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70/177 Avant garde No 2 8 and 11 Ed R Ginsburg 70/177 Avant garde No 2 8 and 11 Ed R Ginsburg
70/ 177 Avant-garde. No. 2, 8 and 11. Ed. R. Ginsburg. New York, Avant-garde Media, 1968-1970, 3 (of 14) issues, col. (photogr.) ills., orig. wr., sq. folio.

- No.11 sl. waterstained.

= No.2 (i.a. contains "The Marilyn Monroe Trip", a series of 12 silkscreen prints by BERT STEIN); no.8 (a special issue entirely devoted to a series of erotic gravures by PABLO PICASSO); no.11 (i.a. contains "Wedding Bliss: The Erotic Lithographs of JOHN LENNON).

WITH: Sheff, D. The Playboy Interviews with John Lennon & Yoko Ono. Ed. G.B. Golson. New York, Playboy Press, 1981, XIV,193,(1)p., 8 photogr. plates, orig. clothbacked boards w. dustwr. - AND 1 other similar.

€ (50-70) 100
70/ 178 Baar, V. a.o. Piet Ouborg. Solist. Zicht op een eigenzinnig oeuvre. Zwolle, Waanders, 2009, 111,(1)p., num col. ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. Janssen, H. a.o. Het ontstellende werk van Ad Gerritsen. Amst., De Prom, 2002, 262,(2)p., richly illustrated, orig. pict. boards. Ton van Os. Veertig etsen 1972-1974. Rott., Rotterdamse Kunststichting, 1980, (6)p., 40 fold. (col.) plates, orig. wr., 4to. - AND 7 others, i.a. H. LEEFLANG and R. ZAAL, De Meseta (The Hague, 2007, ills., orig. cl., obl. 4to).
€ (50-70)
70/ 179 Bakker, B. Landschap en Wereldbeeld van Van Eyck tot Rembrandt. Bussum, Thoth, 2004, 486,(1)p., 32 col. plates and 112 monochr. ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr. Roskill, M. The Languages of Landscape. University Park, Pennsylvania State Univ. Press, 1997, 289p., 13 col. plates, 80 ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. Silver, L. Peasant Scenes and Landscapes. The Rise of Pictorial Genres in the Antwerp Art Market. Philadelphia, idem, 2006, XVII,(1),373p., ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr. Herri met de Bles. Studies and Explorations of the World Landscape Tradition. Ed. N.E. Muller a.o. Princeton/ Turnhout, The Art Museum/ Brepols, 1998, X,181p., 15 (col.) plates, 142 ills., orig. wr., 4to. - AND 6 others, all fine, i.a. C. HENDRIKS, Northern Landscapes on Roman Walls (...). Ed. B.W. Meijer (Florence, 2003, richly illustrated, orig. boards w. dustwr., 4to); H. VERBEEK and R.J. TE RIJDT, Travels through Town and Country. Dutch and Flemish Landscape Drawings 1550-1830 (Curaçao, 2000, richly illustrated, orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to); J.D. HUNT (ed.), The Pastoral Landscape (Hanover/ London, 1992, num. (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to).
€ (60-80) 90
70 180 Baldessari J 70 180 Baldessari J
70/ 180 Baldessari, J. Choosing: Green Beans. Milan, Toselli, 1972, (3) lvs., col. photogr. plates, printed in 1500 copies, orig. wr., 4to.

- Wr. yellowed unevenly. = Parr/ Badger The Photobook II, pp.146-7.

€ (200-300) 300
70 181 Baldessari J 70 181 Baldessari J
70 181 Baldessari J 70 181 Baldessari J
70/ 181 Baldessari, J. Ingres and other Parables. London, Studio International, 1972, (11)p., ills., orig. wr. w. a hole in lower margin for suspending, 4to. - AND 1 other by the same.
€ (80-100) 300
70/ 182 Barron, S. and Eckmann, S. Exiles + Emigrés. The Flight of European Artists from Hitler. New York, H.N. Abrams, 1997, 432p., num. (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. Kraayenga, A. Marius Bauer 1867-1932. Oogstrelend Oosters. Zwolle, Waanders, 2007, 208p., (col.) ills., orig. hcl., 4to. Welling, D. Floris Arntzenius. The Hague, Van Voorst Van Beest, 1992, 146,(2)p., (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. - AND ±25 others, all illustrated, i.a. J.P. KOENRAADS, Laren en zijn schilders. Kunstenaars rond Hamdorff (Laren, 1985, orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to); C. DENNINGER-SCHREUDER, Schilders van Laren (Bussum, 2003, orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to); E. JACOBS a.o. (ed.), J.H. Weissenbruch 1824-1903 (Zwolle, 1999, orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to) and A. HOPMANS, All eyes on Kees van Dongen (Rott., 2010, orig. wr.).
€ (70-90) 90
70 183 Barry R 70 183 Barry R
70/ 183 Barry, R. It is... it isn't... Paris, Yvon Lambert, 1972, (80)p., orig. wr., sm. 8vo.

