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70 2712 Music  Liszt F  1811 1886 70 2712 Music Liszt F 1811 1886
70/2712 [Music]. Liszt, F. (1811-1886). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "F. Liszt", to "Eminence", dated "Mardi" (and w. "Roma, 1869" in diff. hand in pencil on verso), pen and ink, one folded leaf, 18x11,5 cm., recto only, 1p.

= "Eminence, Encore une lettre de Muller! Le changement qu'il Vous indique, me parait favorable et j'espère que Votre Eminence ne sera pas empechée d'assister à la Messe chantée jeudi 11 heure, à l'église de l'Anima, où Vous attendra votre très respectueusement dévoué serviteur F. Liszt. Mardi." The "église l'Anima" is the Roman-Catholic church Santa Maria dell'Anima of the German community in Rome. "Votre Eminence" might be his once-lover and companion Princess Carolyne de Sayn-Wittgenstein, who lived in Rome. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXV.

€ (700-900) 700
70/2713 Music  Manuscript songbook 70/2713 Music Manuscript songbook
70/2713 Music  Manuscript songbook 70/2713 Music Manuscript songbook
70/2713 Music  Manuscript songbook 70/2713 Music Manuscript songbook
70/2713 [Music]. Manuscript songbook, mainly sacred works, n.pl., n.d. (±1600), (42 manuscript), (13 blank), (19 ms.), (38 blank),(25 ms.), (39 blank), (24 ms.), (16 blank) leaves, pen and ink on manuscript staves, all but two recto and verso, contemp. vellum.

- Occas. w. later annots. in pencil (sometimes identifying the composer, sometimes on the number of voices required); lacks one leaf and one leaf dam. (with loss of music). Occas. cut sl short (affecting the numbering of the pieces in the manuscript, which from no.30 onwards stop altogether); occas. trifle soiled in margins. Contents otherwise fine. Binding warped and vellum soiled.

= A very interesting and important source for late 16th and early 17th cent. European continental music, containing over 90 pieces of mostly spiritual music by some of the most famous composers of the time as well as of lesser well known or even unknown composers. Only one piece in the manuscript is dated (no.34 of the list below, by Melchior Franck, dated "13. Jul: 1627"). The manuscript is written in several different hands, which implies that it was done by various copyists. Copying music by scribes was done well into the 18th century, and was deemed more efficient and cheaper than the printing of sheetmusic. Mother copies all over Europe were used for easy and relatively swift dissemination of (parts of) music by scribes.

