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900 - 988     MUSIC - LPs and CDs (The collection of Remko Scha)

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70/ 940 Lot of ±150 records, various styles, mostly pop music.

= Miscellaneous lot. Incl. records of David Bowie, Cabaret Voltaire, Donovan, Brian Eno, Bryan Ferry, Holy Modal Rounders, The Human League, Incredible String Band, Pink Floyd/ Syd Barrett, Roxy Music, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sparks, Phil Spector, T Rex, Talking Heads, Tom Verlaine, Robert Wyatt.

€ (200-300) 425
70/ 941 Lot of ±180 records, various styles, mostly pop music.

= Miscellaneous lot. Incl. records of 23 Skidoo, Amazulu, Blondie, Camper van Beethoven, Nick Cave, Elvis Costello, The Cramps, Mink DeVille, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Eurythmics, The Feelies, Last Few Days, Lydia Lunch, Mekons, Scritti Politti, Wendy O. Williams, XTC.

€ (250-350) 425
70/ 942 Louisiana Cajun Music. Volume 1. First Recordings, the 1920s./ Volume 3. The String Bands of the 1930s. Arhoolie/ Old Timey Records, 19028/ 19030, 1970/ 1971, 2 records, gatefold sleeves. Texas-Mexican Border Music. Vol. 5. The String Bands. End of a Tradition. Folklyric Records, 9007, 1976. - AND 13 others, i.a. TRADITIONAL FIDDLE MUSIC OF MISSISSIPPI. Vol. 2 (1975); WOODY GUTHRIE, Immortal Woody Guthrie (1990); RURAL BLUES. Vol. 3. Down Home Stomp (1970, gatefold sleeve) and BLUES CLASSICS BY THE JUG, JOOK AND WASHBOARD BANDS (1964).
€ (30-50) 30
70/ 943 Lucier, Alvin. Music on a long thin wire. Lovely Music/ Vital Records, VR 1011/ 1012, 1980, double-LP, gatefold sleeve. Idem. Music for solo performer (for enormously amplified brain waves and percussion). Lovely Music, VR1014, 1982. US Steel Cello Ensemble. Rutman: Sounds of Nothing. Art Supermarket Records, AS1001, 1976. The Nihilist Spasm Band. Vol. 2. Music Gallery Editions, MGE 13, 1979. - AND 9 others, i.a. DAVID TOOP and MAX EASTLEY, New and rediscovered musical instruments (1975); JOHN WHITE and GAVIN BRYARS, Machine Music (1978); DAVID CUNNINGHAM, Grey Scale (1977) and TONY SINDEN, Functional Action parts 2 & 3 (1980).
€ (70-90) 150
70 944 Max Massengo et le Negro Band 70 944 Max Massengo et le Negro Band
70/ 944 Max Massengo et le Negro Band. (s/t). Pathé, C 062-15.769, 1976. Wale Glorious & his Aiyesoro Spots Band of Nigeria. Philips (West African), PR 13415, n.d. (±1970), 10". Kayode Ige and his New Star Band. Idem, PR 6386 013, n.d. (±1970), 10". - AND 2 others: IKENGA SUPER STARS OF AFRICA, Ikenga go marry me (1975) and SEGUN ADEWALE, Play for me (1984).
€ (60-80) 60
70 945 McMahon Paul 70 945 McMahon Paul
70/ 945 McMahon, Paul. Are you fearless?/ Maybe you didn't notice. No label, 1978, 7", without sleeve (as issued).

= Self released minimal pop record. Duration: 52 seconds (side A)/ 44 seconds (side B).

Idem. How I love your paintings. Eos Records, ER31, 1981, 7".

= Sleeve SIGNED "for Remko with love [signature]". Block/ Glasmeier, Broken Music p.181.

Idem. Paul McMahon. Neutral Records, N-13, 1986. - ADDED: a col. silkscreen by the same (signed and "AP 3/7" in pencil on verso).