= Monogrammed by the artist on first blank. According to an inserted note, quoting the publisher from whose archive the copy was bought, only a very few copies were monogrammed. Rare.

€ (60-80) 150
70/ 184 [Baselitz, G.]. Kraus, K. (ed.). Georg Baselitz. Skulpturen. Berlin, Distanz Verlag, 2009, 239,(1)p., col. ills., orig. cl., 4to. Stoos, T. (ed.). Georg Baselitz. Gemälde und Skulpturen 1960-2008. Cologne, DuMont, 2009, 207,(1)p., orig. pict. boards, 4to. - AND 3 others, i.a. G. ADRIANI, Baselitz 50 jahre Malerei (Ostfildern, 2009, col. ills., orig. boards w. dustwr., sm. 4to) and C. SCHULZ-HOFFMANN and R. SCHIFF, Baselitz Remix (ibid., 2006, (full-p.) col. ills., orig. pict. wr., 4to).
€ (40-60) 40
70/185 Bauhaus  So wohnen die Wilden Und wie wohnst Du?70/185 Bauhaus So wohnen die Wilden Und wie wohnst Du?
70/ 185 [Bauhaus]. So wohnen die Wilden. Und wie wohnst Du? Fold. col. advert. brochure, Bramsche, Tapetenfabrik Rasch, n.d. (1935), ill. by FERDY HORRMEYER.

= Curious brochure, advertising the carpet collections "Bauhaus", "Weimar" and "May".

Albert Langen. Prospectus for Bauhausbücher Band 14: L. Moholy-Nagy, Von Material zu Architectur. Munich, A. Langen, 1929, 1 fold. leaf, recto only.

= Entirely printed in Fraktur type.

€ (40-60) 80
70/ 186 Bazaine, J. a.o. Ubac. Paris, Maeght, (1970), 177p., 3 double-p. col. lithogr. plates by R. UBAC, mounted col. plates, ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. Limbour, G. André Beaudin. New York, Harcourt, Brace and World, 1961, without pagination, 8 col. lithogr. plates, col. lithogr. boards and (dam.) col. lithogr. dustwr. by A. BEAUDIN, tipped-in col. plates, ills., orig. boards, 4to. - AND 3 others w. col. lithogr. plates by Mogens Andersen, Robert Helman and Maurice Wyckaert.
€ (60-100) 60
70 187 Bazel K P C de 70 187 Bazel K P C de
70/ 187 Bazel, K.P.C. de. De Houtsneden van K.P.C. de Bazel. Introd. J.L.M. Lauweriks. Amst., S.L. van Looy, 1925, (8)p., 64 woodcuts (incl. endpapers), printed from the orig. blocks in 550 numb. copies (500 on Banzay-paper), loose as issued in orig. dec. cl. portfolio w. ties des. by G. RUETER, 4to.

- Fine copy. Small inkmark in outer margin of title-p.

€ (80-100) 130
70/ 188 [Beckmann, M.]. Goethe, J.W. von. Faust. Der Tragödie zweiter Teil. Hamburg, Maximilian-Gesellschaft, 1957, 408,(4)p., 35 full-p. ills. by MAX BECKMANN, printed in 850 copies, orig. boards and board slipcase, 4to. Beckmann, P. and Schaffer, J. Die Bibliothek Max Beckmanns. Unterstreichungen, Kommentare, Notizen und Skizzen in seinen Büchern. Worms am Rhein, Wernersche Verlagsgesellschaft, 1992, XIV,505p., num. ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. Lackner, S. Max Beckmann. Cologne, Dumont, 1979, 157,(1)p., num. tipped-in col. ills. by MAX BECKMANN, orig. giltlettered cl. w. dustwr. and board slipcase, 4to. - AND 8 others, all on Max Beckmann, i.a. F.W. FISCHER. Max Beckmann. English transl. by P.S. Falla (London, 1973, num. col. tipped-in ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr.).
€ (70-90)
70 189 Bentzon N V 70 189 Bentzon N V
70 189 Bentzon N V 70 189 Bentzon N V
70/ 189 Bentzon, N.V. Joseph Beuys. Arhus, Husets forlag, 1979, 95p., num. photogr. ills., orig. wr.

- Covers sl. rubbed. = SIGNED by author in red marker on frontcover.

