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69/2677 Alba amicorum  Album amicorum of HENDRIK DANIEL GILDEMEESTER 69/2677 Alba amicorum Album amicorum of HENDRIK DANIEL GILDEMEESTER
69/2677 Alba amicorum  Album amicorum of HENDRIK DANIEL GILDEMEESTER 69/2677 Alba amicorum Album amicorum of HENDRIK DANIEL GILDEMEESTER
69/2677 Alba amicorum  Album amicorum of HENDRIK DANIEL GILDEMEESTER 69/2677 Alba amicorum Album amicorum of HENDRIK DANIEL GILDEMEESTER
69/2677 Alba amicorum  Album amicorum of HENDRIK DANIEL GILDEMEESTER 69/2677 Alba amicorum Album amicorum of HENDRIK DANIEL GILDEMEESTER
69/2677 Alba amicorum  Album amicorum of HENDRIK DANIEL GILDEMEESTER 69/2677 Alba amicorum Album amicorum of HENDRIK DANIEL GILDEMEESTER
69/2677 [Alba amicorum]. Album amicorum of HENDRIK DANIEL GILDEMEESTER, mainly Zwanenburg, 1786-1824, 92 lvs. (incl. 14 blanks), comprising 53 contributions incl. a watercolour title-p., 12 drawings (3x watercolour, 2x pen and ink and grey wash and 7x pencil), 16 silhouette portrait drawings (all tipped-in), 1 silk embroidery, contemp. vellum w. gilt ornamental border, gilt spine, a.e.g., large obl. 8vo.

- Almost all tipped-in silhouette portraits w. gluestains that shine through on recto and/ or verso.

= An 18th and early 19th century album amicorum of the second son of the Gildemeester family, of origin a German family that settled in the vicinity of Amsterdam. Daniel Hendrik Gildemeester (1766-1820), born in Amsterdam, married Catharina Elisabeth Draveman, daughter of a vinegar maker in Haarlem. Hendrik Daniel grew into the Draveman family business and entered the circle of Haarlem patricians and the Haarlem city council. A rich album amicorum that could act as a who's who in late 18th century/ early 19th century Haarlem. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCIV.

€ (700-900)
69/2678 Alba amicorum  Album amicorum of HENRIETTE VERMEULEN 69/2678 Alba amicorum Album amicorum of HENRIETTE VERMEULEN
69/2678 Alba amicorum  Album amicorum of HENRIETTE VERMEULEN 69/2678 Alba amicorum Album amicorum of HENRIETTE VERMEULEN
69/2678 [Alba amicorum]. Album amicorum of HENRIETTE VERMEULEN, mainly 's Hertogenbosch, 1843-1850, 41 lvs. (mostly blank), calligraphed title-p. and 14 contributions incl. 13 drawings (all pencil, 3x watercolour, 1x grey wash), contemp. gilt hmor., a.e.g., obl. 4to.

- First quire loose; hinges broken; foxed throughout. Upper joint split(ting).

= Entries in French but located in the South of the Netherlands. Mainly contributions by family members. Attractive drawings.

€ (100-150) 110
69/2679 Alba amicorum  Album of J J Haver Droeze 69/2679 Alba amicorum Album of J J Haver Droeze
69/2679 [Alba amicorum]. Album of J.J. Haver Droeze, 8 contributions (1 watercolour, 2 drawings in pen and brown ink and grey wash, 1 pencil drawing, 1 leaf w. 'knipkunst' and watercolour, 3 floral embroideries) and some lvs. w. manuscript reflections/ poems/ quotes by famous men, ±1844-1880, loose as issued in orig. gauffered calf book-shaped box, the frontcover w. onlay metal (silver?) central plate (reading "Souvenir") and 4 corner-pieces, verso of frontcover w. steelengr. plate laid down, the same plate also loosely inserted, inside w. 4 blue silk-covered flaps, a.e.g., pink paper wr. and pink board slipcase.

- Onlay pieces partly oxidized; frontcover trifle scratched; silk flaps sl. foxed; spine wrapper and slipcase soiled.

= The drawings and embroideries rather skillful. The watercolour signed "C: W v Rye 1865", one grey drawing "J.C. de Klerk", the pencil drawing "J.J.H.D." (the owner himself?) and two embroideries "Uwe Margaretha / Dodrecht 1844" and "C.G.J.M. van der Meer de Wijs". Also containing some unused lvs., and with small blue piece of paper on top reading in old hand "Album van Johan's Vader J.J. Haver Droeze".