€ (50-70) 60
70/ 946 Melnyk, Lubomyr. Lubomyr Melnyk performs KMH. Piano Music in the Continuous Mode. Music Gallery Editions, MGE 18, 1979, insert. Niblock, Phill. Nothin to look at just a record. India Navigation, IN 3026, 1982, insert. - AND 11 others, i.a. FOLKE RABE and BO ANDERS PERSSON, Was??/ Proteinimperialism (1970); ALAIN LOUVIER, Études pour Agresseurs (1970) and 5 SLOWSCAN EDITIONS (vol. 10, 12, 13, 15 and 17A. Inserts lacking).
€ (80-100) 240
70/ 947 Merzbow. Cloud Cock 00 Grand. CD, no label, MERZ CD-01, 1990, limited edition of 500. Idem. Great American Nude/ Crash for Hi-fi. CD, Alchemy Records, ARCD 35, 1991. Haino, Keiji. I Said, This Is The Son Of Nihilism. CD, Table of the Elements, 18 Ar 39.948, 1995. - AND 8 others by Japanese artists, i.a. by OMOIDE HATOBA, TOSHIORI KONDO & IMA (3x), IKUE MORI and SEIGEN ONO.
€ (30-50) 30
70/ 948 Mimaroglu, Ilhan. Criminal Record. CD, Finnadar, 91305-2, 1989. Feldman, Morton. Pieces for more than two hands. CD, Sub Rosa, SUB CD018-41, 1991. Chadbourne, Eugene. Boogie with the hook. CD, Leo Records, LR 242, 1996. Karlsson, Mikael and Stephenson, Rob. Dog. CD, Please Music Works, PMW 003, 2006. Incus. Figuring. CD, not on label, CD05, 1988. - AND 23 others similar, i.a. by ALVIN CURRAN (Crystal Psalms), EVA-MARIA HOUBEN (2x: Works for Double Bass, Works for Tromba Marina), BILL LASWELL (Baselines), GORDON MONAHAN (2x: The Piano Thing, Speaker Swinging & Piano Mechanics), CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE (2x: Schlingen-Blängen, Four Manifestations On Six Elements), JAMES TENNEY (2x: Selected Works 1961-1969, The Solo Work for Percussion), WHARTON TIERS (Brighter Than Life), IANNIS XENAKIS (2x: La légende d'Eer, Eonta/ Metastasis/ Pithoparkta) and Z'EV (One Foot in the Grave, 2 CDs).
€ (70-90)
70 949 Morton Jelly Roll 70 949 Morton Jelly Roll
70/ 949 Morton, Jelly Roll. The Complete Library of Congress Recordings by Alan Lomax. 8-CD, Rounder, 11661-1888-2, 2005, grand-piano-shaped board box w. sleeve containing the CD's (4-by-4 in 2 boxes), textbook (80p., ills., orig. wr., obl. 4to) and biography A. LOMAX, Mister Jelly Roll. The Fortunes of Jelly Roll Morton, New Orleans Creole and "Inventor of Jazz" (Berkeley etc., 2001, ills., orig. wr.), all covers w. musician's portrait by A. CRUMB.(*)

- Sleeve trifle chipped.

€ (40-60) 40
70 950 Murray Ian 70 950 Murray Ian
70/ 950 Murray, Ian. The Top Song/ Keeping on Top of the Top Song. No label, 1973, pressed in 250 numb. copies.

= Extremely rare conceptual art record. Side A contains the first 10 seconds of each of the top one hundred songs of the past decade (at that time). On side B, "a professional drummer was contracted to play along with a prerecorded tape. (He hadn't previously heard). He was told only that the tape went through a number of changes and that he should play continuously along with the music, always searching for a point of reference (allowing him to play without changing his rhythm)."

€ (30-50) 40
70/ 951 Musica Elettronica Viva. The Sound Pool. BYG Records, 529.326, 1970, gatefold sleeve. Geesin, Ron. Electrosound. KPM Music, KPM 1102, 1972. Free Basing. A for is me. Ear/ Korm Plastics, Ear 7/ KP 2789, 1990, insert booklet, pressed in 100 numb. copies. - AND 10 others, i.a. KARL-HEINZ STOCKHAUSEN, Illimité (1971, gatefold sleeve); IDEM, Opus 1970 (1970); VLADIMIR USSACHEVSKY and OTTO LUENING, Tape Music an Historic Concert (1968) and MORTON SUBOTNICK, Touch (1969).
€ (50-70) 325
70/ 952 Les Musiciens de Provence. Instruments Anciens. Vol. 1, 3 and 4. Arion, ARN 34 217/ 301/ 370, 1973-1977, 3 records, gatefold sleeves. Le Florilegium Musicum de Paris. Musique au Temps des Croisades. Musique instrumentale & vocale du XIIIe siècle. CBS, 76083, 1973, gatefold sleeve. - AND 16 others, i.a. FLORILEGIUM MUSICUM DE PARIS, Dances of the Court and Villages from the Sixteenth Century (1977); THE AMBROSIAN SINGERS & PLAYERS, The Cries of London and Music in Honor of Queen Elizabeth I (n.d.); CAMERATA HUNGARICA, Collection of Bártfa 16th-17th Century. Excerpts (1975, double-LP, gatefold sleeve); LE ROI RENAUD. BALLADES FRANÇAISES (1975, gatefold sleeve); MUSICA RESERVATA, Muziek voor kerk en kroeg (...) (1978, insert) and MONT-JÒIA, Cant e Musica de Provenca XIIème-XXème (1976, gatefold sleeve).
€ (40-60) 50
70/ 953 Nasmak. Indecent Exposure. No. 1-4 and 6. Five cassettes, Boudisque Publishing, 1981. - AND 4 vinyl records by the same: Nasmak + Instruments (1981, single); 4our Clicks (1982); Duel (1983) and Silhouette (1983). - AND a 7" flexi disc by the same: Toy-Line/ Balloons (1983).
€ (50-70)
70/ 954 Nico. The Marble Index. Elektra, 42065, n.d., Belgian pressing, blue vinyl.