Contents: 1. Jacobi Handl (=J. Gallus). "Quid admiramini licet mirabile tamen possibile"; 2. J. Handl (?). "Cor meum & caro me exultaverunt in deum vivum" (Psalm 83); 3. J. Handl. "Laus et per genis gloria Deo patri"; 4. J.L. Hassler. "Omnes gentes plaudite manibus"; 5. J.L. Hassler. "Guadete filiae"; 6. Hannibal Stabilis. "Kyrie Elei son"; 7. Bartholomeus Gesius. "Benedicat tibi dominus"; 8. Anonymous. "Proelia sunt belli proelia"; 9. J. Handl. "Hodie natus est salvator mundi"; 10. Bartholomeus Gesius. "Das alte Jahr ist nun vergangen"; 11. Bartholomeus Gesius. [Unidentified]; 12. Anonymous. "Cantus. Das alte Jar vergangen ist" (cf. http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/211006160); 12 [= 13]. Nicolaus Zangius. "Dilectus meus mihi et ego illi"; 13 [=14]. Nikolaus Zangius. "Laudate dominum" and "Laudate Laudent illum coeli, terra, mare et omnis creatura eius" [the latter with "In tympano" sections]; 14 [= 15]. Anonymous. "Echo ad Ducem Joannem Cristianum"; 15 [= 16]. Anonymous. (Not traceable) (First leaf torn out; second leaf dam.); 16 [= 17]. Anonymous. "Echo ad Ducem Georgium Rudolphium"; 17 [= 18]. Johann L. Hassler. "Si bona suscipimus de manu Domini" (cf. http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/118832); 18 [= 19]. Anonymous. "Pater noster, qui est in coelis"; 19 [= 20]. Anonymous (w. later attribution in pencil to Ascanio Trombetti). "Paratum cor meum" (see http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/305000603); 20 [= 21]. Anonymous (w. later illegible attribution). "Surge: Propera amica mea"; 21 [= 22]. Anonymous. "Laudate nomen domini"; 22 [= 23]. Anonymous (identified as Thomas Elsbeth in contemp. hand in pen and ink at top of the page). "Vidi Dominum facie ad faciem"; 23 [= 24]. Anonymous (w. later attribution in pencil to (Christian) Erbach). "Legem pone mihi domine"; 24 [=25]. Anonymous. "Fac mecum signum in bonum in bonum"; 25 [= 26]. Anonymous (w. later attribution in pencil to Thomas Elsbeth). "Complacuit domino in te"; 26 [= 27]. Anonymous. "Commenda domino viam tuam"; 27 [= 28]. Anonymous. "Magna fecit mecum dominus"; 28 [= 29]. Anonymous (w. later attribution in pencil to Thomas Elsbeth). "Nil vigili praestat mentem"; 29 [= 30]. Anonymous. "Nunc singula laetemus"; 30 [= 31]. Anonymous (w. later attribution in pencil to Thomas Walliser). "Laetus age laeta age aligeri heroes"; (32). Anonymous (w. later attribution in pencil to Thomas Walliser). "Caetus vigebit noster"; (33). Jacob Handl. "Veniet tempus, in quo salvabitur populus" (cf. http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/453012371); (34). Melchior Franck. "Mein Freund komme in seine Garten" (dated at the end "13. Jul: 1627"); (35). Anonymous. "Cantate domino cantionum novum"; (36). Orlando di Lasso. "Dixit Joseph undecim fratribus" (see http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/305000687); (37). Giovanni Bassano. "Dic nobis Maria" (see http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/211006164); (38). Claudio Merulo. "Jubilate deo" (see http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/305000655); (39). Ippolito Baccusi. "Si bona suscepimus" (cf. http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/451019625); (40). Giovanni Gabrieli. "Cantate domino canticum novum" (see http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/211003804); (41). Anonymous. "Beatus vir qui suffert tentatione"; (41). Anonymous. "Gloria in excelsis deo"; (42). Anonymous. "In coelestibus regnis regnis sanctorum habitatio est"; (43). Anonymous. "Salva nos domine[?] vigilantes"; (44). Anonymous. "Consilium autem domini manet in aeternum"; (45). Anonymous. "Domine misericordia tua in seculum"; (46). Anonymous. "Domine misericordia tua in seculum seculi"; (47). Anonymous. (German song. Unread); (48). Anonymous. "Ein tugenstsames Weib ist ein [...?] edle Gabe"; (49). Anonymous. (German song. Unread); (50). (Orazio Vecchi?). "Io son restato qui sconsolatto"; (51). Anonymous. "Tant vous ales doulx Guillemette"; (52). Alessandro Striggio. "Nasce la pena mia" (see http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/456054878); (53). Jacob Handl. "Haec est dies quam fecit dominus" (see http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/211003743); (54). Isaac Praetorius. "Qui fers Christum"; (55). Anonymous. (German song. Unread); (56). Anonymous. "Erhalt uns herr beij deinem Wort"; (57). Christian Boselius. (German song. Unread); (58). Anonymous. (German song. Unread); (59). Clemens non Papa. "Maria Magdalene et altera Maria" (see http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/150203244); (60). Jakob Meiland. "Thomas qui dicitur Didymus" (see http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/1001044438); (61). Anonymous. "Maria virgo regia"; (62). Anonymous. "Nunc dimitis"; (63). Anonymous. "Ecce annuncio vobis gaudium magnum"; (64). Anonymous. "O crux ave spes unica"; (65). J.L. Hassler. "Alleluia laudem dicite deo nostro" (see http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/220031675); (66). G. de Wert. "Transeunte domino clamabat" (see: http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/455037602); (67). G.P. da Palestrina. "Vestiva i colli" (see: http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/806551457); (68). Orazio Vecchi. "Che Comanda sta bevanda nasce al monte montemola" (cf. http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/451505534); (69). G.G. Gastoldi. "A lieta vita amor ci in Vita" (see http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/700007084); (70). Anonymous. "Di pensier in pensier io vo pensando"; (71). I. de Vento. "Ich stund an einem Morg" (see: http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/451509983); (72). Anonymous. "Der Maij kommt nun"; (73). Nicolaus Zangius (German song. Unread); (74). Gregor Zange. "Da Jesus an dam Kreuze stundt"; (75). C.T. Walliser (later attribution in pencil to H.L. Hassler). "An Wasserflüssen Babilon" (cf. http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/301012279); (76). Anonymous. "Der Christ der an uns stimmet wol"; (77). Anonymous. (German song. Unread); (78). C.T. Walliser. "Nun lob mein Seel den Herren" (see http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/190026619); (79). Anonymous. "Lobet heut Marien Söhnelein"; (80). Anonymous. "Nun bitten wir den heiligen Geist"; (81). Anonymous. "Gottes Sohn ist Mensch geborn" (see http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/300505040); (82). Anonymous. "Galliarda"/ "Paduan Jean Gros[?]"/ "Paduan Lacrima"; (83). Anonymous. (German song. Unread); (84). Jacobus de Wert. "Egressus Jesus Miserere" (not traced); (85). Anonymous. "Passion. Höret das Leiden unseres Herren Jesus Christi aus [dem Evangelists?] Joannes" ((13)p.); (85). Longueval, J. A. "Passio. Domini nostri Jesu Christi secundum Matheum" ((10)p.) (see http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/225004845); (86). Anonymous. "Es ging ein [Mensch?"] (...) Sancte lieber domina" ((7)p.; German and Latin text intermingled); (87). Anonymous. "Rex regum dives in omnes" (cf. http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/301011880, listing a similarly titled work by Thomas Elsbeth); (88). Anonymous. "Christ ist erstanden von der Marter alle"; (89). Anonymous. (German song. Unread); (90). Abraham Meisner. (German song. Unread) (no composer "Abraham Meisner" traced); (91). Georgius Leusner. (German song. Unread); (92). Anonymous. (German song. Unread); Anonymous. (German song. Unread); (93). Joachim a Burck. "Der Heiland ist erstanden" (see http://demo.muscat-project.org/catalog/300043665). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXV.