€ (60-80) 140
69/2680 Alba amicorum  Lot of 2 alba amicorum 69/2680 Alba amicorum Lot of 2 alba amicorum
69/2680 [Alba amicorum]. Lot of 2 alba amicorum: German (mainly Stuttgart, 1839-1848, 19 ms. lvs., 2x w. handcol. engr. ill. and 1x w. sm. pencil drawing) and Austrian (mainly Vienna, 1886, 35 ms. lvs. and 1 pencil drawing), nice contemp. gilt and blindst. boxes, obl. sm. 8vo. - AND an album compiled by "S.H. Müller, Breskens, 22 December 49", w. ms. poems and texts (entries mainly dated 1850), contemp. calf, obl. sm. 8vo.
€ (40-60) 60
69/2681 Amsterdam and surroundings  Deed of transport concerning a property on the Reguliersgracht 69/2681 Amsterdam and surroundings Deed of transport concerning a property on the Reguliersgracht
69/2681 [Amsterdam and surroundings]. Deed of transport concerning a property on the Reguliersgracht, "tusschen de Prinsegragt en de Eerste Noorder Dwars-Straat", dated 14 July 1763, pen and brown ink on vellum, recto only.

- Lacks greater part of wax seals.

= Some underlined names: "Susanna Gajetan, getrouwt met Pieter van der Meulen", "Alena Rander Pussen weduwe Pieter Gajetan, geadsisteerd sijnde met Gerbert Rebel als haar verkooren voogd", Frederik Fruijtenburg, Marritje Almenum and Jan Almenum (the latter two being the recipients of the property).

AND 2 other deeds of transport, possibly concerning one and the same property: in one the widow of Dirck Haaselaar and Hendrik Hagen Dirckszoon sell to Hendrik Backer "Een huijs en Erve staande en geleegen op de Haarlemmerstraat aan de Noord zijde, tussen de Oranje Straat en de Kruis Straat, daar de Prins van Oranje in de geevel staat" (dated 5 Dec. 1748); in the other Ida Menso Backer, widow of Hendrik Jongbloedt, Pieter Menso Backer and Jan ten Brink sell to Adriaan van Dijk Jansz. "een Huijs en Erve staande en leggende op de Haarlemmerdijk aande Noordzijde tusschen de oranje en dommerstraaten, daar de Prins van Oranje in de gevel staat" (15 July 1778).

€ (150-250) 150
69 2682 Anonymous 1st half 18th cent  69 2682 Anonymous 1st half 18th cent
69 2682 Anonymous 1st half 18th cent  69 2682 Anonymous 1st half 18th cent
69/2682 Anonymous (1st half 18th cent.). "In universam Dialecticam". (Paris), n.publ., ±1720, 146 manuscript lvs., pen and ink, text in Latin, engr. title, 8 plates by J. VALLET, contemp. calf w. gilt spine and mor. letterpiece, sm. 4to.

- Contents fine and presumably complete. Upper corners sl. worn/ dam.; upper joint splitting.

= Contains many philosophical notes, primarily focusing on dialectics. Contains a portrait of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Catherine, patron of philosophers and 6 philosophical diagrams, i.a.: "Universale", "Contrariae", "Tabula Aquipollentiarum Pra Contra dic" and "Figura propositionum aequipollentium negatiuarum".

€ (350-450)
69 2683 Architecture  Elling P J  1897 1962 69 2683 Architecture Elling P J 1897 1962
69/2683 [Architecture]. Elling, P.J. (1897-1962). Large archive of and concerning the architect Piet Elling, ±1920-1970, containing documents, blueprint schemes, original designs (i.a. of furniture), sketches, drawings, publications and correspondence (business and private).

