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900 - 988     MUSIC - LPs and CDs (The collection of Remko Scha)

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70/ 900 Anthology of Dutch electronic tape music. Vol. 1 (1955-1966)./ Vol. 2 (1966-1977). Donemus, 6812 680/ 897, 1978/ 1979, 2 double-LPs, each w. 8p. text booklet by DICK RAAIJMAKERS, gatefold sleeve.

- Both vols. w. shelf ticket on frontcover; vol. 2 spine and lower margin discoloured.

= Recordings by i.a. Dick Raaijmakers, Hans Kox, Henk Badings, Ton de de Leeuw, Rudolf Escher, Jacob Cats, Simeon ten Holt and Tony van Campen.

AMM. The Crypt - 12th June 1968. Matchless Recordings, MR5, 1981, double-LP, boxed set.

- Lacks the 4 inserts.

Badings, Henk and Raaijmakers, Dick. Electronic Music. Philips, 835 056 AY, 1958.

- Shelf ticket on frontcover; backcover sl. creased.

MEV and AMM. Live electronic music improvised. Mainstream Records, MS 5002, 1970, gatefold sleeve. - AND 11 others, i.a. DICK RAAIJMAKERS, Ballad 'Erlkönig'/ 5 Canons (1981); AMM, Generative Themes (1983); JAN BOERMAN, Kompositie 1972/ Kompositie 1979/ Ontketening II (1987); LARAAJI, Ambient 3. Day of Radiance (produced by Brian Eno) (1980) and CHARLES WUORINEN, Time's Encomium (1969).

€ (100-150) 190
70/ 901 Appel, Karel. Musique barbare. WVB, 99954 DL, 1963, orig. sleeve w. (28)p. w. photographs by E. VAN DER ELSKEN and text by J. VRIJMAN.(*)

- Without the lithograph. = Slagter p.25 and 93.

€ (50-70) 80
70/ 902 The Beau Hunks. The Beau Hunks play the original Laurel & Hardy music. Vol. 1 and 2. Two CDs, Movies Select Audio, MSA 99003 and 99025, 1992/ 1993. Johnson, Robert. The Complete Recordings. 2-CD, CBS, 467246 2, 1990. Lateef, Yusef. Live at Pep's. CD, Impulse, GRD-134, 1993. Legrand, Michel. Live at Fat Tuesday's. CD, Verve, 843 444-2, 1990. - AND 16 other miscell. jazz and blues CDs. - ADDED: 17 miscell. CDs of French music, chansons etc., i.a. LES GRANDS SUCCÈS DES ANNEÉS 30 (complete series of 4 CDs. Unique Options, UN 3401 to 3404. n.d.); QUAND PARIS BIGUINAIT, Orchestres créoles (1930-1940) (MM 30876, 1991); 2 CDs w. songs/ music by BORIS VIAN and CDs by BRIGITTE BARDOT, CATHERINE DENEUVE, YVES MONTAND and CHARLES TRENET.
€ (30-50) 30
70 903 Beuys Joseph and Nam June Paik 70 903 Beuys Joseph and Nam June Paik
70/ 903 Beuys, Joseph and Nam June Paik. In Memoriam George Maciunas. Klavierduett. Gramavision/ Edition Block, GR-EB 113/14, 1982, 3-sided double-LP, gatefold sleeve.

= "In 1978 George Maciunas, founder and chairman of FLUXUS, died in New York at the age of 47. In invert to these numbers the duration of the piano-duett, performed to his memory by Joseph Beuys and Nam June Paik was planned for 74 minutes. The end of this memorable evening at the Kunstakademie of Düsseldorf was determined by an alarm-clock, set for 9:14 pm." (liner note on backcover). Block/ Glasmeier, Broken Music p.100.

€ (50-70) 120
70/ 904 Big City Orchestra. Geatest Hits and Test Tones. CD, Pogus, P2015-2, 1993. Idem. Beatlerape. CD, Realization Recordings, RZD-011, 1993. Idem. The Consumer. CD, Commercial Failure, cfcd2, 1995.