€ (12.000-15.000) 12000
70 2714 Music  Tauber R  1891 1948 70 2714 Music Tauber R 1891 1948
70/2714 [Music]. Tauber, R. (1891-1948). AUTOGRAPH DEDICATION SIGNED "Dein alter Richard", to "Liebste Vally" [unidentified], dated "London feb. 1946", pen and black ink. - ON frontwr. of J. STRAUSS, Gay Rosalinda (Die Fledermaus) (n.pl., Ed. Cranz, n.d. (±1946), plate no. F.S. 23393, orig. wr., 4to).

= "Deiner innigst Gedenken - hoffe ich Dich bald wieder zu sehen (...)".

TOGETHER in giltlettered cloth dropback box WITH: C. POT, Richard Tauber zanger zonder grenzen (Oud-Beijerland, 1988, ills., orig. boards).

€ (100-150) 110
70 2715 Music  Walter B  1876 1962 70 2715 Music Walter B 1876 1962
70/2715 [Music]. Walter, B. (1876-1962). Photographic portrait w. autograph DEDICATION SIGNED "Bruno Walter" on mount, dated "Amsterdam, Oktober 1936", pen and brown ink, the photograph by HANNA ELKAN, gelatin silver print, 22,5x16,5 cm., w. her blindstamp in corner of photo and in mount.

- Portrait formerly tipped onto limp mount but now loose; sl. rubbed; print and mount w. traces of sellotape (mainly in corners); mount w. marginal tear.

= "Herrn L. van der Lek zur Erinnerung an gemeinsames Musizieren herzlichst Bruno Walter Amsterdam, Oktober 1936". Leo van der Lek was oboist and cor anglais player in the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra from 1932-1973; Bruno Walter was conductor of the RCO from 1934 to 1939.

€ (100-150) 110
70 2716 Music Pop music  Spice Girls 70 2716 Music Pop music Spice Girls
70/2716 [Music. Pop music]. Spice Girls. SIGNED group portrait col. offset poster, 59,5x44 cm., with five AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATIONS in pen and ink, framed.

= Signed by the members of the popular 90's girl band The Spice Girls: M.J. Chisholm, M.J. Brown, V. Beckham, E.M. Bunton and Geri Halliwell.