= Piet Elling is considered one of the exponents of Dutch modernism in architecture, het Nieuwe Bouwen and one of the important architects in the reconstruction era after World War II. He was trained under P.J.C. Klaarhamer in Utrecht and was probably influenced by his modernist style of design. During and after the war he became very interested in the work shown in the avant garde magazine De Stijl and in its contributing members. He befriended Gerrit Rietveld, Robert van 't Hoff and Bart van der Leck, the latter of whom would participate in various of his designs, mostly in the use of colour. Trained as a carpenter and working as draughtsman for the architect and designer K.P.C de Bazel, he climbed in hierarchy as project architect. In the 1930's he made name for himself when he designed a few modernist homes in Hilversum and surroundings, often in collaboration with Bart van der Leck. After the war he joined the bureau of Ben Merkelbach and Charles Karsten, both founding members of 'De 8', modernist architects from Amsterdam. After Karsten left, he formed a partnership with Merkelbach. Many of the designs of this firm are on both their names, but the introvert Elling was responsible for a large part of the designs. Merkelbach became the municipal architect of Amsterdam in 1959 and left and Elling continued the firm under his own name and became professor of architecture in Delft. He died in 1962. Besides private homes and social housing, he designed various organisational and functional buildings. The archive comprises i.a. 3 large ledgers with technical drawings, probably made by Elling during his time at the Ambachtsschool and Kunstnijverheidschool in Utrecht ( ±1913-1916), blueprints of 2 building projects of K.P.C. de Bazel (in Wassenaar and in Moergestel) for which Elling made drawings; scope statements and accomp. archives of the earliest buildings designed by Elling: home for J. Frantzen in Huizen (1926, not executed, a few sketches, original drawings, some correpondence); interior designs for Montessori- schools in Utrecht (1933, bills and correspondence, i.a. with his ex-wife who worked at the school; also a design for a colour scheme, heavily inspired by Van der Leck, a photogr. view of the classroom); home of J. Doyer, Joelaan, Hilversum (statement, blueprints, extensive correspondence with J. Doyer and suppliers, bills, sm. diary); home of W. Liebert, Rossinilaan, Hilversum (scope statement, blueprints, original (technical) drawings, i.a. designs for furniture), home of Ab Nijland (his ex-brother-in-law) in Bunnik (scope statement, extensive correspondence with Nijland and suppliers, bills, blueprints); renovation of a home in Amsterdam, Pieter de Hoogstr. 3; designs for a synagogue in Enschede; home of C. van der Leeuw in Wassenaar and various projects for the television and radio organisations in Hilversum. Also various letters dating from the 1930's, by his ex-wife, his mother (during a time when he was struggling), letters of application by Elling to various architects, also letters from F.S.A. Yorke, Julius Hoffmann and Raymond Mc Grath in which they ask for photographic material for publications of the houses he designed. Also a letter of application by the later renowned architect J.B. Bakema, who applied to Elling when he was still in military service and a letter by the artist Dirk Nijland. For other items from the Elling archive see lot numbers 2693ff, 2848, 3889, 4826ff (a large collection of architecture photographs), 4931, 4972. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCV.

€ (2.000-3.000) 2000
69 2684 Architecture  Wormser J P  1878 1935 69 2684 Architecture Wormser J P 1878 1935
69/2684 [Architecture]. Wormser, J.P. (1878-1935). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Jac Wormser" to "Weledelgeboren Heer ds Heer J.G. van Niftrik. Oud-Stads-Ingenieur te Amsterdam", blue pen, dated "5 october 1906", 4 lvs. w. printed letterhead "Jac. Ph. Wormser Architect Sierkunstenaar", each 28,5x21,8 cm., recto only, with orig. envelope.

= Wormser replies comprehensively to objections and contemplations on new building plans given by Van Niftrik in an earlier letter.

AND 1 short similar letter to Van Niftrik by the same.

€ (50-70)
69 2685 Art  Alma Tadema L  1836 1912 69 2685 Art Alma Tadema L 1836 1912
69/2685 [Art]. Alma Tadema, L. (1836-1912). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "L. Alma Tadema", to "mon très cher Wielens(?)", undated ("mardi matin"), pen and black ink, 1 leaf, 21x13,5 cm., recto only.

= Alma Tadema apologises for not coming over to the Roman Villa Pamphili (which was a subject and inspiration for several of his art works). He also writes that he regrets not having the time to stop by before next Saturday. Furthermore he compliments the addressee for making a portrait of the (unidentified) Baroness, that bears great resemblance.

€ (300-500)
69/2686 [Art]. Bosboom, J. (1817-1891). AUTOGRAPH NOTE SIGNED "J. Bosboom", to "Waarde (...)[illegible]", pen and ink, dated "17 April 1881", 1 folded leaf, recto, (2)p.