= Sound Effects Library Volume 2, 3 and 5.

Vágtázó Halottkémek. A Világösztön Kiugrasztása. CD, self-released, VHK 001, 1990. Idem. Az Éden Visszahódítása 1. CD, self-released, 97VHKCD, 1997. Shellac. At Action Park. CD, Touch & Go Records, TG141CD, 1994. - AND 21 others similar, i.a. by CABARET VOLTAIRE (2x), JOHN CALE, TONY CONRAD, DEUTSCH AMERIKANISCHE FREUNDSCHAFT, FOETUS, MINNY POPS (2x), THURSTON MOORE, NASMAK, JOHN OSWALD, WIRE and THE WORK.

€ (60-80)
70 905 Breuker Willem 70 905 Breuker Willem
70/ 905 Breuker, Willem. Willem Breuker/ Leo Cuypers "Live in Shaffy". BVHaast 005, 1974, orig. triangular paper sleeve (sides 50x50x60,5 cm., col. offset) designed by GER VAN ELK.(*)

- Sleeve (sl.) dustsoiled/ foxed and w. folds in corners (1 corner sl. dam.).

€ (60-80)
70/ 906 Bruynèl, Ton. Looking Ears Complete. 6-CD, Muziekgroep Nederland/ Near, CV Near 12, 2004, in clamshell box w. accomp. booklet. Conrad, Tony. Early Minimalism, Volume One. 4-CD, Table of the Elements, As 33, 1997, in slipcase w. accomp. booklet. Chatham, Rhys. An Angel Moves Too Fast To See: Selected Works 1971-1989. 3-CD, idem, La 57, 2002, in box w. accomp. booklet. - AND 8 others similar, incl. 3 boxed sets, i.a. by SAN AGUSTIN (3-CD The Expanding Sea), TONY CONRAD (2x: Slapping Pythagoras, Outside the Dream Syndicate [2-CD 30th Anniversary ed.]), PAUL PANHUYSEN AND THE GALVANOS (Lost For Words) and ELIANA RADIGUE (3-CD Anos I-III).
€ (120-150) 120
70/ 907 Cage, John. The 25-year retrospective concert of the music of John Cage. No label, 1959, 3 LPs, text booklet (16p., ills.) and a number of loose lvs. w. scores, boxed set. Idem and Tudor, David. Indeterminacy. New aspect of form and electronic music. Folkways, FT 3704, 1959, double-LP, text booklet (12p., ills.), boxed set. - AND 12 others (w. contributions) by JOHN CAGE, i.a. Music for Keyboard 1935-1948 (1970, double-LP); Assisted by David Tudor. Variations IV (1965); Études Australes for Piano (1979, double-LP) and Shock (2012, double-LP).
€ (70-90) 160
70/ 908 Cage, John. Lot of 26 CDs in 18 boxes, partly combined w. works by other composers, i.a. Complete Piano Music Vol.1 ("The Prepared Piano" 1940-1952 [3-CD]), Vol.5 (Two Pianos [2-CD]), Vol.6 (Pieces 1960-1992 [2-CD]) and Vol.7 (Pieces 1933-1950); Roaratorio/ Laughtears (2-CD); Music for Merce Cunningham; The 25-Year Retrospective Concert of the Music of John Cage (3-CD); w. DAVID TUDOR [music], Indeterminacy (New Aspects of Form in Instrumental and Electronic Music. Ninety Stories by John Cage, with music. 2-CD).
€ (40-60)
70/ 909 [Classical music]. Lot of ±50 CDs, mainly late 19th and 20th cent. composers.

= I.a. works by Béla Bartók, Hans Eisler, Arthur Honegger, Leos Janácek, Koichi Kishi, Gustav Mahler (2x), Bohuslav Martinu, Olivier Messiaen, Boris Pasternak, Ottorino Respighi, Alfred Schnittke, Rodian Shchedrin (2x), Dmitri Shostakovich (6x), Igor Stawinsky (7x) and Stanley Weiner.

