine und ausserordentliche Stuben-Ofen" (no.14); "Neu-façonirte Wasser-Pumpen" (no.15); "Neu-inventirte commode Schöpff-Brunnen" (no.17); "Neu-inventirte und nach der Französischen Disposition eingerichtete Buffets" (no.20); "Neu-inventirte Credences, und moderne Caffé-Tische" (no.18); "Neu-inventirte Confessionaux oder Beicht-Stühle" (no.12). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXIII.

€ (700-900) 800
70 2774 Architecture  Schübler J J 70 2774 Architecture Schübler J J
70/2774 [Architecture]. Schübler, J.J. Werck, (Sechste Ausgabe)/ Siebende Ausgabe/ (Dreyzehende Ausgabe). Augsb., heirs J. Wolff, n.d. (±1730), 3 parts (of 25) in 1 vol., 1 letterpress title (of 3), 18 engr. plates, contemp. boards, folio.

- Parts bound in erratic order. Sl. yellowed; lacks 2 letterpress divisional title-p.; one plate squared in pencil; a few plates sl. foxed; margins mostly (sl.) fingersoiled. Spine worn.

= Contains the following series (in order of binding): "Garten-Portale nach flamandischer Façon" (no.13); "Commod- und Schlaf-Sessel (...) Speis-Tische (...) Parade-Tische" (no.6) and "Sommer-Häuser, Garten-Cabinetten, und kleine Weyer-Gebäude" (no.7). Rare.

€ (200-300) 210
70 2775 Architecture  Tieleman van der Horst 70 2775 Architecture Tieleman van der Horst
70/2775 [Architecture]. Tieleman van der Horst. Theatrum machinarum universale; of nieuwe algemeene bouwkunde, waar in (...) werd voorgestelt en geleerdt, het maaken van veelerley soorten van Trappen (...) Quartierboomen, Slaapers, Leuningen, Cieraaden en Lofwercken; en ook het maaken van vierkanten, agtkanten, ronde en ovale Lantaarens en wat er meer tot dit soort van Bouwkunde behoord. Amst., P. Schenk, 1739, engr. halftitle, title-page w. vignette, dedic. page and 30 double-page plates by J. SCHENK, later plain boards, folio.

- As usual without the small 4to textbooklet. Occas. sl. thumbsoiled; trifle/ sl. spotted; plates 28 and 29 stain in outer blank margins; plate 30 outer margins trimmed near the platemark; one plate loose; one plate w. tear at top of middle fold. Binding worn.

= Bierens de Haan 4839A; Kat. Orn. Berlin 2253. Detailed plates of staircases, including highly decorated banisters and skylights.

€ (120-150)
70 2776 Artists' manuals  Bosboom D 70 2776 Artists' manuals Bosboom D
70 2776 Artists' manuals  Bosboom D 70 2776 Artists' manuals Bosboom D
70/2776 [Artists' manuals]. Bosboom, D. Perspectiva of doorzicht-kunde, onderscheyden in Voorbereytzelen, Bespiegeling, Werk-stellige oeffening. Amst., J. Graal, 1729, (12),180p., engr. frontisp., printer's mark ("Konst doet meer als arbeid") and 18 plates, contemp. wr., sm. 4to.

- (Large) tear in frontisp., title-p. and dedic. leaf; sl. waterstained in inner blank margin at the beginning. Wrapper dam., backstrip lacking and some quires loosening.

= Bierens de Haan 507. Reimpression of the 1st ed. publ. Amst., 1703. Rare.