= "Marie vraagt me ten Uwent berigt te geven wanneer mij 't beste schikt om met haar de schilderijen in de Goth zaal te gaan zien (...)".

Meyerheim, R. (1842-1915). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Robert Meyerheim", to "Sehr verehrter Herrn Kolff", pen and ink, dated "Pevensey, Hastings 30.1.84", 1 leaf, (2)p.

= Concerning the shipping of a drawing to Mr Kolff, and stating that he hopes that his drawing will please Kolff.

ADDED: 9 other AUTOGRAPH LETTERS/ CARDS SIGNED on 10 leaves by English/ French/ German actors and authors, i.a. by Franziska Flunger, Abbé Moigno, Ouïda, A. Réville, F. Sarcey and L. UIbach.

€ (70-90) 70
69 2687 Art  Doesburg T van 1883 1931 69 2687 Art Doesburg T van 1883 1931
69/2687 [Art]. Doesburg, T. van (1883-1931). AUTOGRAPH POSTCARD SIGNED "Hartelijke groet poot Doesburg" to "Beste [J.P.] Oud!", undated, pen and blue ink, recto and verso.

= "Hartelijk dank voor de mooie photo's. Ik stuurde je intussen enige nummers met artikels van me om je te laten zien dat ik er goed gebruik[?]l maak van de mij toe vertrouwde documenten. Van de Beurs [?] zou ik wel gaarne als het kan, uitgebreider materiaal hebben. Plannen, plattegronden enz. Gaat dat. Het eetkamer - interieur (Stuttgart) plaats ik eerst in m'n artikel van 't Binnenhuis. Daarna in 't Italiaansche boek. Krijg 't origineel dus in handen? Ook Japan begint levendig belang te stellen, zoodat ik altijd het materiaal kan gebruiken!"

ON: T. VAN DOESBURG. De Stijl (...). Leiden (...). Redacteur Theo van Doesburg. (...). Clamart (S.) - Lez - Paris. Original postcard, 1921, 9,1x14,2 cm., printed in black and red on recto only, typography THEO VAN DOESBURG.

= Hoek 659f2 (variant): "Er is een gewijzigde versie van de briefkaart (...) waarbij de vermelde plaatsnamen gewijzigd zijn en Van Doesburgs adres in Clamart, Parijs is toegevoegd (...)". Rare. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCV.

€ (400-500) 3500
69 2688 Art  Gilbert and George b 1943/42 69 2688 Art Gilbert and George b 1943/42
69/2688 [Art]. Gilbert and George (b.1943/42). Three AUTOGRAPH SIGNED LETTERS to "Dear Mr. ten Cate", dated "24 November 1969", "December 1969" and "January 1970", pen and ink, twice-folded lvs., recto only, w. the artists' letterhead.

= To Ritsaert ten Cate, the owner of the Mickery gallery and theatre. The first letter is a reaction on a request to exhibit of "present a piece personally", which they turn down because "to do so would be unfair to you and ourselves, we have, however, an exciting answer - it is a sculpture as a book an art piece as a book a princely volume of great George and Gilbert future art How about it ? (...)". The two follow-up letters continue on the subject, of the art piece, which they call "The Book". In the last letter they request a financial contribution to make a proto-type. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCVI.

€ (600-800)
69 2689 Art  Israels J  1824 1911 69 2689 Art Israels J 1824 1911
69/2689 [Art]. Israels, J. (1824-1911). Portrait photograph SIGNED "Jozef Israels" on mount below photograph, 16,5x12,3 cm., mount w. giltlettered name of the photographer "Corine Ingelse".

- Two small stains in lower left corner on mount.

€ (60-80) 70
69 2690 Art  Johfra = F J G van den Berg  1919 1998 69 2690 Art Johfra = F J G van den Berg 1919 1998
69/2690 [Art]. Johfra (= F.J.G. van den Berg) (1919-1998). Lot of 9 AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED "Johfra [and Diana]" to "Beste Vaais, Mams en Zusjes" [the family C. and J. Damme), all Dutch, 1952-1956, various sizes.