Tisdall, C. Joseph Beuys. London, Thames and Hudson, 1979, 288p., num. photogr. ills., orig. cl. w. wr., 4to (fine copy). Idem. Joseph Beuys Coyote. Munich, Schirmer /Mosel, 1976, 158 p., num. photogr. ills., orig. wr., obl. 8vo (fine copy). - AND 14 others on the same.

€ (100-150) 130
70/ 190 Berger, E. Prunk-Kassetten. Europäische Meisterwerke aus acht Jahrhunderten. Ornamental Caskets. Eight Centuries of European Craftsmanship. Hanns Schnell Collection, Graz. (Stuttg.), Arnoldsche Art Publ., 1998, 319p., num. (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. Fabergé, T. a.o. The Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs. London, Christie's, 1997, 271,(1)p., col. ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. Kopplin, M. (ed.). Russische Lackkunst. Vom Peter dem Grossen bis zur Grossen Revolution. Munich, Hirmer, 2002, 312p., col. ills., orig. boards, 4to. - AND 5 others, i.a. E. SPEEL, Dictionary of Enamelling. History and Techniques (Aldershot/ Brookfield, 1998, (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to); U. KLEVER, Spazierstöcke. Zierde, Werkzeug und Symbol (Munich, 1984, (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., sq. 8vo) and J. WOODBURY ADAMS, Decorative Folding Screens in the West from 1600 to the present day (London, 1982, (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., obl. 4to).
€ (50-70) 70
70/ 191 Bernt, W. The Netherlandish Painters of the Seventeenth Century. Engl. transl. P.S. Falla. London, Phaidon, 1970, 1st Engl. ed., 3 vols. with continuous pagination, 167 textp., 1457 ills. on plates, orig. unif. giltlettered cl. w. (price-clipped) dustwr., 4to. - AND 2 others, i.a. P.C. SUTTON, The Age of Rubens (Boston/ Ghent, 1993, (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., folio).
€ (60-80)
70/ 192 Bernt, W. Die Niederländischen Maler des 17. Jahrhunderts. Munich, F. Bruckmann, 1969-1970, 3rd ed., 3 vols., without pagination, num. plates, orig. unif. giltlettered cl., 4to.

- Fine complete set. = Arntzen/ Rainwater M416 (referring to the orig. German ed.).

Bol, L.J. Holländische Maler des 17. Jahrhunderts nahe den grossen Meistern. Landschaften und Stilleben. Braunschw., Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1969, XII,388p., 324 (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., folio.

€ (50-70)
70 193 Bertholo R 70 193 Bertholo R
70 193 Bertholo R 70 193 Bertholo R
70 193 Bertholo R 70 193 Bertholo R
70/ 193 Bertholo, R. L'Amour a l'italienne. La Louvière, Le Daily Bul, 1966, no pagination, 18 full-p. ills., printed in 1000 numb. copies, orig. wr., sm. 8vo.

- Fine. = Volume 9 of the series Collection les poquettes volantes.

AND 3 others, i.a. S. HUISMANS, Academie schets- en tekenbloc (Amst., 1972) and R. TOPOR, Le courrier des lettres (Paris, 1976).

€ (50-70) 50
70 194 Bervoets F  Pas J 70 194 Bervoets F Pas J
70/ 194 [Bervoets, F.]. Pas, J. Fred Bervoets. Introd. W. Van den Bussche. Antw., De Zwarte Panter, 1992, 320p., col. frontisp., num. mainly col. ills. by F. BERVOETS, orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to.

= With orig. drawing in ballpoint by the artist with signed dedication to the art critic Wim Toebosch on verso of frontisp. ("Fred Bervoets 97").

€ (80-100) 110
70/195 Het Bestaan No 1 4 Ed H T Sootsma W van Sinderen a o 70/195 Het Bestaan No 1 4 Ed H T Sootsma W van Sinderen a o
70/ 195 Het Bestaan. No.1-4. Ed. H.T. Sootsma, W. van Sinderen a.o. Leeuw., Stichting Het leven, 1980-1982, 4 vols., w. tipped-in prints, gramophone record, richly illustrated, orig. unif. wr., folio/ 4to (1x).

= Complete, all published. Rare Frisian art and poetry periodical in typical 80's style.

€ (60-80) 70
70 196 Beuys J 70 196 Beuys J
70/ 196 Beuys, J. Postkarten. Heidelberg, Staeck, n.d. (±1975), 26 (of 30?) loosely inserted postcards, orig. board box w. silkscreen lid, 8vo.

- Lacks possibly postcards.

= SIGNED in pencil by artist on frontcover lid. The postcard series was published between 1968 and 1986 by Staeck.

€ (100-150) 100