€ (150-250) 170
70 2777 Artists' manuals  Goeree W 70 2777 Artists' manuals Goeree W
70 2777 Artists' manuals  Goeree W 70 2777 Artists' manuals Goeree W
70/2777 [Artists' manuals]. Goeree, W. Inleydingh Tot de Practijck Der Al-gemeene Schilder-Konst, Waer in Neffens de Heerlijckheyt en Nuttigheydt der selve, kortelijck wert aengewesen: wat dingen tot grondige verstaeningh der Schilder-Konst behoorde geweten te zijn (...). Middelb., the author, 1670, 1st ed., (16),133p., engr. frontisp., contemp. vellum, sm. 8vo. - BOUND WITH: Idem. Inleydinge Tot de Al-gemeene Teycken-Konst, waer in de Gronden en Eygenschappen die tot onfeylbaer en verstandigh begrijp vande Teycken-Konst noodigh te weten zijn, kortelijck en klaer werden aen-gewesen (...). Ibid., idem, 1670, 2nd enl. ed., (6),126p., engr. frontisp., 1 plate, 2 ills. - AND BOUND WITH: Idem. Verlichterie-Kunde, Of recht gebruyck der Water-Verwen. In welcke des selfs kennis, en volkomen gebruyck tot de Schilder-Kunde, ende de Illuminatie ofte Verlichterie noodigh zijnde, kortelijck werden geleert. Eertijts uytgegeven door den Voortreffelijcken Verlichter Mr. Geerard ter Brugge (...) dienende om neffens het Illumineeren ofte Afsetten, oock het Coloreeren en Schilderen met Water-Verwen te Oeffenen. Ibid., idem, 1670, 2nd enl. ed., 2 parts, (16),42; 58p., engr. frontisp., engr. table. w. sl. later handcolouring.

- Bookplate on first free endpaper; final part partly sl. waterstained; pastedowns sl. worn.

= Kunst op schrift 4-6. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXIII.

€ (500-700)
70 2778 Artists' manuals  Hoet G 70 2778 Artists' manuals Hoet G
70/2778 [Artists' manuals]. Hoet, G. De voornaamste gronden der tekenkonst (...) waar in, door natuurlyke voorbeelden, veelderlei stant en gedaante van hoofden en tronien, alsmede de beweegingen van handen en voeten, mitsgaders veele volkome beelden, zoo mannen als vrouwen in hunne verscheide gestalten, vertoond worden (...). Leyden, J.A. Langerak, 1723, (10)textp., 71 (of 83) engr. plates by P. BODART after G. HOET, contemp. wr., sm. folio.

- Lacks the frontisp. and 12 plates (incl. 2 folding and 1 double-p.); occas. (vaguely) waterstained, mainly in blank margins; old owner's entry on title-p. Wrapper frayed and lacking backstrip.

= Not in Kunst op schrift.

€ (200-300) 275
70 2779 Artists' manuals  Hoogstraeten S van 70 2779 Artists' manuals Hoogstraeten S van
70 2779 Artists' manuals  Hoogstraeten S van 70 2779 Artists' manuals Hoogstraeten S van
70 2779 Artists' manuals  Hoogstraeten S van 70 2779 Artists' manuals Hoogstraeten S van
70 2779 Artists' manuals  Hoogstraeten S van 70 2779 Artists' manuals Hoogstraeten S van
70/2779 [Artists' manuals]. Hoogstraeten, S. van. Inleyding tot de hooge schoole der Schilderkonst: Anders de Zichtbaere Werelt. Verdeelt in negen Leerwinkels, yder bestiert door eene der Zanggodinnen. Rott., F. van Hoogstraeten, 1678, (14),361,(8)p., etched title, engr. portr. by J. OUDAAN, 13 (fold.) plates and 4 ills., contemp. gilt hcalf, sm. 4to.

- Corners showing; spine trifle worn. Nevertheless an attractive copy.

= Arntzen/ Rainwater H63; Kunst op schrift 23. The first and only edition of this handbook for artists by one of Rembrandt's pupils. Four plates devoted to the human proportions, the other nine representing the classical muses and the 4 remarkable textills. illustrating the way light falls and shadows are cast. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXIII.

€ (800-1.000) 1600
70 2780 Artists' manuals  Kikkert P 70 2780 Artists' manuals Kikkert P
70/2780 [Artists' manuals]. Kikkert, P. Proeve van ets-kundige uitspanningen, of verzameling van plaatjens, door de ets-naald in 't koper gebracht, met bijgevoegde verhandelingen, de teken- en etskunde betreffende. Amst., W. van Vliet, 1798, 88p., 18 etched plates by the author, contemp. boards w. paper letterpiece.