€ (50-70)
70/910 Classical music  Lot of over 100 CDs 70/910 Classical music Lot of over 100 CDs
70/ 910 [Classical music]. Lot of over 100 CDs, nearly all vocal music and opera, incl. boxed sets.(*)

= I.a. works by J.S. Bach, G. Donizetti, A. Dvorák (Requiem; Stabat Mater), G.F. Händel (Athalia), J. Haydn, F. Mendelssohn-Batholdy (Elias), C. Monteverdi, W.A. Mozart, G. Puccini, G. Rossini and G. Verdi.

€ (80-100) 80
70/ 911 [Classical music]. Lot of ±125 CDs and 40 DVDs, all opera, incl. many boxed sets.(*)

= I.a. Berg, Bizet, Berlioz, Britten, Delibes, Donizetti, Glinka, Gounod, Gouvy, Händel, Janaċek, Mascagni, Moussorgsky, Offenbach, Purcell, Rameau, Rossini, Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Tubin, Verdi and Wagner.

€ (120-150)
70/ 912 [Contemporary classical, experimental, avant-garde etc.]. Lot of 36 records, i.a. MORTON FELDMAN, The Viola in my Life/ False Relationships (1971); GEORGE ANTHEIL and MONDRIAAN QUARTET, First and Second String Quartet (1985); BASIL KIRCHIN, Worlds Within Worlds (1974); FRED FRITH and HENRY KAISER, With Friends Like These (1979); CHRISTIAN WOLFF, For Piano I (1972); HARRY PARTCH, The World of Harry Partch (1969, gatefold sleeve) and MOTHER MALLARD'S PORTABLE MASTERPIECE CO., (s/t) (1973).
€ (100-150) 190
70/ 913 Darboven, Hanne. Opus 17A. CD, Dia Centre for the Arts, DIA 001, 1997. Idem. Requiem. Vol.6 op.20, 31-42 - op.21, 43-45./ Vol.9 op.22, 43-51./ Vol.10 op.22, 52-57. 3 CDs, Hanne Darboven Stiftung, UM-20461/ 20501/ 20511, n.d. RP4 - Beispiele Österreichischer Radiokunst. 5-CD, ORF, RP41, 1992. Bourgeouis, Louise. Otte. CD, Delabel, 7243 8 93011 20, 1995. Laibach. Anthems. 2-CD, Mute, CDMUTEL12, 2004. - AND 18 others, i.a. by KAFFE MATTHEWS (4x), GLENN BRANCA (2x), MARCEL DUCHAMP (2x), ALLEN GINSBERG (2x), THE BEAT GENERATION (vol. 1-3), KURT SCHWITTERS and JÜRGEN PARTENHEIMER (signed by the artist).
€ (70-90)
70/914 Das ist Schönheit Hamburg Mai 80 70/914 Das ist Schönheit Hamburg Mai 80
70/ 914 Das ist Schönheit. Hamburg Mai 80. Art Records, 1073, 1980, 1st ed., double-LP, insert, handpainted gatefold sleeve.

= Rare experimental compilation. Block/ Glasmeier, Broken Music p.122: "The production originated during a workshop by Conrad Schnitzler in May 1980 at the Kunsthochschule Hamburg".

MacLise, Angus. (s/t). Counter Culture Chronicles, CCR 1, 1997, inserts, pressed in 300 numb. copies, unofficial release. Just Another Asshole. Just Another Asshole, #5, 1991.

= Minimal/ abstract/ noise compilation.

AND 5 others, i.a. ALVARO, Mums Milk Not Powder (1979); Q.E.D. (1988, double-LP, insert, compilation) and JAN VAN DEN DOBBELSTEEN, Het absolute nulpunt (2003, 10").

€ (50-70) 110
70/ 915 Dutch 'difficult' music. A selective view. Eksakt Records, Eksakt 021, 1985, insert.

- Sleeve sl. creased.