€ (50-70) 80
70 2717 Nerée R J de 1701 1744 70 2717 Nerée R J de 1701 1744
70 2717 Nerée R J de 1701 1744 70 2717 Nerée R J de 1701 1744
70/2717 Nerée, R.J. de (1701-1744). "Observationes, Responsa, et Notata Theoretica et Practica sive Quodlibetica mea. Vol. 2". N.pl., 1738-1739, 534,(18 index) manuscript p., contemp. vellum, folio.

- Bookblock read out of shape. Binding warped and sl. stained. Vol. 2 only.

= Collection of transcripts and annotations in two different hands, concerning legal cases and verdicts, in part written by R.J. de Nerée (1701-1744, acc. to a later pencil note on title-p.). Most cases are of German interest.

€ (80-100)
70 2718 Newton A E  1863 1940 70 2718 Newton A E 1863 1940
70/2718 Newton, A.E. (1863-1940). Lot of 7 AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED and 6 TYPESCRIPT LETTERS SIGNED "A. Edward Newton"/ "E. Edward" (1x) and "A.E.N." (3x), all to Holbrook Jackson, dated between "January 25th 1930" and "May 1. 1940", all letters 1 leaf, 2x recto and verso. - WITH three carbon copies of typescript letters by HOLBROOK JACKSON addressed to A.E. Newton.

= Alfred Edward Newton, American publisher, avid book collector and author of i.a. Amenities of Book Collecting (1918). One side of an interesting correspondence between two great bibliophiles, especially good reading for the comments by Newton on "merely arty book[s]" that have "no raison d'etre". On William Morris: "You are entirely right, in my judgment, in calling him the most splendid failure of the nineteenth century. He preached Socialism in season and out, and then made books which only people of means could buy. I have some of them; his Chaucer in white pigskin, for example. I would be willing to bet a silk hat to a box of matches that no one has ever read from beginning to end one single one of the Kelmscott Press publications (...). Of what good is the Doves Bible except to look at? And only the first page of that is not monotonous to distraction. (...) But there is no doubt whatever that William Morris more than any other one man gave a fillip to book production everywhere. (...)". Also on current affairs: the final letter opens with the line: "Why in God's name do you employ old fashion'd gentlemen to fight against the world's worst? Thank you for delightul little volume, I still remember the time when I thought you not one man but many (...)". The three letters by Holbrook Jackson (dated between April 1933 and March 1945) are all answers to Newton's letters of the time and mainly concern invitations for the joining of societies (the Trollope Society) or plans to meet/ see each other, but also on the forgeries by Thomas J. Wise exposed by Carter and Pollard in 1934.

€ (200-300) 475
70/2719 Oriental manuscripts  Persian manuscript 70/2719 Oriental manuscripts Persian manuscript
70/2719 [Oriental manuscripts]. Persian manuscript, (30) lvs. w. (20) textp. in pen and black and red ink and 10 full-p. miniatures, gouache on paper, heightened w. gold., probably late 19th cent.(?), ±19x12 cm., contemp. leather.

- A few text leaves loose. = SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXVI.

AND an early 20th cent. Burmese manuscript (text in pen and black, red and yellow ink, contemp. silk covers).

€ (200-300) 200
70 2720 Somerset Maugham W  1874 1965 70 2720 Somerset Maugham W 1874 1965
70/2720 Somerset Maugham, W. (1874-1965). TYPESCRIPT LETTER SIGNED "W.S. Maugham" to "Dear Friend", dated "5th January, 1961", signed in pen and blue ink, on recto of sheet w. letterhead "Villa Mauresque, St. Jean-Cap de Ferrat, A.M."

= "Dear Friend, I have to address you thus because I cannot decipher your signature. Of course I shall be glad to autograph a book for you. But if you want me to write your name in it, you must print it - also the address. Thank you for your good wishes; I was touched and much pleased. Yours sincerely, W.S. Maugham".

Idem. TYPESCRIPT LETTER SIGNED "W.S. Maugham" to "Dear Mr. Colby", dated "6th December, 1950", signed in pen and blue ink, on recto of sheet w. letterhead "The Dorchester Hotel London".

= "Dear Mr. Colby, Thank you for your letter. I am leaving London in a very few days and I am so full of engagements that I must ask you to forgive me if I do not ask you to come and see me. Yours sincerely, W.S. Maugham".

€ (150-250)
70 2721 Theatre  Buziau J F  1877 1958 70 2721 Theatre Buziau J F 1877 1958
70/2721 [Theatre]. Buziau, J.F. (1877-1958). Photogr. portrait picture postcard SIGNED, to "WelEd. Heer Karel v. Wely", pen and black ink, 14,1x9,1 cm., recto only.