= Nice personal, friendly letters by JOHFRA and his first wife DIANA VAN DEN BERG to C. and J. Damme and their daugthers, who emigrated to the United States in 1952. In that time, both families were members of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum in Haarlem and shared their faith, beliefs and questions with each other. C. Damme was more or less a father figure and a tutor to Johfra. The letters also deal with the plans of Johfra and Diana to emigrate to the USA, and with the exhibiting and selling of his artworks via C. Damme.

"Want al komt het geld op de tweede plaats, gebrek eraan kan geweldig remmend werken. Dit is nu eenmaal één van de consequenties van deze grofstoffelijke wereld, dat de Geest altijd gekluitsterd is aan de stof. Momenteel ondervinden wij ook deze beperkende invloed aan den lijve. We moeten met ons tweeën schilderen in een kamertje van 2x4 m, waarvan het kleine raam in de korte kant is aangebracht. Toch hebben we geweldig geboft met dit kamertje, want in heel Parijs is niets te krijgen. (...). Het spreekt vanzelf dat we hier wel erg verlangen naar de zon en de ruimte van Californië. Ruimte in drie opzichten. Geestelijke, economische en Stoffelijke. Wij dromen nog altijd van een behoorlijk groot atelier, waarin je elk formaat kunt maken en niet door ruimtegebrek wordt gehandicapt. Ook lijkt het ons heerlijk als je je schilderijen kunt afzetten, zoodat je niet op je werk behoeft te beknibbelen. Wij hebben zooveel te zeggen, evenals U met het woord, dat het ons benauwt". [Paris, 13/01/1953].

"We leven geestelijk daar [referring to the Pinksterconferentie, Renova] ver boven onze stand, wat natuurlijk onze lichamelijke krachten uitput. Deze verhoogde vibratie merk je het beste als je na zoo'n dag of 4 weer in de wereld van alle dag terugkomt. Dan begrijp je pas goed waarom ze het werken van de Broederschap in deze wereld, het werken in een riool noemen. De wereld overvalt je als een rauwe hel en zelfs je eigen atelier maakt bij terugkeer de indruk van een bedompte grafkelder" [The Hague, 02/06/1953].

"Zelfovergave is voor mij een moeilijk ding, ook al omdat ik als schilder niets anders heb gedaan tot nu toe dan persoonlijkheidscultuur en het opdringen van mijn ikje aan het publiek dat het luide toejuigde. Nu ben ik misschien toe aan dat werk wat U vroeger van mij verwachtte en dat ik toen nog niet geven kon" [The Hague, 5-1-1954].

"Doch als het in het belang van de School is, zooals U schrijft, dan komen we. Wat wij graag willen, of leuk vinden is niet meer maatgevend. De Gnosis is onze Heer en Meester en wij doen ons best zoo goed mogelijke dienstknechten te zijn (...). Onze toekomst is en blijft in Gods hand. Het is alleen zoo lastig om anderen dit duidelijk te maken en onze besluiten aannemelijk te maken. Wij begrijpen elkander, maar de wereld moet onze houding waanzin vinden". [The Hague, 26/11/1954].

"Om ons op het geestelijk werk volkomen te kunnen concentreren zijn we genoodzaakt geweest het zakelijke tot het minimum te beperken. Wij weten ook wel, dat als we ons erop toeleggen, met onze techniek ons in dit artistieke vacuum schatrijk kunnen schilderen, vooral in de U.S.A. Maar dan zijn wij spiritueel nergens meer. We hebben tusschen God en Mammon, God gekozen, en deze keus is er een van alles of niets. Omdat we nu voor de School en alleen voor de School werken, moeten er schilderijen komen die uit de School geboren zijn en geen concessies doen met wat van deze wereld ook. Onze tijd is tè beperkt om ons eerst rijk te schilderen en dan nog eens voor de School te gaan werken." [The Hague, 30/11/1955].

AND ±28 AUTOGRAPH SIGNED LETTERS and 7 AUTOGRAPH SIGNED picture postcards by DIANA VAN DEN BERG (1923-1997) (artist and the first wife of JOHFRA) to C. and J. Damme, the greater part also signed by JOHFRA. - AND a small stack of rolled offset posters by D. VAN DEN BERG, all signed in pen and a small stack of photographs, incl. portraits of both artists and artworks.