- Two sm. price tickets on frontcover.

Idem. Chelsea Girl. MGM Records, 2353025, 1971, reissue. Idem. Live in Denmark. VU Records, Nico 1, 1983, picture disc. Cale, John. Vintage Violence. Columbia, CS 1037, 1970. Idem. The Academy in Peril (Reprise Records, MS2079, 1972, gatefold sleeve by ANDY WARHOL). - AND 13 others, i.a. NICO, Desertshore (1971); IDEM, Camera Obscura (1985); IDEM, JOHN CALE and BRIAN ENO, 1974 (1974); JOHN CALE, Paris 1919 (1973); IDEM, Helen of Troy (1975); IDEM, Honi soit (1981) and IDEM, Artificial intelligence (1985).

€ (60-80) 120
70 955 Peel David 70 955 Peel David
70/ 955 Peel, David. Lot of 8 records: The American Revolution (1970, gatefold sleeve, German pressing); Rooftop Junkie (1974, SIGNED on backcover); Bring back the Beatles (1977); 1984 (1983, insert); 1984 (1990, Czech pressing, insert); King of Punk (1978, insert, SIGNED); Death to Disco (1980) and An evening with David Peel (1990, reissue, Czech pressing).
€ (50-70) 90
70/ 956 Pere Ubu. Lot of 7 records: Dub Housing (1978); The Modern Dance (1978); New Picnic Time (1979); 390 Degrees Of Simulated Stereo (1981); Song of the Bailing Man (1982; vinyl sl. scratched); The Tenement Year (1988) and Terminal Tower - An archival collection (1985, compilation).
€ (40-60) 70
70 957 Pezzati Marko and Stevens Leslie 70 957 Pezzati Marko and Stevens Leslie
70/ 957 Pezzati, Marko and Stevens, Leslie. (s/t). No label, 1981, transparent 9" flexi-disc, etched transparent plastic info sheet, in orig. plastic slipcase w. thorns on the outside.

= Very rare minimalist/ experimental art record. Block/ Glasmeier, Broken Music p.200f.

AND 6 others, released by TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS, all one-sided on transparent coloured vinyl and picture disc, in orig. transparent plastic sleeve (recordings by Loren Connors, Arnold Dreyblatt, John Fahey, Laurie Spiegel, Rafael Toral and San Agustin).


€ (50-70) 100
70/ 958 Phillips, Tom. Words and Music. Edition Hansjörg Mayer, F65 344 M, 1975, pressed in 500 copies.

- Sleeve w. scotch tape along upper and lower edge.

Snow, Michael. Musics for piano, whistling, microphone and tape recorder. Chatham Square Productions, 1009/10, 1975, double-LP, gatefold sleeve. - AND 2 others: MNEMOSISTS, Some attributes of a living system (1980) and TONY CONRAD, Fantastic Glissando (2003, reissue).

€ (60-80) 60
70/ 959 Popular Electronics. Early Dutch Electronic Music from Philips Research Laboratories 1956-1963. 4-CD, Basta Music, 30.9141.2, 2004, in clamshell box w. 7 accomp. booklets.

= Comprises works by Henk Badings, Kid Baltan, Tom Dissevelt and Dick Raaijmakers.

Raaijmakers, Dick. The complete Tape Music. 3-CD, idem, 3091562, 2006, in clamshell box w. accomp. booklet. Dobbelsteen, Jan van den. Cosmic Volume 1-5. 5 CDs, not on label, no number, 1995-1997. Andriessen, Louis. Base. All the Pianoworks.2-CD, Attacca, 2598, 2005. - AND 28 other CDS, all by Dutch artists/ composers, i.a. by JAAP BLONK (2x: Averschuw, Vocalor), STEPHEN EMMER (mft vol.II), FRED VAN HOVE (Flux, 2-CD), GUUS JANSSEN (Harpsichord), HUUB DE LANGE (Life and Death in a Street-Organ), MUSIC BOX (32 composities voor muziekdoos), GERT-JAN PRINS (Cavity), REMKO SCHA AND THE MACHINES (As Is) and YENS & YENS (Outside)

€ (80-100) 80