= Small note congratulating Van Wely on his "feestdag" and telling him he hopes that he and his wife will continue to visit "Henri Ier Hall's revues".

ADDED: 20 photogr. picture postcards of various artists.

€ (50-70) 100
70/2722 [Theatre. Mar, F. de la]. Leroux, T. (= J.G. Peters). "De wilde maagd". ("Voor Fientje de la Mar met het recht door haar alleen te worden voorgedragen"). Typescript poem w. a few manuscript corrections, 1948, 22 lvs., contemp. wr.

= Curious poem by an admirer of Dutch actress Fientje de la Mar (1898-1965). With loosely inserted autograph signed typescript letter to "Zeer geachte Mevrouw", dated "Hilversum, 3 Maart '48": "Daar stuurt een onbekende dichter U een geesteskind en verlangt maar even, dat het wurm door U, bekend en gevierd toneelspeelster, geadopteerd zal worden. Hij draagt zijn berijmd verhaal aan u op en nu denkt hij zeker, dat Fientje de la Mar daar erg mee ingenomen is (...). Toch is het een beetje anders. (...) Zij zal snappen, dat een Hollandse dichter die van moederszijde een Parijse grootmoeder heeft gehad, iets anders moet maken dan die boven-Moerdijkse rijmelaars die elkaar in tijdschriften ophemelen of verguizen (...). Wilt U het lezen en mij Uw indruk weergeven? En vindt U het goed, dat ik U eens opbel voor een afspraak, waarbij we dan één en ander eens nader kunnen bespreken?"

On the same leaf in manuscript by Fientje de la Mar to a third party: "Hierbij 'n aan mij opgedragen gedicht! Om je 'n zotje te lachen is geen uitdrukking hiervoor. Enfin, lees 't zelf maar ik moet 't terug hebben".

ADDED: Bleeke Bet. N.pl., Monopole Film, (1934), (24)p., ills., orig. wr.

= Starring Fientje de la Mar as Ka.

€ (70-90)
70 2723 Thorbecke J R  1798 1872 70 2723 Thorbecke J R 1798 1872
70/2723 Thorbecke, J.R. (1798-1872). Calligraphed doctor's degree for FREDERIK BERNARDUS VAN LEEUWEN, pen and black ink on vellum, 1 fold. leaf, 37x44 cm. (unfolded), Dutch text, signed by "Thorbecke", "Hendrik Prins der Nederlanden", "Simons" and "G. Roorda" and "C.F. Pahud", dated "30 Augustus van het Jaar Achttien Honderd Vijftig", w. ribbon.

- Lacks wax seal.

= Degree from the academy "Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde van Néérlandsch Indië". Signed by J.R. Thorbecke as "Minister van Binnenlandsche Zaken" and Prince Hendrik of the Netherlands as the patron.

€ (50-70) 150
70 2724 Uhlenbeck P F 70 2724 Uhlenbeck P F
70 2724 Uhlenbeck P F 70 2724 Uhlenbeck P F
70/2724 Uhlenbeck, P.F. Het lied van Hajawatha van Henrij Wadsworth Longfellow, in vorm en versmaat van het oorspronkelijke, "The song of Hiawatha", in het Hollandsch overgebragt. Manuscript, 1869, black pen and ink, 207,(1) lvs., orig. hcl.

- Contents loose(ning) and sl. foxed. Lacks spine; rubbed along extremities.

= Longfellow's The Song of Hiawatha was first published in 1855 in Boston. The first Dutch translation was published by L.S.P. Meijboom in 1862. This manuscript is an unpublished early Dutch translation by Dutch marine officer and aviation pioneer Peter Frederik Uhlenbeck (1816-1882) who dedicates this work to his wife.

€ (200-300) 200
70/2725 Utrecht  Lot of ±40 manuscript deeds all concerning property in Utrecht city and province 70/2725 Utrecht Lot of ±40 manuscript deeds all concerning property in Utrecht city and province
70/2725 [Utrecht]. Lot of ±40 manuscript deeds, all concerning property in Utrecht city and province, mostly 19th cent. (a few late 17th-18th cent.), pen and ink, a few w. wax seal.

= I.a. on boundaries of land near Jutfaas.

€ (70-90) 100
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