€ (120-150) 120
69 2691 Art  Kickert C  1882 1965 69 2691 Art Kickert C 1882 1965
69 2691 Art  Kickert C  1882 1965 69 2691 Art Kickert C 1882 1965
69/2691 [Art]. Kickert, C. (1882-1965). AUTOGRAPH POSTCARD SIGNED "Conrad", addressed to "Beste Verhoeven", pen and ink, stamp dated "22.X.11", recto and verso, adressed to "Paris Montmartre".

= Kickert writes to fellow artist Jan Verhoeven that his works stood out in an exhibition with works by other artists such as Schelfhout, Le Fauconnier and Gauguin. Kickert writes: "De kunsthandelaar de Bois, een vriend van mij, bezocht de expositie. Hij interesseerde zich 't meest voor U en wil een groote tentoonstelling van U organiseeren. Maar wilde ook direct de prijzen verdubbelen... Ik vind sommige nieuwen heel mooi!! Femme aux pierreries is prachtig het lichaam en de fond en 't haar. Maar 't gelaat is minder."

€ (80-100) 110
69 2692 Art  Krop H H L  1884 1970 69 2692 Art Krop H H L 1884 1970
69/2692 [Art]. Krop, H.H.L. (1884-1970). AUTOGRAPH LETTER, to "Waarde v Eyck", dated "2 Juli '31", pen and ink, 1 leaf, recto only, w. printed letterhead of the artist.

= Letter concerning the progress of the sculpture for "brug 420" in Amsterdam. With three accompanying photographs. Idem. (New year's card), 1963, 11,5x26,5 cm., w. (col.) woodcut and SIGNED by the same. - AND 1 other SIGNED card by the same.

€ (100-150) 110
69 2693 Art  Leck B van der 1876 1958 69 2693 Art Leck B van der 1876 1958
69/2693 [Art]. Leck, B. van der (1876-1958). Two sm. AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED and 3 postcards to "Waarde Elling", dated "23 jan '39" to "(6) feb. '39" in pen and ink.

= All concern the house that the architect Piet Elling designed for miss H. Hoetink in Bunnik on the Koningsweg. Van der Leck often designed the colour schemes for the homes and buildings that Elling designed. One letter contains directions on the colour of the paint, one is a small note of absence, one letter is a list of the number of tiles that have to be ordered (which are still present in the house): "(...)Mocht Mej. H. andere kleur wenschen en ik kan dat toestaan, dan meld ik je dat onmiddelijk (...)"; one note on the colour of the tiles and one note is on the colour of the concrete of the kitchen sink. There was a warm friendship between Elling and Van der Leck, but in this stage of his career Elling still depended on the advice of the twenty years older Van der Leck.

WITH the archive concerning the Hoetink house, which contains a scope statement, building progress statements, orginal drawings by Elling, blueprints, bills of suppliers and the builder, quotations and an extensive correspondence from the client, miss Hoetink.

= The majority of the letters by Hoetink concern the badly working heater.

€ (500-700) 500
69 2694 Art  Leck B van der 1876 1958 69 2694 Art Leck B van der 1876 1958
69/2694 [Art]. Leck, B. van der (1876-1958). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED to "Waarde Elling", dated "Blaricum 13.3.'36", pen and ink, 1 leaf, recto only.

= Short letter to the architect Piet Elling asking him to forward drawings and a letter to the Liebert family. Probably interior designs for their new home in Hilversum.

€ (150-250) 150
69 2695 Art  Leck B van der 1876 1958 69 2695 Art Leck B van der 1876 1958
69/2695 [Art]. Leck, B. van der (1876-1958). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED to "Waarde Elling", dated "Blaricum 29.4.37", pencil, 1 leaf, recto only.

= Letter in which van der Leck writes to the architect Piet Elling, that Eva Besnyö is willing to make photographs of the interior of a home which he designed in cooperation with Elling. Probably the Liebert House (Rossinilaan) or the Doyer house (Joelaan), both in Hilversum. The photographs were intended for an article in an unmentioned periodical. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCVI.

€ (300-500) 300
69 2696 Art  Leck B van der 1876 1958 69 2696 Art Leck B van der 1876 1958
69/2696 [Art]. Leck, B. van der (1876-1958). AUTOGRAPH POSTCARD SIGNED, to "Waarde Elling", dated "Blar. 16 Juni '37", pen and ink, recto and verso (address).

= Small note to the architect Piet Elling on a misplaced or a lost drawing.

€ (100-150) 100
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