- Sm. bookplate on upper pastedown; waterstained and fingersoiled in margins (often affecting text/ plate); lower outer corner last page torn off. Spine creased/ dam.

= Kunst op schrift 1452. With some portraits of famous/ notorious inhabitants of Leyden, i.a. Klaas Langenakker and Marytje van Harten (a.k.a. Kluit water en brij). Rare.

€ (100-150) 100
70 2781 Artists' manuals  Le Brun K 70 2781 Artists' manuals Le Brun K
70/2781 [Artists' manuals]. Le Brun, K. Afbeelding der Hertstogten, of Middelen om dezelve volkomen te leeren afteekenen. Dutch transl. F. de Kaarsgieter. Amst., Z. Verbeek, 1728, 2nd ed., 2 vols. (text and plates separated), (14),55,(1)p.; engr. frontisp. by P. SLUYTER after J. GOEREE and 43 plates, later unif. hvellum.

- Vellum darkened/ sl. foxed and chipped along spines. = Kunst op Schrift 237.

€ (70-90) 120
70 2782 Artists' manuals  Molanus J  = J Vermeulen 70 2782 Artists' manuals Molanus J = J Vermeulen
70/2782 [Artists' manuals]. Molanus, J. (= J. Vermeulen). De historia ss. imaginum et picturarum, pro vero earum usu contra abusus, libri quatuor. Ed. J.N. Paquot. Louvain, Typis Academicis, 1771, XXXI,(1),676,(3)p., 1 woodcut textill., contemp. gilt hcalf w. mor. letterpiece, 4to.

- Lower blank margin sl. waterst. and mouldy throughout (incl. binding). Paper over backcover partly torn; 2 sm. tickets on spine.

= Johannes Molanus' notorious guidelines for artists depicting saintly figures. First publ. 1570.

ADDED: 2 others.

€ (150-250)
70 2783 Artists' manuals  Monier P 70 2783 Artists' manuals Monier P
70/2783 [Artists' manuals]. Monier, P. Histoire des arts qui ont raport au dessein, divisé en trois livres ou il est traité de son origine, de son Progrès, de sa Chute & de son Rétablissement (...). Paris, P. Giffart, 1698, (52),349,(16)p., engr. frontisp. by P. GIFFART after P. MONIER, contemp. calf w. gilt spine and red mor. letterpiece, sm. 8vo.

- Vaguely waterst. at the beginning; the words "Roi", "Majesté" and "Marquis" on title-p. and first text leaf obscured in old pen and ink. Binding trifle rubbed along extremities.

= Rare.

€ (100-150) 160
70/2784 Artists' manuals  Le petit dessinateur 70/2784 Artists' manuals Le petit dessinateur
70/2784 [Artists' manuals]. Le petit dessinateur. N.pl., n.publ., n.d. (±1830), engr./ aquatint title and 20 plates, each 5,5x7,5 cm., loose as issued in orig. embossed glazed paper portfolio (6,1x8,5 cm.).

- Two plates lacking sm. portion (affecting image); sl. foxed. Hinges of portfolio strengthened; lacks ties; joints splitting.

€ (70-90)
70 2785 Artists' manuals  Philips Jacobsz  C 70 2785 Artists' manuals Philips Jacobsz C
70/2785 [Artists' manuals]. Philips Jacobsz., C. Uitvoerig onderwys in de perspectiva, of doorzichtkunde. Voor alle liefhebbers Dezer aangenaame en nuttige Weetenschap, en inzonderheid voor degeenen, die dezelve noodzakelyk dienen te oeffenen, Als: teekenaars, schilders, plaatsnyders, architecten, steenhouwers, timmerlieden, metzelaars, etc. Amst., J.C. Sepp, 1781, 2nd ed., (16),XVI,127,(1)p., 60 fold. engr. plates, contemp. hcalf.

- Occas. sl. foxed, otherwise contents fine. Top of spine sl. dam.; foot of spine chipped; corners rubbed.

= Bierens de Haan 3759; cf. Kat. Orn. Berlin 4740. The rare second edition of this work; the edition publ. Amst., 1827 is usually, but apparently erroneously) indicated as the second edition.

€ (100-150) 100