= Block/ Glasmeier, Broken Music p.130. Dutch electronic/ experimental compilation. With: Motobs, Harrie de Wit, Peter Zegveld, Noodband, Niew Hip Stilen, Remko Scha & the Machines, Jacques Palinckx, Loos and Moniek Toebosch & Michel Waisvisz.

Waisvisz, Michel. Crackle. Claxon Records/ Free Music Productions, Claxon 77.1/ SAJ-14, 1978. Hoketus. (s/t). Hoketus, Hoketus 001, 1980, insert. Leeuw, Ton de. Night Music (...). Composer's Voice, CV 7602, 1976, multi-layered gatefold sleeve w. 2 attached text booklets. - AND 9 others, i.a. OTTO KETTING, Time Machine (1976, multi-layered gatefold sleeve); LOUIS ANDRIESSEN, De staat (...) (1977, double-LP, gatefold sleeve); REINBERT DE LEEUW, Abschied/ Hymns and Chorals (1976, gatefold sleeve) and GILIUS VAN BERGEIJK, Over de Dood en de Tijd/ BAC (1982).

€ (60-80) 80
70 916 Einstürzende Neubauten 70 916 Einstürzende Neubauten
70/ 916 Einstürzende Neubauten. Kollaps. Zickzack, ZZ65, 1981, insert booklet. Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft. Produkt der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Freundschaft. Warning Records, WR 001, 1979. Die Krupps. Stahlwerksynfonie. Zickzack, ZZ30, 1981. - AND 8 others, i.a. LAIBACH, The Occupied Europe Tour 1985 (1986); IDEM, Let it be (1988); IDEM, Macbeth (1990) and DER PLAN, Geri Reig (1980).
€ (40-60) 50
70/ 917 [Exotica and world music]. Lot of ±100 records, i.a. PAKISTAN FOLK AND POP INSTRUMENTALS 1966-1976 (2011, double-LP, gatefold sleeve); KLEZMER MUSIC (...) The first recordings: 1910-1927 (n.d., gatefold sleeve); PHEZULU EQHUDENI. The Great Sound of Africa (1984); JUJU ROOTS 1930s-1950s (1985); CHEMIRANI, Improvisations sur le zarb (1976, gatefold sleeve); ABDELHALIM HAFEZ, Habibaha (±1970); HULA BLUES (1974, gatefold sleeve); SUKRU SANI, On tour in Holland '89 (1989); LES GRAMACKS, (s/t) (1975); HASHIM SHALA dhe TAHIR DRENICA, Kënga e sylë rezallës (1978, 7"); SEBÖ ENSEMBLE, Hungarian Folk Music (n.d., gatefold sleeve) and several Chinese and Japanese pop/ folk records.
€ (100-150) 130
70/ 918 The Fall. Hex Enduction Hour. Kamera Records, KAM 005, 1982. Chrome. Alien Soundtracks. Siren Records, DE-2100/ 2200 SEC, 1977, insert. Idem. Half Machine Lip Moves. Idem, DE-333-SEC, 1979, insert. - AND 13 others, i.a. CHROME, Red Exposure (1980); IDEM, Blood on the Moon (1981); SUBTERRANEAN MODERN (1979, compilation, with: Chrome, MX-80 Sound, The Residents, Tuxedomoon); NEW ORDER, Power, Corruption and Lies (1983); PERE UBU, Dub Housing (1979); TUXEDOMOON, Half-Mute (1980, US pressing) and IDEM, Holy Wars (1985, Dutch pressing).
€ (60-80) 100
70 919 Faust 70 919 Faust
70/ 919 Faust. Faust. Polydor, 2310 142, 1971, transparent vinyl, transparent plastic printed insert and sleeve.

- Lower corner sleeve chipped; sides repaired w. scotch tape.

Moebius & Plank. Rastakraut Pasta. Sky Records, Sky 039, 1980. Roedelius, Hans-Joachim. Offene Türen. Idem, Sky 072, 1982. Czukay, Holger and Dammers, Rolf. Canaxis. Spoon Records, Spoon 15, 1982.


€ (50-70) 110
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